Jim Moeller Discusses “Polarization”

by lewwaters

Once again, Jim Moeller’s spoken words are at odds with his written words.

I can’t think of a more polarizing figure in the legislature than Jim Moeller (D. 49)

10 Comments to “Jim Moeller Discusses “Polarization””

  1. first, moeller should read up on grammar, specifically when to use the apostrophe. makes him look … dumb.

    second, we’re to believe that newcomer madore is BENTON’S handler….???

    third. i wonder if moeller even bothers to test this odious plan’s approval rating in his own district. REALLY doubt it.

  2. But Dee, his is “the politics of compromise.” 😉

    That is, as long as everybody “compromises” to his view.

  3. Politics of Compromise???? Moeller??? Oh Puhleeeeease, don’t EVEN get me started about Rep. Moeller and his supposed “politics of compromise!” What a bunch of BS!!!

    He truly believes in compromise??? Really???

    I’m still shaking my head in disgust with the audacity of his statement.

    And people keep re-electing him.

  4. A serious note…

    What truly amazes me is how someone like Moeller for instance, claims that Senator Don Benton is responsible for the Repub’s failure to pass a transportation package in the Senate while claiming he supports politics of compromise (WHAT compromise??? Either agree to our demands or else??? That’s compromise???)…Moeller playing the blame game and pointing fingers because senators like Don Benton have listened to the voters and have stood up against the pressures of the “Spend, Spend, Spend” group led by Moeller and his cronies.

    I can understand that sometimes, funding must be increased in order to repair or improve existing infrastructure…but how can anybody understand the wasted expenditures in our state government because of the folly of a pushy special interest group who wants everything to be what they claim as “State of the Art” transportation venues when in all actuality…they’re working with nothing more than pet projects with personal financial gains to be had at the expense of the taxpayers.

    If what I say is untrue, then please explain to me how the Alaska Way Viaduct and the headaches of Big Bertha is such an improvement for the entire state of Washington??? How much longer will we be paying off THIS project??? Can someone please explain to me how WSDOT engineered and constructed SR-500, then had to go back and make costly design improvements SEVEN YEARS LATER???

    And they want the taxpayers of Oregon and Washington to fork out more dinero for the Loo Rail from Hell???


  5. “ARE THEY NUTS???” Yep.

    A lot of comments about the newest letter to the Oregon legislature from some of the sane SW Washington legislators.

    “Light rail is not a transportation solution, but a political ideology designed to change people’s behaviors, reduce freedom of movement and expand the size of government,” Pike said.

    Thank you for that Liz Pike. Well Stated.


  6. I called this project a political agenda when I spoke in Olympia at the transportation hearing. I was not wrong then nor am I now. What is amazing is the stubbornness of the proponents to get their way. What a waste of time and money!

  7. Carolyn…there are different skunks with different stripes but they all still stink. The CRC project design has stunk since the get go. No matter how they try to change it…it still stinks to the high heavens of political agendas and personal financial gains by those most involved.

  8. Kndalai…I second your post.

  9. Mole rats/trolls are disgusting little varmints.

  10. I think they even crap where sleep. Yuck!

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