Thoughts on Commissioner Stuart’s Cowardice

by lewwaters

Stuart Sneer 2

Steve Stuart

Reading comments left on County Commissioner Steve Stuart’s announcement of not seeking re-election, you would be led to think somebody real important had died. The Lazy C and supporters of Stuart’s sound more like they are eulogizing than thanking Stuart for his years sitting on the council, furthering their views, even if against the views of a majority in the county.

Stuart was first appointed to the County Commission to replace liberal Democrat Craig Pridemore, who had been elected as State Senator for the 49th legislative district. Stuart joined a Democrat majority on the three member commission along with Betty Sue Morris and Republican Marc Boldt.

His 2010 re-election would have it appear that he would be lone Democrat sitting on the commission as Republican Tom Mielke had won a narrow victory over Democrat Pam Brokaw in 2008 and Republican Marc Boldt had won re-election against Democrat & Vancouver City Council Member Jeanne Harris, but as we all saw, Boldt “moderated” his views and became more aligned with liberal Democrats in his votes with Stuart, leading to his being sanctioned by the local Republican Party and in 2012, slaughtered in his bid for re-election, losing to first time runner David Madore.

Tom Mielke easily won his bid for re-election, so now Stuart, for the first time, really was the lone Democrat, Clark County voters finally getting their desire of a more conservative County Commission fulfilled that they had began indicating was the desire back in 2008.

Stuart no longer had the control of the County Commission he once had and that didn’t set well with him, the Democrat Party or their mouthpiece locally, the Lazy C, the so-called newspaper of record.

For the past year it has been nearly a daily assault of verbal assassination against the Commission majority that took on a vengeance once Madore & Mielke appointed much hated Republican State Senator, Don Benton to head the County Department of the Environment.

We would read and hear commenters before the Commission ranting frequently of how the two in the majority were not going along with the lone Democrat, Stuart, as if the only policies worth adopting were his and his alone, all forgetting that in a Democratic Republic as we have, ultimately the majority vote rules.

Also forgotten, or ignored in reality, is that a majority of voters throughout Clark County handily selected on their own accord that the County Commission needed to move more in the conservative direction, rejecting what Stuart, the Democrats and the Lazy C wanted.

Given Stuart’s unpopular views, much less popular out in the county than in the city limits of Vancouver, his chances for re-election this year are very slim. But instead of just admitting that his time on the commission had come to an end and his views were not in alignment with the majority of the county, he trumps up this claim of negativity in the County Commission, translated to the two Republicans do not cater to his whims.

For any who have watched, the real negativity was directed at Commissioners’ Madore & Mielke as well as Don Benton as we see nearly every week, retired union thug Ed Barnes speaking in a demeaning way towards them and he is at times joined by washed up former mayor of Vancouver, Royce Pollard speaking as if he ran things and making an ass out of himself, but receiving praise from the Lazy C for doing so.

For their part, in eulogizing Stuart’s departure after this year ends, the Lazy C lays it on thick, copy & pasting Stuart’s rant from his facebook page that reads more like a condemnation of county voters who chose a new direction for the County Commission.

From his facebook rant we read,

“It became clear to me by mid-year, however, that my work – and that of many amazing professional County managers who have since left…, was not going to be considered. There is no longer room for facts, figures, input, and information, if they don’t support the ideological aims of the majority. So my job changed.”

Not said is that for four years, that is exactly how Commissioner Mielke was treated by both Stuart and Boldt, pushed aside as the liberal “ideological aims of the majority” was to be the only thing considered.

Stuart continues,

“I realized that the most important work I could do is shine a bright light on the decisions being made by the Board. To point out inconsistencies in logic, and correct false facts when they were offered. Why is that so important? Because I’m the only one who can do it.”

The arrogance of that last sentence is just astounding! Never mind that voters sent a strong message of their desire for a change in the direction of the County Commission, rejecting the liberal agenda and most importantly, the acceptance of the forcing of Portland’s financially troubled light rail into the county that Stuart, Democrats and the Lazy C have long pushed for.

We saw this arrogant attitude back in 2011 when the proposed building of a baseball stadium next to Clark College ended up being rejected, Boldt switching his conceived support at the last minute after he was sanctioned by the party and Stuart stomping off in a huff after his motion was not seconded and the meeting adjourned.

Like a spoiled child, even though voters sent that strong message on changing the direction of the County Commission, Stuart stubbornly clung to some notion of liberalism should still rule.

And not getting his way, he now decides not to run again, not admitting the tea leaves strongly indicate he will be voted out anyway. And, being a liberal whiner like he is, he can’t help but take slaps at his fellow Commissioners.

Rumors have slipped out of the county, though, that Stuart has spent a lot of taxpayer funds to spend time in Olympia over the past year and there is a strong likelihood that he has a job lined up with WSDOT, not unlike we saw with former State Transportation Secretary Paula Hammond landing a nice position with Parsons Brinkerhoff, a major recipient of funds connected with the CRC light rail project.

Just what and whether or not the rumor is true remains to be seen, but it has long been felt Stuart was seeking a position in Olympia and the word has come from a very reliable source.

Likewise, who will run to replace Stuart is unknown at this time, few names being floated just yet. One floated is ex-Representative from the 17th District, Tim Probst. But he does not reside in Stuart’s district, so unless he follows as others have and gets a residence in the district, he is out.

Some feel this freeholder group currently writing up a new county charter to make changes and increase the number of Commissioners will undo the 2012 election results, forgetting that voters have been indicating for many years now they want a more conservative County Commission and that a new Commission very likely could see an even more conservative Commission.

Then too, voters have rejected every single effort in the past to change the county charter and very likely will follow suit when this charter is written when voted on next year, if it even makes it to the ballot, previous efforts also failing to actually make it to voters.

It is unlikely much will change though and Stuart’s rant only shows him to be the coward and whiner he is. Contrary to what he, the Democrat Party and the Lazy C think, it is not up to the majority to bend to the will of Stuart. It’s up to him to present his ideas, state his case and then deal with it like a grown-up if rejected by the majority, just as Commissioner Mielke has had to do for four years.

But Stuart is unable to do that. Like many other liberals who constantly drone on about how they are willing to hear and listen to views other than their own, they are totally shocked to discover that there are views other than theirs.

So go ahead and cry, Steve. Throw out your barbs and blame everybody but yourself. Be the coward you are, just like a spoiled child not getting his way every day and throw your tantrum.

Your departure is long overdue.

18 Comments to “Thoughts on Commissioner Stuart’s Cowardice”

  1. If you remember back after the 2010 election, when Commissioners got a salary and car allowance increase and there was much grumbling going on, they reversed course and turned it down.

    Stuart, on his facebook page summed up one of his biggest problems when he wrote, “Sometimes I screw up, I forget my common sense, I rationalize instead of reasoning.”

    That comment alone shows why liberalism is a failure, no common sense and no reasoning, just rationalizing to accept their view.


  2. This is great. Thank you.


  3. Understand that the left thinks that it has the only “correct” position on every issue. That explains both the arrogance and the “horrors” that Stuart’s proclivities are being ignored by the commission’s majority.

    It is common for hack politicians to be given appointed political offices to tide them over for a period of time, so it would be no surprise if Stuart sought and received an appointed job in the state bureaucracy as a reward for his past support of progressive policies.


  4. Again, so bad at math. Madore didn’t win with a majority of Clark County voters. Madore won with more votes than Boldt, but still not a majority of those that did vote, even less a majority of total registered voters. Madore won because of the Democrats that wouldn’t vote for a Republican. The fact that you still want to claim majority speaks volumes. Odd that you have such an odd perception of math, as Madore thinks 25% is an overwhelming mandate of the people. And you want other people to be honest….sheesh.


  5. Sour grapes, Greg? Madore won, that’s the bottom line, just as Benton did and Monica Stonier did. Each received a majority of votes and that is all that really matters.

    And yes, Leavitt received a majority of votes as well, but according to the logic you applied, his reelection in meaningless as well, especially considering he received a lower percentage of votes than he did in 2009 with a slightly higher turnout.

    You cannot separate your reasoning from all and only apply it where you wish. If people choose not to vote, they have no voice and those that actually vote determine the outcome and that constitutes a majority, regardless of how the count goes.

    That Democrats stayed away and didn’t vote for Boldt rests firmly with the Lazy C and Democrats that continued to identify him as a Republican. Both Kelly and I many times said they were dooming any chance he had of reelection.

    But, they sat it out and have no one to blame but themselves. And an outcome of 84,370 to 70,517 is a majority of votes. The undervotes become meaningless, they count for nothing.

    Don’t count too much on a big change in 2016 either, not as the county actually continues improving over what liberals gave us so many years.


  6. Also Greg, don’t discount the Tanner/Mielke race either. Outspent some 8 to 1 by Tanner, Mielke easily was reelected, 91,133 to 84,846.

    Two Republicans were elected in 2008 and one sold out.

    Clearly, you were bested, for whatever reason as voters chose a different direction.

    Even in the Brokaw/Mielke race the undervotes were considerable, 16,073 with another 17,789 undervotes in the Boldt/Harris race.

    Deny it all you want, voters have said they want a County Commission more conservative than liberal.


  7. Here is my point of view on candidate election results, Lew. Each winning candidate only gets most of the votes. Some, like Madore, don’t even get a majority of those that showed up, let alone a majority of registered voters. In my opinion, those people that didn’t vote for them still deserve representation. It is incumbent upon those that win the elections to make sure that representation occurs. Winning an election shouldn’t give the winner any right to run rough-shod over those that didn’t win. It should become a corroboration of all of the people. This is why I am an independent moderate now. All parties believe it is their way or the highway and fail to work with ALL of the people. Neither Dems nor Repubs seem to accept dissenting views on any issue within their parties and will move toward removing or detaching themselves from those that work toward the middle. This is unacceptable, on both sides.


  8. Until you get people out to vote, the results remain as they are. Madore won, Boldt lost. Like it or not, that is how it came about and nothing else amounts to a hill of beans.

    If he runs for reelection or whoever runs in his place if he chooses not to, I wish you luck getting more people to vote. If not, too bad for either of us.

    All of this sharpening of the pencil to make it appear otherwise is foolishness, Boldt lost, period!

    As for any middle, when it comes back out to the real middle and is no longer firmly on the left, talk to me. Currently, what is perceived as middle is solidly on the left. That is unacceptable.


  9. Peggy, when a fringe left little dweeb like you comes up with that garbage, it just makes me want to hurl.

    Your boy lost. And like Boldt, Stuart would get crushed. His cowardice and foreknowledge of his impending defeat, his lies about re-electability notwithstanding, are what caused him to bail.

    When you preface one of your bizarre, nonsensical illogical turds with “in my opinion,” you must realize that your opinion doesn’t count for crap.

    No one cares what you think because YOU LOST. Your bizarre take on elections are as meaningless as most of your babble… particularly the self-serving pap you’ve been troweling out here.

    For example, the hypocrisy you wrote here:

    “Winning an election shouldn’t give the winner any right to run rough-shod over those that didn’t win.”

    You mean like Stuart does? Or Leavitt? Or Moeller?

    Peggy, you reek. You only apply the standard you want to one side. And that’s what makes you such a buffoon… a political clown STILL smarting from getting his ass kicked on every local political issue… from the Ballpark scam to Boldt getting clobbered at the polls… just like the fellow fringe-left nutbergers you hang out with.

    I revel in your political agony. How it must suck to be you.


  10. Lew,

    You made the case. I would add the part of Stuart voting on a C-Tran contract with a 5 million dollar penalty clause for the citizens to pay should they renege in the contract. My question would be “how could Commission Stuart vote on a contract that no one on the commission had read including he”? That is unless he had privy to the contract beforehand.

    Did anyone else on the board see this contract except for the C-Tran CEO and the C-Tan board lawyer.

    It leads me to believe that something rotten in the quickness of the non process. Is this what Commissioner Stuart believes people want in local government? If he does, he doesn’t have a chance of being reelected.


  11. Its hard to understand someone like Stuart, only because his opinion is the only one that matters to him and the fact that the guy loves the sound of his own ramblings is too much to overcome. Stuart actually believes their had been good leadership that has left. That is so far from the truth, I wonder why it has taken them so long to leave and why the holdouts don’t follow.


  12. Let us not forget the recent $3.7 Million settlement over Stuart, Morris and Boldt’s decision to fight stormwater regulations. If not for Benton, it would have been $10 Million or more.

    And the other settlements recently caused by those wonderful staff that have been leaving.

    Good riddance, they have cost us a ton.


  13. By the way, Greg, off topic, but I am very sorry to read of your sister-in-laws passing.

    My condolences to all of you.


  14. It is a far cry, (but not so distant) from bending the will of others to being bent. Some minds are not so flexible or open to other ways of doing stuff, especially, it would seem, if it involves actually getting stuff done. The rationalization quotation is the dot on Stuarts “I”, and seems to describe his policy to a tee.


  15. I’m heartbroken that our beloved Commissioner Stuart is quitting. He is, in his humble opinion, by far the most intelligent and informed person in Clark County if not all of Washington. In his opinion we are a bunch of schmucks for not recognizing his brilliance and coronating him King of Clark County. It is, obviously, our loss. Hey, maybe he could take on Herrera-Beutler and become King of Congress!


  16. Thank you, Lew. I appreciate the sentiment. ” “In the business world, we see results when teams collaborate. People who have respectful, candid dialogue and exchange ideas are more innovative, productive and have higher morale. They work together to solve problems. Collaboration is a spirit lost in Olympia, where too often, ideology stands in the way of common sense.”
    -Maureen Winningham.

    Maureen is running against Liz Pike. This is the point I am making.

    Thank you for letting me post, Lew. Maybe we can communicate better ourselves?


  17. Collaboration would be great, Greg. But it has to be remembered that it is a two-way street. Democrats, such as Jimmy Tee blasting me personally while calling for civility is not my idea of collaboration.

    Shutting out conservative views and a media that promotes one view heavily and ignores the others is not collaboration.

    I am more than willing to meet in the middle, once that middle is moved back out of the left where it currently sits and is truly the middle again.


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