Where is Mayor Leavitt?

by lewwaters

LeavittPick up a copy of the Lazy C or just look out your window and we can see the city is beset with trouble. Roads are iced over with our third day of extreme cold weather and the Lazy C’s Sunday edition is quick to stir up fears over three shootings in two-days in the city.

They turn to road crews about the weather and question the County Sheriff over the shootings, but lacking is any quest for answers to recently reelected Mayor, Tim Leavitt.

We see reports from Portland TV News and read statements from Mayors across the country when crisis hits their communities. We see media pressing for answers. We see efforts of others to calm citizens, remind them that the weather will pass, drive safely, shootings are rare but that there are steps we can each take just in case.

From Tim Leavitt, we hear crickets.

Is he holed up in his warm little abode, waiting for the snow and ice to melt from his classic Mustang while citizens are largely fending for themselves?

It takes more than rubber stamping Identity Clark County’s desire to ram Portland, Oregon’s light rail down our throats to be a leader. And mentioning that light rail, when it would be needed the most to keep people off the icy roads and get them where they must be, TriMet shut the complete system down throughout Portland, due to the weather.

And this is what Leavitt intends to force upon the citizens of Vancouver?

Why isn’t the Lazy C calling on him to issue a statement? To show some leadership and at least act like a mayor?

Why isn’t he appearing on TV or radio to address the citizens of the city, to calm their fears, give advice on getting through all of this and to remind people of the rarity of shootings and where to look for suggestions on being safe?

His silence is not what is seen from a real leader, but can be expected from a rank opportunist installed to vote accordingly along the lines of special interests desiring to pad their bank accounts at taxpayer expense.

It is unconscionable that someone who billed themselves as the only one capable of leading such a growing city hides away when his presence should be needed the most.

And if that presence really isn’t needed, why do we even need a mayor?

Had Bill Turlay won the recent election for Mayor, you can bet your bottom dollar the Lazy C would be all over him on what does he intend to do or where is his presence in all of this.

Leavitt, once again you show yourself to be a complete and utter failure.

6 Comments to “Where is Mayor Leavitt?”

  1. They own him like the 13th Amendment was 5the 13th Suggestion. They’ll never hold him or any other democrat accountable.

  2. Yeah…where IS the mayor of Vancouver…ol’ Whazzisface Leave-itt??? Maybe looking for an escape route when the S H T F??? (oops…did I really say that???)

    At least Portland’s mayor had made it known he was in South Africa on an international climate change summit. He called on his city employees to set up the necessary actions needed to be made prior to the storm…and his right hand man stood up and let the people know what to expect of the City of Portland. I guess even TriMet is having issues with their infamous and INconvenient, fool-proof light rail. They had to shut it down. Maybe our mayor is hiding out. That pie in his face must sting in this weather…


  3. I guess he heard that everything was closed down due to the snow and ice. Wouldn’t expect him to put on a warm jacket and go out and see how ‘his’ city is affected — after all, the unionized snow plow and chemical truck drivers are getting paid lots of overtime the past couple of cays, so they must be happy. And if “the people” are as smart as da Mayor, then they’re at home, cleaning their guns and roasting marshmallows over a fire.

  4. where the hell are the snow plows??

  5. Lew, Like Congress when in, (or out) of session, Be careful what you wish for!

    I think the Mayor’s conduct is appropriate…, for him.

  6. Yes, silence and doing nothing is what we expect from him, but he billed himself as ready to lead a growing city in an expanding metropolitan area.

    Then too, there is the local sorry excuse for a newspaper not asking him a single thing, other than when they can blow smoke up his ass.

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