Duh, Jim Moeller

by lewwaters

I have often thought Jim Moeller (D 49) might not be the brightest bulb in the chandelier, but this comment he left on his facebook page, January 23, 2014 is a mind boggler.

Moeller, CRC for Prosperity

1) Bankrupting the middle class in Clark County to pay for Portland’s financially troubled light rail into the community is not a formula for any sort of “prosperity.”

2) Did I-205 get moved when I wasn’t looking? Last I remember seeing, the I-205 corridor runs right through Clark County/Vancouver parallel to the I-5 corridor. It’s wider for the full length and much less congested, so why wouldn’t trucks traveling further north choose it?

How does their traveling through Clark County on I-205 differ from them traveling through on I-5?

If Moeller can’t see that it makes no difference which corridor they travel through our community, perhaps it is time he stepped down and let a capable person occupy that legislative seat.

8 Comments to “Duh, Jim Moeller”

  1. Moeller has been kind enough to leave at least 10X the amount of rope needed to hang himself, with his various and sundry demented postings on Facebook, the Clodumbian, and elsewhere. Unfortunately most of his backers are equally mindless and will probably keep voting him back into office until he does something clearly scandalous and illegal, as opposed to merely stupid.

  2. The trucks had been moving through I-205 long before the CRC flop was even a thought. Mister Representative…you might come in out of the wind. It’s affecting what is left of your thought processes.

  3. What a knucklehead! Just one of many words to describe this ah! Oh yeah, Knucklehead!

  4. So I-205 by-passes Vancouver/Clark County huh? Oh my this makes me laugh Lew!
    Moellers head to me looks like a light bulb, thats why I have always called him Dim-watt..this proves it!

  5. alisi2, notice how light bulbs have a lot of empty space in them????


  6. as soon as construction would begin the whole world will bypass downtown vantucky and head east to avoid the tolls and the mess then downtown will finally DIE

  7. Too bad Rep. Moeller doesn’t see it that way, Jacknumbertwo.

  8. The good representative Moeller appears to think the construction mess would be a feature, and not an impediment. Something about creative destruction and encouraging property to change hands and change purpose, or summin’ like that. Why would anyone want to pay full price for a building that they plan to tear down anyway.

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