Updated: Steve Stuart Selected for Ridgefield City manager

by lewwaters

Stuart Sneer 2It’s actually no surprise, it has been pretty well known around the county that Mayor Onslow, a fellow member of the C-Tran Gang of Five that sold us out to Oregon’s Trimet, was going to make sure Stuart received the nomination.

Ridgefield’s loss is Clark County’s gain, though.

Stuart will begin on April 14.

After that, the Democrat Party will put forth three individuals for Commissioner’s Madore and Mielke to select his replacement from. So far, I have only heard of Temple Lentz announcing she wishes to be one of the three.

That Stuart was going to receive the position has been highly speculated for some time and was correctly reported by Clark County Politics several hours before the Lazy C played their dutiful role in making it appear to be an open process, instead of the cronyism we assume it is.

But, after so much ink and outrage expressed over the Don Benton hire, they had to at least make it appear to be an open process.

Something similar was sen back in April of 2011 when Jim Jacks abruptly abandoned constituents over allegations of scandalous conduct and his replacement was chosen by County Commissioners in a similar process before them now.

It was widely assumed Temple Lentz was the favored, even to the point of Commissioner Marc Boldt first being the lone vote for her, then switching his vote afterward to give it an appearance of impartiality and a unanimous decision to appoint Sharon Wylie.

As far as who should replace Stuart, it is much too early to say and unknown who all will vie for the seat. But the Democrat Party will meet in the future to select three and other than Temple Lentz, it is unknown who all else will seek the position.

Some names being floated about as hoping they seek the seat are washed up ex-mayor Royce Pollard, pitiful Pat Jollota, Sunrise O’Mahoney, Jim Moeller and Jim Mains.

Of course, that is hoped for by those unwilling to run themselves who feel they can neutralize the two Republican Commissioners by just one Democrat, forgetting whoever gets the seat will also be in the same minority Steve Stuart was and is considered to be part of the reason why he decided to leave, no longer calling the shots and getting his way on most issues.

That is also much of the reasoning behind the sudden push by Democrats to change the County Charter, after opposing it for so many years and some seem to feel that their one person will carry more weight than the other two as they lead us to that change. Again, forgetting that any change in the charter must pass voters throughout the county and that no matter who they set up for the seat, Commissioners Madore and Mielke will remain the majority until at least 2016.

It should also be noted that whoever is selected will have to face reelection this year as Stuart’s 4-year term is up. They may get some advantage of being an incumbent with no visible record, but at a time many in the county have soured on Democrats efforts for so many years to force Portland’s light rail on us, continue raising taxes and ignore the will of voters, that advantage will likely dissipate.

Of course, no record could also hurt them as well as voters seek more qualified people for office.

For now, though, we can sit back and enjoy Democrats as they go into melt down mode, falsely believing they now will soon be back in control 😉

13 Comments to “Updated: Steve Stuart Selected for Ridgefield City manager”

  1. You called it long ago and rightfully so.

    Now, to see who the Democrats put up to replace him.

  2. Good call K.J.!!! Well done.

  3. Hopefully this shift in local leadership won’t turn around and bite us taxpayers in the back side. Good luck to Ridgefield residents. You’re gonna need it.

  4. I guess once you’ve gotten used to the government trough and don’t have do any actual work, you get used to it.

  5. So a couple of names I have heard are Sharon Wylie and Craig Pridemore. Obviously Temple has already put her hat in the ring having announced yesterday.

  6. Same way Stuart got into office in the first place. He was appointed to the job as commish in December 2004 by his friend CCounty Commissioner Craig Pridemore just before he left office. Stuart then spent the year learning the job of commish being well paid for it, and using county resources like the newsletter and CVTV to promote himself when it came election season in the fall. The interview featuring Stuart was taped on Oct. 14, as ballots were being sent and scheduled to run 16 times over a 25-day period up to and including the election date, Nov. 8, 2005. This will put Stuart closer to the Clark County owned and operated money losing Tri-Mountain Golf course that he enjoys and urged an early no-bid contract renewal for as commissioner. http://couv.com/business/10-year-contract-renewal-for-tri-mountain-golf-course

  7. We’ve already had Pridemore, no thanks.

    I’m not convinced the Lazy C is correct on the process nor have I been.

    RCW 36.32.070
    Vacancies on board.

    Whenever there is a vacancy in the board of county commissioners, except as provided in RCW 36.32.0558, it shall be filled as follows:

    (1) If there are three vacancies, the governor of the state shall appoint two of the officers. The two commissioners thus appointed shall then meet and select the third commissioner. If the two appointed commissioners fail to agree upon selection of the third after the expiration of five days from the day they were appointed, the governor shall appoint the remaining commissioner.

    (2) Whenever there are two vacancies in the office of county commissioner, the governor shall appoint one commissioner, and the two commissioners then in office shall appoint the third commissioner. If they fail to agree upon a selection after the expiration of five days from the day of the governor’s appointment, the governor shall appoint the third commissioner.

    (3) Whenever there is one vacancy in the office of county commissioner, the two remaining commissioners shall fill the vacancy. If the two commissioners fail to agree upon a selection after the expiration of five days from the day the vacancy occurred, the governor shall appoint the third commissioner.

    (4) Whenever there is a vacancy in the office of county commissioner after the general election in a year that the position appears on the ballot and before the start of the next term, the term of the successor who is of the same party as the incumbent may commence once he or she has qualified as defined in *RCW 29.01.135 and shall continue through the term for which he or she was elected.


    The way I’m reading it, they may appoint whoever they wish since it is not AFTER the general election and before the term begins.

    Also, RCW says 5 days after the vacancy occurs, not 60.

  8. Okay, the State Constitution lays it out, it MUST be a partisan appointment

    Article 2 WA State Constitution.

    SECTION 15 VACANCIES IN LEGISLATURE AND IN PARTISAN COUNTY ELECTIVE OFFICE. Such vacancies as may occur in either house of the legislature or in any partisan county elective office shall be filled by appointment by the county legislative authority of the county in which the vacancy occurs: Provided, That the person appointed to fill the vacancy must be from the same legislative district, county, or county commissioner or council district and the same political party as the legislator or partisan county elective officer whose office has been vacated, and shall be one of three persons who shall be nominated by the county central committee of that party,

  9. So Pridemore, Moeller, Lentz all fit as does Mains but I doubt he will challenge Lentz for the seat. UHMM where does Wylie live?

  10. Wylie is up for reelection, so I doubt they want to risk an open seat this election.

    Same with Moeller and he knows come election time, what with the entire county voting for commissioner, he’d be gone

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