About the Inevitable CRC Cost Overruns

by lewwaters

Still think Oregon will pay for any cost overruns associated with the CRC light rail boondoggle?

Oregon State Democrat Senator Michael Dembrow is letting you know, Clark County commuters, that you will be paying for whatever it is Oregon wants.

His cavalier attitude rivals the cluelessness of Washington State Democrat State Senator Annette Cleveland as she expressed the evening of Feb 19, 2014 during the tele-town hall held with constituents of the 49th legislative district.

I’d post the audio, but I guess you’ll have to wait for the Lazy C to post it since that is the preferred source of information.

5 Comments to “About the Inevitable CRC Cost Overruns”

  1. This is the same type of conversation I have been hearing for 5 years. They just want to toll both and hate it that they can’t.


  2. He’s talking about extending the life of the tolls – which to a Democrat means forever, and petitioning Congress to grant an exception so the Glenn Jackson can be tolled. He’s dreaming if he thinks SW legislators (except for the 49th) will let that happen.

    Overall, even with the Democrats controlling the Oregon legislature, it’s hard to see how this can be approved. There are too many unknowns, too many variables that would put Oregon at significant risk. This could be catastrophic to their transportation budgets for the next 30 years if they go ahead with it.


  3. Kris Strickler, as former CRC staffer and consultant signed $ Millions worth of payment vouchers for the CRC. Strickler is the current project director for ODOT and recently answered questions about cost overruns up to $1 BILLION for an OR CRC oversight committee. Strickler suggested boosting toll rates as one means to cover for mega cost overruns that are so typical for mega projects.

    In Seattle, tolling I-90 is in the works, to prevent diversion from the now tolled 520 floating bridge with cracked pontoons.
    What are the cost overruns for the 520 project so far? Cost overruns are a certainty for WADOT and ODOT.


  4. Listing to that just makes me want to vomit.


  5. Asymmetry? Michael Dembrow if you want symmetry how about no tolls on two additional bridges, That is doable.
    What is there about that you don’t get?

    So much of what the legislatures attempt to do has nothing to do with improving standards of living and everything to do with enforcing standards of conduct. How about the People of Washington agree by initiative to not agree to any nanny based bills. Or nanny based compacts or nanny based rules.

    Gov Kitz’n’nanny would have a fit. Gov Ins-a-nanny would still be speechless, and PSU’s Dept of Urban studies would be forced to open up its own day care to test its theories of urban living v something akin to reality.


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