Why Would Anybody Ever Vote Republican?

by lewwaters

Egg on FaceA common theme I am seeing in Democrat hopefuls for office this year is their claimed desire to tackle “dysfunction” in our political representation, ignoring that it has been their party as large contributors of “dysfunction.”

Of course, the intent is to claim that having any part of the government under a Republican majority and the rest a Democrat majority, as we see in Olympia and back in Washington D.C., makes it “dysfunctional” in such a way that Democrats are being blocked in what they wish to do.

I was preparing to do a post pointing out how it isn’t “dysfunctional” at all, but is what our founders intended, competing thoughts and ideologies coming together somewhere in middle ground to give the best compromises possible. Such a compromising attitude is what gave us our constitution after some real knock-down, drag out fighting.

Of course, that middle ground no longer exists as each party is more interested in partisan power today and Democrats, still holding most of the majorities are hell bent on one-party rule under them.

So, they run around crying how “dysfunctional” it is and only they can do anything to cure it.

And I’ll be damned if Republicans aren’t doing everything they can to prove the Democrats right with their own disunity, infighting, grudges, feuds with each other and more, not to mention spineless acts much of the time.

Even though I have supported mostly Republican candidates, most have either forgotten or are unaware of my vocal parting of the ways with the Republican Party back in 2010, declaring myself an “Independent Conservative.”

Still, I have supported Republicans and finding only a few Democrats even slightly conservative, tried my best to support them and defend them, especially against assaults from the Lazy C, my efforts resulting in being barred from commenting there. No big loss, though.

But I have posted in strong support of County Commissioners David Madore and Tom Mielke, defending their choice of Sen. Don Benton (R 17th) as heading the County Department of the Environment.

I supported candidates running for Vancouver City Council, even the ones I felt were weak, seeing how the effort there was to create the rubber stamp council now seen. Most shocking to me was the reluctance of any to oppose Mayor Tim ‘the Liar’ Leavitt after so many complained about him.

I used to consider myself as one of Benton’s strongest supporters, even though I do not live in the 17th district and seeing how he has received nothing but grossly unfair coverage for nearly two decades from the Lazy C and was the Democrats main target in the 2012 election.

I’ve also been a strong supporter of Sen. Ann Rivers (R 18th) even though the Lazy C has taken a softer stance on her, a stance I suspect will soon change since they cannot shake her opposition to the CRC light rail project.

When the rift between these two Senators came to light and was being played to the hilt by the Lazy C, another Benton bashing party, I stuck my neck out here and here to show the Lazy C was making a mountain out of a molehill, believing that professionalism would overshadow the rift between the two and personal feelings would be put aside for the good of the people.

Apparently, I was wrong.

Fellow blogger Kelly Hinton and I both have let Don know such a fight will end badly for him as he will be seen as a bully in the court of public opinion. At the same time, we have let it be known Ann also must do her part for the good of the state, remembering the opposition is the Democrat agenda, not each other.

Last evening I received a scathing email against Sen. Rivers basically accusing her of not acting properly in her job by not signing off on four bills or not signing them due to some revenge against Sen. Benton, an allegation I simply cannot an will not accept.

Contacting Sen. Rivers, as expected I received a different version of events as well as a laundry list against Don Benton.

Not wanting to fan the flames any more, I decided against following suit with the recommendation of the email, “Who is Ann Rivers-really?” and “Lew, this story has to be told,” opting to instead remind both of how such grudges hurt everybody, especially hopefuls hoping to displace some current Democrats and how such conduct feeds right into the hands of the Lazy C’s Lou Brancaccio and Stephanie Rice, two who seem to live for bashing anything conservative in the media.

The allegations in the email and those I was told over the phone were to remain with me as I was going to once again try to get the matter soothed over with the least amount of exposure of the specifics I possibly could, again hoping professionalism would prevail.

I didn’t get that chance.

I had no idea the email was blind copied and don’t know who all received it, but early this morning I find it posted, in full on a facebook page frequented mostly by conservatives, but also by a few liberal Democrats by County Commissioner Tom Mielke.

Why he would do this, I don’t know, but it is out there now where it can be easily copied and sent on the Lazy C for another round of Benton bashing.

Personally, I don’t appreciate it too much that it was made public and this rift is once again out before the public as I sit here now with egg all over my face, having done my best to paint the past efforts of the Lazy C as making a mountain out of a molehill.

At the same time, I am being asked to post on the upcoming election of a new chair and vice-chair for the Clark County GOP, a battle of sorts brewing there between newcomers that have made some needed changes and an older establishment that would like to see a return to previous ways, neither of which has seen a lot of elections won.

Given the chance, you can bank on the Lazy C doing whatever it takes to demean the Republicans as “dysfunctional,” using this rift between the two Senators and the party leadership contest as proof.

I cannot continue covering for those who do not support my efforts and keep handing the left whatever they need to hit them back over the head with, leaving me holding the bag again.

It does no good for me to post how the Lazy C is so heavily biased against specific officials when that same official freely sits down with them for an hour video to use to paint them as unqualified and yes, “dysfunctional.”

I started this blog in June 2008 after seeing a need for conservative views to be aired fairly, realizing the Lazy C will make no effort to be objective. I have posted close to 2,000 times now doing just that and even earned a “Best Local Politics Blog” rating back in 2012 by Stateside Associates out of Virginia, unsolicited I might add, unlike the awards the Lazy C boasts of where they pay to enter.

I’ve taken everything thrown at me and even got past a Republican candidate taking a video I produced, removing all mention of my work to post as their own. It didn’t set well with me, but I accepted the apology and have supported them ever since.

But I can’t help but notice how once an election is over, those same ones staying in contact with me and asking me to support their candidacy, pretty much stop and begin once again dealing with the Lazy C while condemning them.

My wife tells me I should just quit and walk away but, I am not quite ready to throw in the towel. Yes, I am frustrated and my frustration grows with the infighting and grudges.

I was hoping these past few weeks of less posting would let me recharge, then I received the email against Ann Rivers and Tom Mielke had to go public with it.

Enough! You Republicans need to pull your collective heads out of your collective asses. We each have problems and no, we don’t agree on everything. Deal with it!

All you accomplish is fodder for the likes of Brancaccio and Stephanie Rice.

Don, Ann, I don’t care how you do it, but stop this nonsense now! If you cannot resolve your differences, stay the hell away from each other.

All you are doing is weakening the chances for others hoping to win office and wrest power from Democrats. With the help of media like the Lazy C, you paint all conservatives as “dysfunctional” and at least three Democrat candidates now have picked up on it and included it in their campaign issues.

You are proving Abraham Lincoln’s words, “A house divided against itself cannot stand.”

Another good read on this is at Clark County Politics

21 Comments to “Why Would Anybody Ever Vote Republican?”

  1. If there is one thing I am learning in all of this is that from the GOP, to talk show hosts, to rich candidates, to Senators, you fill in the blank here, it is all the same. EVERYONE is looking out for themselves. This has all shown me that you can be thrown under the bus in heartbeat. Your value in this community has never been appreciated. You are called on to do everything under the sun as long as it suits the person making the request. It angers me, because I know the kind of person that you are. I will say it again, the likes of this political arena does not deserve you and now I do wish you would walk away from it. When you are ready, I will support you in that too. What angers me the most is people looking at you as a tool, and nothing more. This area can not see, refuses to see, wants to take credit for what you are doing in this community, and can not see what a real and true gem you are. WHY? For the simple reason, to do so would not make them look good. You can’t even get a simple, I want to thank Lew Waters for his help. I do know this, one day you will be pushed too far, and that day will come, it has already come for me, but if you want to continue, I no longer like it, I don’t approve of it, but I won’t stand in your way either. Carry on, soldier, keep fighting the good fight. I love you.

    The Democrats read what you are putting out there, and when they do, they become concerned. The lazy-C gets information from you because on a consistent basis you bring information to people before they do, or before they want to. You are not only more valuable than a couple of squabbling Senators, or a hit and run county commissioner knows, you are more valuable than YOU know, because you are not biased.

  2. Lew…whatever you say or do, don’t sell yourself short. It is obvious that the majority of the politicians (no matter what political affiliation) and local news media spongeheads are opportunistic in nature. Any opportunity for them to bank on any information you have presented, they will take and fly with it. You think they care??? I believe YOU do and this blog post of yours is a great indication of that fact.

    You sir…you have done a true service to the people. How many people would take the time up to set up such a blog which has received national attention? How many people have the bawls to stand up to the likes of our local leadership the way you do??? Not many, Lew…not many. As Lea pointed out, you are more valuable than you know. Your writes show you have taken the time to fill in the blanks with facts…to tell it like it is; knowing all too well that the spongeheads of the media would take advantage and do whatever they could to discredit any and all you say…or at least prevent you from saying it on their site or even go so far as to take the information and concoct their own twisted rendition which is definitely biased and jam packed with untruths!

    Just as you were no longer able to post on the Columbian, I am no longer able. That is…unless they force me to pay into their highly-biased trash for the recycle bin which they claim is the number one news source for Clark County. Funny how that tone sounds much like the mafia stories in the old movies way back when. I guess you get what you pay for when it comes to supermarket tabloids.

    Anyways, Lew…what you have presented on your site has provided a plethora of useful information which has helped me (and I’m sure many, many others) to make heartfelt choices…even after I went so far as to confirm the information you presented through research. You have also provided many articles in support of Veterans and of local students…something I highly prize as extremely important.

    So Lew, whatever you decide to do…I am thankful I have taken time out of my life to read your blog and to have discussed several issues with you via this blog as well as the opinion sections of the Columbian in years passed…

    …and I hope you continue. Not everyone is reading your blog for personal gain in politics or to get the scoop on an article in order to gain readership for their company. It’s a cruel world out there and the the GOBK will do whatever it takes to silence you and they play dirty. Don’t let them gain the upper hand, Lew. You have more supporters than you think, sir.

    Thanks and keep up the good work, Lew.

  3. Lew — don’t let them get you down. You provide a very valuable service with this blog. Local politics are extremely difficult to parse, especially for a newcomer to the area.

    Unfortunately in politics, there are frequently hard feelings between many political actors, even those nominally in the same party. It is always sad to see those with conservative leanings fighting among themselves, as this disunity usually just gives opposition information that can be used to discredit one or another candidate. However, it is very difficult to keep such rivalries behind the scenes, as it may be to one or another’s advantage to publicize them.

    We all have a view as to the “ideal” candidate. But when elections arrive we are faced with choosing among those who have accepted the challenge and run for office. These candidates may be flawed and frustrated voters may vote against their self interest out of frustration with a candidate that might otherwise be “better.” Too often conservative voters choose to stay home instead of voting for a candidate they don’t like (for any of a wide variety of reasons). This usually works to the advantage of the Progressives/Democrats, as the Democratic party is usually very good at “get out the vote” efforts. (Naturally, they do not encourage conservative voters.) I try to operate on the basis that a candidate who I agree with on 60 or 70% of the issues is better than one that I only agree with on 20 or 30% of the issues. This oft repeated thought (not unique to me) does not always penetrate the decision making of the “strongest” conservatives, who will not under almost any circumstances vote for what they perceive as a “sell out” or “RINO.”

    The Lazy-C is always going to fan the flames for “their guys.” That’s one reason I don’t subscribe to them. Eventually, they’ll get the idea that they are on the wrong side, perhaps around the time they file for bankruptcy for lack of readers and advertisers.

    As for the Clark County Republican committee … it is unfortunate that they’re having an internal battle. Again, this is not uncommon in politics — and with the general “flight” from the parties that we’re seeing nationwide — both the Democrats and Republicans are minorities. The deciders of elections fall into the “independent” category. Here, in Washington, the party designation has been seriously eroded by the undeclared status of all voters. This also allows someone to claim affiliation with one or the other party, yet not actually have any proof. This helps the beginning candidate, since there is no record of past votes on public issues. It’s easy to get a “false flag” candidate elected with that situation.

    As for the Clark County Republicans, without fully understanding what the issues are, I would tend with supporting the “new blood” with the perception that the “old blood” was not fairing especially well in defining issues and getting candidates elected. (This may step on the toes of “pure” conservative voters — but “pure” conservatives are a very unreliable group as they don’t vote for Republicans unless they meet some “special standard” of purity. This puts Libertarian Republicans very much at bay … indeed, the treatment of the Ron Paul delegates at the national convention in 2012 was disgraceful — and many Libertarian Republicans stayed home as a result. However, there were also many “pure” conservatives who stayed home, too, because of their perceptions (or misplaced dislike) of Romney. Result? Obama won a second term … by about the margin of the Paul and Pure Republicans that stayed home. (There were other factors, but I’ll leave it with this for now.)

    I would hate to see good candidates fail to receive victory because they were not “pure” enough for some voters.

    The very concept of “staying home” is repugnant to me — I’ve voted in every election I could (except 1) since I was first old enough to register. (The one miss, was a local (city only) election that occurred on an odd date that I’d forgotten about.)

  4. There is no victim in all of this mess. These people want elected, then won’t work together? What is that? Pure bullshit is what it is. To put my husband in the middle of such garbage angers me to no end. Don’t call him, or email him with stupidity.

  5. Seeing several hits on my hit counter coming from the Lazy C, I popped into the dungeon. No surprise how they speculate over this post, hurl their usual insults and whine like titty babies.

    They are so heavily invested in their own partisanship they fail to even grasp the gist of my post just as much as they fail to recognize that even the Democrats have their own problems, but successfully hide them away or squelch them quickly, such as Dwight Pelz ousting Rodney Tom, Tim Sheldon and Brian Sonntag from the party because they worked across the aisle for the betterment of the people, not for partisan politics.

    They reenforce what I keep saying, that there is no middle ground any longer and it’s Democrats that refuse to seek it.

    Still, Republicans acting in this manner accomplishes nothing but keeping Democrats in office.

  6. Oh, and I really got a kick out of all of their high fiving each other with their discovery that Lea is my wife, even though she clearly identified herself as my wife.

    Hey, never claimed they were overly bright 😉

  7. And as long as Democrats thrive in spending money our government don’t have since they’ve bled the taxpayers dry, that is what’s keeping Republicans in office as well, Lew.

    Regarding the C’s dungeon…why waste your time? You knew those hits would come flying in like seagulls to a smelt run. They’ll say what they say because they believe they’re in safe territory. They know we cannot respond to them so of course, they whine…they bitch…they complain. How many times have we been told…”Ignore and they will go away” ???

  8. The bias of Leftists is really quite incredible. They’ve taken the political spectrum, cut it in half, thrown away the Right side, and figure somewhere along the Left is where the middle is, all the while thinking themselves to be diverse and broad minded. Oh, and; occasionally voting for a Republican who is a Democrat lite, makes them well balanced. They’ll have their little differences of opinion with the Jim Moeller’s of the world showing their diversity, but vilify the Lew Waters of the world. These rabid brand of Leftists have inculcated themselves with the notion of government as the arbiter of all things. And they ain’t lettin’ loose.

    There’s a small revolution going on in Clark County right now, but these broad minded thinkers aren’t havin’ any of it. Some county employees (likely Democrats imo) quit their jobs and OY VEY!!! IT’S the TITANIC DÉJÀ VU ALL OVER AGAIN!!!!!

  9. Just about every liberal I have met thinks they are really centrist, not having a clue what centrist is. As former Democrat State Senator Jim Kastama exposed in Olympia, there were times he and others felt a bill or amendment was a good idea, but saw it blocked solely because Democrat leadership didn’t write it.

    Seeing some of the settlements coming down recently from past actions, perhaps this so called “brain drain” at the county is something that has been needed for a long time.

    Given the current condition of the state, conservatives have a golden opportunity to regain some political power and begin a reset. But the very public exposure of the unnecessary bickering, when their professionalism should prevail, will taint every conservative running or cause voters to just stay home, again.

  10. Since I’m still getting hits from the Lazy C dungeon, I had to pop over again and busted out laughing.

    Old Nailingit is beside themselves, chomping at the bit to see the email 🙂

    Funny thing is, for all of them aching to see it, not one has made any attempt to contact me and ask for it, not that I would give it to them 😉

  11. Okay Lew, you got my curiosity up on the dungeon, so I peeked. I too am laughing…especially with the usual hit by one in particular, but the other one by Roger puzzles me. Apparently he thought I was making my statements directed at all who post on the forum which is silly, especially since what Roger has to say…I pretty much agree with, bearing a few exceptions once in a while; but if we all had the exact same opinion, what diversity would there be??? And that usual hit…apparently he thinks I’m brown nosing you because I speak my mind on this blog without feeling oppressed by those in charge. You gotta laugh at that one. Typical empty diatribe which keeps what’s left of the forum going. A shame, too. At one time, we all shared in hearty discussion on what you call the dungeon. There’s still others on the forum I used to enjoy sharing in discussion, even with a couple which became a bit heated once in awhile. That’s all part of my past, though…unless they decide to join in here…8)))

    Regarding nails…he just loves to stir up the dander. He would like to see the email, probably out of curiosity more than anything else. I don’t know if he’s chomping at the bit for the info…but I’m sure he’s at least salivating in hopes of calling you out. He’s really trying. If he hasn’t contacted you by now…he won’t. More bark than bite, perhaps??? Or maybe he just doesn’t want you to know who he really is…8).

  12. Since the floundering forum followers will most likely read my last comment, I guess I’d better clarify one statement. The “usual hit” in my last statement does not refer to Roger’s comment. It refers to the one I nicknamed “Hawk.”

  13. Funny thing is, Goldie, the few times I wander there and read what Roger says, we seem to agree on many things, primarily the CRC.

    So, whatever his beef is I don’t know. And in reality, don’t care, either 😉

    Maybe it’s a case of that lie down with dogs and wake up with fleas thing 😉

  14. Roger is an independent thinker and I believe he is one of those who actually takes the time out to ponder and to get his fact straight before responding with his opinion. Common sense, you know.

    Oh…I better be careful. Some people on the ol’ basement will think I’m brown nosing Roger, now.

  15. I read both Lew’s page and the Columbians pages. I have met you Lew in person at a Post 14 event a couple of times. I don’t always agree with what you say but I do respect and support your right to say it. The same is true with those of us in the dungeon. The level of diversity I think is good. The problem seems to come from a lack of respect for those that are argued with. Neither side R or D has all the answers and there are good things that come from both sides if one is willing to listen and learn. Goldie I have the utmost respect for Roger for the simple reason he does a lot of home work on the issues he talks about. Far more than I. I credit him for some of the points that brought the CRC to fail at least so far. The CRC debate brought a lot of us from both sides together to hopefully defeat the beast. Lets not let a few difference’s negate what was accomplished in that combined effort.

  16. Tim, truthfully, I was unaware that place even existed until a few months ago when someone told me I was the subject of many discussions. Some of the names I recognize from before the Lazy C hooked up with facebook and as I recall, those same ones are unwilling to consider other views and have no problem hurling insults or derogatory comments, but cry foul if you return them.

    I don’t know Roger and have nothing against him. I do seem to recall being sent some copies of ridicule when I listed him as acceptable for freeholder when I compiled a recommendation list. Whatever his problem with me is on him, I don’t recall ever meeting him.

    As for diversity, I see little if any there, but then again I rarely look there, mostly if told something is up or seeing links from there in my hit counter.

  17. Tim, you said it right when you said Neither R or D has all the answers. My comment here on Lew’s column at 4:24 pm regarding the Democratic issues opens the gates for Republican politicians acquiring office positions. Both sides of the ticket have issues about coming together.

    Now…my comment regarding the flailing forum to those still there (if that’s alright with you, Lew) –

    It was stated to me many a time when I would spar with the one we knew as alleycat as well as Fiscaltiger and the Humanist…that I should ignore the person and they would go away. Is it wrong for me to share the same sentiment to Lew? Even one who would consistently remind me of that suggestion still came back with condescending comments; typical of one who obviously shows complete lack of respect for a woman’s rights to express her own opinion. I guess turnabout isn’t fair play in the gender game now, is it!!! Regarding Roger, I have no beef with the guy but it is obviously he does with me. If I had any disrespect for the guy, I wouldn’t have voted for him this last election, although his recent comment leads me to take a second look at the guy. I will not refrain from stating my opinion just because someone doesn’t like what they read.

    And for Roger…if you care to share in discussion with me here on Lew’s site, then I will provide a response IF that’s okay with Lew. Otherwise, you have just proven my point. I will say this much to you that I cannot understand why anybody would choose to restrict their First Amendment rights or their rights under Article 19 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights as declared by the United Nations General Assembly (1948) by being forced to pay the media entity money in order to do so. I choose not to pay into the likes of such a media entity and that is my God-given right. The few in the flailing forum who are probably relieved that I will no longer state my freedom of expression at that website have not silenced me. They’ll just have to look elsewhere…like you have done.

  18. “those same ones are unwilling to consider other views and have no problem hurling insults or derogatory comments, but cry foul if you return them.”

    That’s why I quit the forum a few years ago. Looks like nothing has changed. It was almost humourous the way that certain posters would hurl all kinds of invective against those they disagreed with, but howl in seemingly innocent rage when someone dished it back.

  19. I have to disagree with you about the speech issue. You are free to say as you will, but the Columbian is a private business and doesn’t owe anyone a soapbox. I suspect that they’re struggling to stay afloat and are looking for new revenue. It’ll be interesting to see what this new Clark County news source will look like. The one that LouLou asked David Madore about in their interview. Maybe they’ll host a free forum. My own outsider guesstimate is that within a few years, or less, the Columbian is either going to be gone, or under new ownership and management.

  20. And this is where we can agree to disagree, Kndalai. Let me clarify myself here. I am not saying they are in direct violation of our rights. I am saying they are whittling away at our rights…chewing on the edges so to speak…in order to “keep afloat” as you say. True, they are a private business, but they rely on the curiosity and the support of the public…the people; the same people with rights to make that decision to NOT financially support such a business. When they FORCE us to pay to state our mind, it is my opinion they have overstepped their bounds and they lose readership…something they cannot afford. They lose their hits (visits), thus losing on advertising revenue. They rely on advertising as a means of revenue. When the media world has to charge people to voice an opinion on their forums, it is obvious they are not receiving the profits they sought. The head honchos of the site must sit down and figure out why it is they don’t have enough commercial support (or viewership/subscriber support) as they believe they should…

    …and it all boils down to the quality of the news presented. You know as well as I that our countywide newspaper I teasingly call the county’s birdcage liner(CBL) has displayed months upon months of hit pieces (even years) against politicians who do not support their special interests, Kndalai. That is all too obvious and it gets very old. What they cannot figure is why the people keep voting in the same politicians or elect new politicians with views opposing the interest of the news publishing agency, even with their hit pieces. It is obvious, the decisions are based upon news and information the people are gaining from somewhere else. Don’t you find that to be a problem for the CBL???

    Why is it you think I’ve called it a supermarket tabloid in the past??? How much “Good News about the community” does the CBL present these days??? It’s obvious there’s more advertisements in the paper than there are articles and they certainly cannot have an advertisement section separate from the news. And how many people have had to ad a PopUp blocker in order just to see the news instead of the advertisements??? Nobody would read the ads…except when it comes time for shopping for groceries or other household items. And Kndalai…how many retractions and corrections has the Columbian ever put in the front half of the first section of the newspaper? or for that matter…on the online edition??? Instead…they call their errors “Updated Information.”

    Definitely not the quality of news I seek. It’s no animosity to Lou and friends. It’s just no longer the quality of county news I intend to spend on.

  21. One more comment, Kndalai…I only disagreed with your comment about our rights being violated. I do agree with you however that within a few years, or less, the Columbian is either going to be gone, or under new ownership and management. They’d better get serious or they’ll lose out.

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