Moeller’s Response to Climate Debate Challenge

by lewwaters

As most know, Vancouver City Council member Bill Turlay, a retired US Navy aircraft pilot, challenged Washington State Rep. Jim Moeller (D 49) to an open debate on the claims of man-made global warming, climate change when it is shown the earth has been cooling instead of warming up. Last evening Mr. Turlay told of the sort of response he received from Moeller,

I wonder what his next excuse will be to not accept the challenge, even though he claims he and his fellow Democrats “have science… and lots of it” to support their view?

6 Comments to “Moeller’s Response to Climate Debate Challenge”

  1. After reviewing my remarks from last night, I want to ensure everyone is aware that comments between Rep Moeller and myself were amicable and not adversarial. There was even some humor in our short conversation. Jim did suggest a debate on climate science as a campaign issue would be agreeable with him. Now the question is should such an event be held prior to the primary and if so, would all candidates for Moeller’s seat be included or would the debate be contingent upon Moeler and Carolyn Crain both advancing to the general election.


  2. I foresee him trying to limit the debate to his advantage.


  3. Could it be that we have our very own Clark County version of Al Gore???


  4. When they abuse, intimidate and victimise anyone with the temerity to criticise the fanaticism of their movement, the inclination of ordinary Australians is either to shrug their shoulders with a profound lack of interest or to grimace at this moral grandstanding. Historians will probably look back at the years 2006-09 as the time when the climate hysteria reached its peak in Australia, when rational debate was at its most restricted and politicians at their most gullible.


  5. Maryellen I. Valencia…

    Have you ever been to Australia??? Do you know what it is like there???

    Well, I have and what I’ve seen IS tragic. There is definitely extreme climate changes in regions around the world whether anybody wants to believe it or consider it as a hoax and Australia is definitely one of the regions hardest hit. There’s a reason for the massive fires the past several years, the dried-up river beds and new homes requiring rainwater collection tanks. No joke on that, my friend. Australia has been hit and has been hit hard. My relatives and family friends in South Australia can attest to that. Crop damages are on the incline.


  6. A question for Mr. Turlay: Do you disagree that climate change exists, or just that man-affected climate change doesn’t exist? Not wishing to start a debate or argument; I just want to clarify your position.


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