Washed-Up Mayor Makes an Ass Out of Himself

by lewwaters

Former mayor Royce Pollard, displaying the very conduct he would never tolerate when he was mayor

I won’t discuss the merits of a much-needed third bridge across the Columbia River at this time or the aggressive 5-years Commissioner Madore claims, but this is indicative of what I have said before of spiteful opposition from CRC supporters for our not allowing them to force Portland’s financially troubled light rail on us against our will.

Keep it classy, Royce. What a jerk you are.

5 Comments to “Washed-Up Mayor Makes an Ass Out of Himself”

  1. There was more than one person who did that today! They went after Commissioner Madore relentlessly. It was appalling.

  2. As long as he continues handing the Lazy C so much ammunition on a near daily basis, it will continue.

  3. Didn’t Minnesota build a bridge within a year? The I-35W Saint Anthony’s Fall Bridge? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/I-35W_Saint_Anthony_Falls_Bridge

  4. Apples and Oranges Jacob. If the I-5 bridge were to collapse it could probably be replaced in a year. An east county bridge will be a little more complicated than that … too many different jurisdictions are involved.

  5. A hypothetical question for former mayor, Royce Pollard.

    Given the fact that voters approved Clark County Advisory Vote #3 which states “Should the Clark
    County Board of Commissioners approve proposed Resolution 2013-07-21 which supports a
    proposed East County Toll-Free Bridge?”…passed with a 57.73%…

    Mister Pollard…just how do you claim it is a judicial travesty when the voters showed an obvious support FOR an east county bridge? Where is the judicial travesty, sir???

    In my opinion, it is a judicial travesty when our elected leadership goes ahead and makes rash decisions in direct opposition of the majority of the voters.

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