Annette Cleveland on a “Light Rail Ready” Bridge

by lewwaters

CLUELESS: not having knowledge about something; unable to understand something; completely or hopelessly bewildered, unaware, ignorant, or foolish.

7 Comments to “Annette Cleveland on a “Light Rail Ready” Bridge”

  1. That’s the empty-headed Cleveland being the empty-headed Cleveland.

  2. The Libtards in the 49th Dist.WA have a history of electing IDIOTS and perverts, why would anyone be surprised at what nonsense comes out of their mouths.

  3. She lied… there is no strings to force light rail on the project. She lied… there is no $850 million! She lied… the project now proposed is not the same project voted on by the city council and c-tran as the locally preferred alternative! She really can’t stop lying.

  4. “completely or hopelessly bewildered”
    Spot-on description of most any elected public official out of the 49th: Cleveland, Moeller, Wylie et al, as well as those who keep voting them in.

  5. Makes perfect sense – just ask Tim Leavitt. Why spend $2 billion on a bridge that’s fully functional and light rail ready except for the last $850 million or the actual light rail when for just $850 million more from the feds you could have a fully functional light rail ready bridge? Then, as Tim Leavitt points out, you could tap into the whole TriMet system for just a $2.9 billion investment. That’s $2.9 billion for 5 miles of track that gets you access to the whole $3.9 billon from all sources through the decades TriMet light rail system that runs all over and beyond Portland. Just ask Tim! We’d be fools to pass up that opportunity.

  6. We’d be fools to embark upon that opportun… er… that disaster of a planned crossing that most of us who voted and said NO WAY…

    that disaster that needs to finally be put to rest.

  7. It is a simple fact that the central planners and “mass transit lovers” don’t understand. Clark County does not have sufficiently dense population to make light rail worthwhile. It does not look like it ever will have the level of density that makes good sense. (I lived in the SF Bay Area while BART was planned and built. The SF Bay area has a larger population than the whole state of Washington in a much smaller land area — yet much of the SF Bay Area is not truly dense enough for Rapid Transit (or Light Rail) even though it has been built extensively and expensively. One “flaw” was that the localities refused to zone for or allow building of the “high density” apartments near the suburban transit stations. The local residents felt that such housing was not “in character” to the local communities.

    Second. We are on the verge of having self-driving vehicles that will be able to increase capacity of freeway lanes very substantially. This will eliminate whatever limited demand might exist for light rail.

    The transit needs of Clark County are much better met with flexible bus transit that can adjust routes easily and with little cost to serve those areas that most need service. Fixed rail transit facilities sometimes are bypassed by development that was not imagined by the central planners. Then more expensive right-of-way acquisition and rail building is required to serve those “unexpected” areas of development.

    Transit that depends on transfers between bus and rail add considerable transit time and rarely are “more convenient” that either driving to the transit station (causing a shortage of parking — resulting in BART’s “free parking at suburban stations” promise to turn into a lie after only 15 years of operation — and most suburban stations having no parking spots much after 8:30 AM.) Indeed, it is often more convenient and sometimes less expensive to drive all the way to work than it is to drive to the transit station. People aren’t stupid and they won’t do that which isn’t sufficiently convenient.

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