“We Is Our Own Enemy”

by lewwaters

Columbian, What StoryPerhaps unwittingly, but from time to time, ol’ Lefty Lou Brancaccio, erstwhile editor of the dying unofficial daily newsletter for the Democrat Party the Lazy C actually lets a little clarity slip from his fingers to his keyboard.

In his weekly ‘Press Talk’ screed of Saturday, January 18, 2014, Lefty does just that with “Our biggest problem is …” where he once again drones on about taxes, spending and public dissatisfaction with government.

I do have to credit him, though, for once he isn’t boring readers to tears promoting a stupid coffee cup or droning on endlessly about the 2012 elections where his people largely lost and the County Commission took a change in direction, as voters wanted.

His chosen words seem to indicate surprise that people are so dissatisfied with government today as he enters into mention of their recent online poll where people expressed a strong desire of the government to “keep their hands out of our pockets.”

He drags on to whether or not government should “enhance” or just simply “maintain,” arriving at a contrived expectation of “reasonable enhancement” and saying, “I believe there are a bunch of very bright people who are elected to office and who work in government. But many of them just don’t get it. They are living in a surreal world where money is never-ending.”


Lefty Lou of the Lazy C using that combination words? The Lazy C that has for years ignored the bulk of negative aspects of the CRC as they worked diligently to mislead the public into how much they needed to pony up Billions of dollars to pay for a new bridge from Portland, Oregon simply to force the community into accepting their financially failing light rail?

The paper that sees little problem in citizens paying more in taxes for a boondoggle such as the CRC, but who sought and received a 40% cut in their taxes?

The astonishing kicker though, is when Lefty says, “No one knows how to be reasonable. No one wants to find the middle ground.”

Just as they went out of their way to not report on those numerous negative aspects of the CRC, have expended over 40 articles, columns and editorials blasting County Commissioners David Madore and Tom Mielke for nominating 17th Legislative District State Senator Don Benton as head of the County Depart. Of the Environment, bans commenters that challenge their putridly poor reporting on political issues and so much more it would likely take a whole new blog site to list it all.

In other words, the Lazy C makes little effort to ever be in the middle of an issue and you can expect them to be on the left or far left. Don’t hold your breath waiting to see them take a right view of matters, it just isn’t in them.

So, Lou is right in quoting the ‘Pogo’ quote, “We have met the enemy and he is us.”

He just doesn’t realize how deeply it applies to him.

But, all is not lost and we shouldn’t be subjected to their daily leftwing diatribes much longer. While blogs as this one and Clark County Politics grow in readership and have held the fort over the years, we find what appears to be an announcement of a truly objective media planned for the community, hopefully in the near future.

County Commissioner and successful entrepreneur David Madore recently posted a notice on his facebook page “Clark County News – the demise of one, the rise of another” where he pointed to the frequency the Lazy C is “scooped” on local news by Oregon media and how the Lazy C chooses to just ignore some stories, especially if they support the conservative view.

At the bottom of the notice he adds,

“2014 should mark the year when a new Clark County Media rises to fill the void. The vacuum will be filed with a credible relevant objective reliable professional news and information source that truly serves the citizens of our community. Stay tuned.”

While I have no idea just what Madore has planned, I hope we see either a resurgence of Couv.com, where it originally started off as somewhat of an alternative to the Lazy C, but devolved into a site providing only a couple video productions a month or a whole new media outlet that actually is objective, presenting both sides of political issues equally.

Don’t get me wrong, the videos produced by Couv.com are top notch and show the talents of their producers, but Kelly Hinton and I cannot counter the amount of media bias coming from the Lazy C on a daily basis alone.

And it has been he and I carrying the water of conservatism against liberals and far right Paulbots for some years now, trying to fill the void left by the Lazy C.

And that vacuum provides a perfect opportunity for a truly objective media to step in and grow in informing the public of just what is really going on in Clark County.

The Lazy C’s days are numbered, that is clear. They have become their own worst enemy in alienating over half of the county and where I once had hope that they would open their eyes and provide a better product, that hope is gone.

Col Burn 4

Lefty Lou is right, even though he doesn’t realize it, they are their own enemy.


10 Comments to ““We Is Our Own Enemy””

  1. Yet when I post commentary on the bills in the legislature regarding Community Redevelopment Financing (HB2349) I am still under attack as being “racist” for exposing the absolute financial disaster this would mean to our community by some of those on the left. I am attacked for being “anti” the poor and a “class” divisive individual by Jimmy Tee. I am attacked for telling him to read the bill and become aware and educated on the fact that this bill would strip his right to vote on any issue surrounding his right to decide his community and lifestyle. So if Lou Brancaccio is going to step to this place then he needs to take one more step and recognize how dangerous the waters are being on the left. He needs to understand while there may be no absolute right or wrong answer to the differences in ideology there is an absolute difference to the result and that will impact what it is to be an American citizen in Clark County Washington. He needs to move a little more to the center so that a reasonable compromise can be achieved in the planning and spending on the part of our government.


  2. The problem is, Carolyn, what is considered “the center” today is solidly on the left. They have maneuvered in such a way that there is no room left for conservative thought.

    That Brancaccio can even suggest they are objective or in the middle shows how far left th center is now.


  3. It is truly remarkable that media outlets based in liberal-leaning Portland such as Willamette Week and the Oregonian provide more objective reporting about events in Clark County than “our own” Columbian. It simply shows how out-of-touch the Columbian really is. Boy do we need a dedicated, well-funded alternative. Maybe there’s hope of that, once the Columbian (inevitably) crashes and burns. They must be close already – that idiotic captive-portal stunt is the last act of desperation.


  4. I realize that the democratic party of today, especially here in Washington state, is no where near close to being the democrat party my Grandfather belonged to. Some of that is actually good since his was the party of segregation but some of that is not since this seems to be the party of social equity… everyone is oppressed that falls below that top 5% wealth line and all of them equally shall lose their rights and freedom to choose their lifestyle.


  5. Carolyn … keep in mind that the left does not “debate” it’s positions. In the mind of a lefty, theirs is the only “correct” position, thus critics are not to be answered with reasoned argument (which it seems few on the left are able to make, anyway), but rather to make personal attacks using the variety of emotional charges of “racism” and “hate” for the >insert name of victim group<, etc. It makes it very hard to fight, because the emotionalism often serves to energize the emotions of the observers, who then are not able to "receive" a reasoned response. Yet it is quite difficult to debate the left on its own terms, because things are sometimes counter intuitive, such as the absolute disaster that "a living wage" minimum wage will be a disaster for the young, low value worker. The uninformed listener will intuit the reasonableness that $15 per hour is better than $8 (or $9) per hour as a minimum wage — but fails to understand that a higher minimum wage inherently must assume that workers are able to create value for the employer that exceeds their wage rate, or they simply won't have a job.


  6. Friend of John Galt I take issue with low “value worker” as a term or definition. Job vs career is easily definable for $ to $$ analysis. Skill vs skill and grade of education vs an education I got. However, I am not advocating for minimum wage, but I am advocating for a reasoned tone. Living wages belong in a defined skill set that is higher than a week long training course. I get that too. You want a career, move up quick in the retail business to some level of mgmt or go off to school. We need all people to make a balanced community… we just need to be factual and not trapped in being critical or rude. I really want us to stop letting the left define us as the party of “No, and the party of mean people”.


  7. Just like a leftist, Lou gets what he asked for and then he complains. There is just no satisfying that man.

    So, I suppose that in order to protect the development that is still not developed, that man has been tasked with killing off opposition, killing off the jobs, and killing off any rational solution to regional transportation issues. All because the really big C needs the cash I suppose and the little C is circling the drain.

    But that scenario begs the question, If the Little C is such a mooch, and so ineffective, why did the election turn out the way it did?


  8. 63% didn’t bother to vote, for one reason or another.

    They only needed to reach a very small aduience


  9. LEW:

    could it be that the inaction, the inability (refusal?) to solve CC’s problems have more than just incompetence as the main reason? ti’s almost like some magic act: our attention is focused on things like those mentioned in your post, while the actual trick that’s being played on us is going unnoticed.

    per my (unpaid subscription) post on the c’s forum basement, i see a clear meta-plan for west vancouver. frankly it scares me.

    leavitt et al have made a deal (been paid off is another way to say it, i guess) to cede real control of west vancouver to the OR-WA money cabal to make the area the bedroom-apartment region of portland. that’s why there’s such a fight for trimet. such a fight for OREGON’S interests to be met by WASHINGTON’S resources.

    east will be the actual vancouver, and, since it doesn’t have the slightest interest in trimet, the fight is for a WESTSIDE bridge. exactly where the I5 is….

    i wonder how much trouble it is to start some research into campaign funding….like leavitt….moeller….

    GOLDIE….do you see the same thing? the abandonment of westside, the ‘poor relations’ of the vancouver family? if i wanted to live in portland, i would be in portland.

    we’ve got power, ‘we the people’. if we didn’t, the crc wouldn’t be bothered by the opinion of the voting public. i HOPE that means we’re not as corrupt as, say, chicago. we’ve stalled it. but like any movie monster, we’ve got to put a spike through its heart before it’s really dead. now’s not the time to take our eye off the crc.

    WE HAVE GOT TO IMPROVE THE ECONOMIC SITUATION IN CLARK COUNTY. that’s the best way to kill off this monster. give ALL of vancouver the economic ability of self-sustainment. in that way, there will be no purchase for growing any seeds planted by the money cabal behind the CRC

    vancouver will REMAIN a part of WASHINGTON and not be ceded to the freaks running portland.


  10. The real answer is to stop funding publicly paid for publicly owned infrastructure (roads, bridges and light rail) and housing. We should not be taking people’s land for parks and green spaces because we can under the GMA. I do not care if we give them “compensation” for it. It is not a critical need and therefore should not be considered under eminent domain laws. If people have the right to become the best that they can be then people have the right to decide what their “community” should look like. That is not done by removing their right to vote, it is not done by taxing them at higher than voter approved standard levels, and it is not done by forcing them to pay what little money you left them with to gather signatures and petition and sue in court. It is done by being responsible Americans with respect to each and every one of us as individuals with rights to achieve those things promised in our constitution. We do not all start the same, we do not all end the same… but we are all guaranteed the same opportunity to attempt to achieve…


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