Children’s Cancer Research Held Hostage to Light Rail Now?

by lewwaters

Child cancerA disturbing email I received this evening in my email;

Tell Oregon’s Leaders: Cancer Research can not be Held Hostage by the Columbia River Crossing.

Ask House Speaker Kotek, Senate President Courtney, Representative Buckley and Senator Devlin to state their commitment to considering the OHSU Cancer Research Center funding without the impediment of a tie to the Columbia River Crossing (CRC)

It’s easy! First send the following message by clicking the “Click Here to Send Email” link. Then, share this message with at least one friend via the facebook, twitter or email links provided.

“It has come to my attention that an effort to tie the CRC to the OHSU bond request is in the works. I believe that the funding of a $200 MM children’s cancer research center is important and should be considered without an impediment like the CRC tied to it’s outcome.

Will you please consider stating publicly that you commit that the CRC will not, in any way, be part of the OHSU bond request?

With kind regards.”

For far too many years, a new bridge has been held hostage to light rail with efforts to force Clark County to accept it, in spite of several rejections by voters.

Now, with support waning in the darkening hours of the Oregon legislative session, proponents are attempting to tie it to the Children’s Cancer Research Center?

How wrong can they be? How desperate are they that research into cancer in children is to be held hostage to an effort to force our community into accepting light rail?

Oregon Representative Katie Eyre wrote on her facebook wall,

“What does cancer, unhealthy kids with cancer and the CRC have in common? Nothing, unless you are Patricia McCaig heading up the CRC on behalf of the Governor, and wanting to exploit kids with cancer in order to build the CRC. Just learned that McCaig is attempting to tie the CRC bonding/funding on to the OHSU $200 MM cancer research center bonding bill. Make your stomach sick? Mine too. Let the Governor’s office know this is detestable.”

This isn’t just wrong, it is sickening, even for Democrats that a financially troubled light rail system comes before research in cancer in children.

Please, click the link at the bottom of this site and add your voice to others asking them to stand against this egregious effort at extortion.

Will Jim Moeller, Annette Cleveland, Sharon Wylie, Tim Leavitt, Steve Stuart, Paul Montague or any of the CRC proponents on this side of the river condemn this despicable act?

I’m not holding my breath.

11 Responses to “Children’s Cancer Research Held Hostage to Light Rail Now?”

  1. Psyops?
    or preemption.

    What are the facts supporting the contention in the email?

    While I personally have little trouble believing some PR connection is being attempted to sway votes into believing Light Rail is necessary, It is hard to believe that even the sponsors of the CRC would attempt to tie funding for OHSU Children’s Cancer research to the CRC.

    I mean, honestly, would even they stoop so low?

    If, as a person represented by PRO CRC members of the Oregon Legislature, you have to pause before answering this really simple question, then you know, you have a problem in Oregon. Your Vote has consequences. Use it wisely.

  2. My source within the Oregon Legislature has verified this, for those wondering.

  3. Thanks K.J., that really makes it that much more incredible, that supposedly civilized persons would even think of such a tactic.

  4. Pure insanity. Just shows how far the profiteers seeking the juicy contracts for the CRC will go to get their booty. Positively disgusting.

  5. The CRC light rail bridge is like a cancer. It metastizes to include costs outside the I-5 corridor, keeps coming back in spite of legislative efforts to get rid of it, have to deal with recurrences for years, kills the capacity of OR and WA to fund other needed repairs to other roads and bridges, weakens both states by sapping energy needed to keep the states business, and taxpayer budgets healthy.

  6. Just a note for Lew, Posts on the wall not made by “d staff” gets shuffled to a side bar box. That way they won’t clutter the page and ruin the ambiance of the visuals. Ambiance being a wig shop ( ) and a tanning Espresso bar ( )

  7. I made a short comment on the oregonlive page about the current Oregon State legislative session and a possible link between the CRC and OHSU funding, to which I received a reply, from the reporter: one Christian Gaston. Hope this link comes through.

    I’d read your above post on this, and had also looked up Katie Eyre’s FB post myself. Reporter Gaston basically says this is old news, and the plan to combine the CRC and the OSHU bonds never materialized. Based on Eyre’s current FB page and her entry about this just a day ago, which you referenced, I’d been thinking that she’s a current Oregon State Representative and is an insider about current events in their legislature, but it seems she lost her 2012 election bid to her 29th district Democrat opponent named Ben Unger.

    Don’t know what I might be missing here. But the truth is the truth.

  8. I know that Eyre is a former legislator, but she would still have connections and it was confirmed as current as acknowledged above.

    If it isn’t, then it is Oregon feeding this information to us.

    But, old or new, it is still very wrong to even consider, in my opinion.


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