Downtown Mafia To Target County Commissioners (Upated)

by lewwaters

Montague 2So much for all the calls of hope and change from a few years ago. If that change doesn’t suit the crooks that tried desperately to ram Portland, Oregon’s financially troubled light rail down the throats of Clark County taxpayers, well, let’s just say the small minority of fatcats intend to take action to restore their power balance and ripping off taxpayers.

Paul Montague, who was tasked with leading the rip-off light rail project has announced his intent to resign as president of Identity Clark County to now lead a political action committee specifically to “counter the direction of commissioners David Madore and Tom Mielke” according to a Lazy C article by Cami Joner.

That both were elected by wide majorities specifically by voters to change the direction of the county rubs Montague and his ilk the wrong way, displaying the disdain they hold for middle class citizens desiring to retain a little of their own paychecks so they can care better for their families.

Ms. Joner lets us know this PAC is yet unnamed, but that this group of downtown Mafioso is particularly ticked off in three primary areas.

She quotes Montague, “Disappointment at the failure of the CRC, the lack of real action in the Legislature for funding the Southwest Washington transportation package and No. 3 is a serious concern about the current dysfunction of our county government.”

Let’s face it, that list of three areas is actually only one area, the now defunct, at least for now, Columbia River Crossing light rail project that has been repeatedly defeated by voters.

I suspect this PAC is being established with the sole intent to breathe life back into the CRC project and once again soak taxpayers by forcing light rail upon us, “whether we like it or not.”

And Commissioners Madore & Mielke sit in a position to speak with authority against it.

Look at the three claims Montague says are their areas of concern. Which one actually is under the jurisdiction of the County Commission?

How long has he and his ilk stated County Commissioners had no say when citizens spoke against it before either the county of city?

What does the County Commission have to do with the state transportation budget?

And just what is “dysfunctional” about county government?

It’s not going the way the downtown mafia wants it to. The small minority group that thinks their vision counts more than yours is unhappy that you may keep more of your own hard owned paycheck.

The Lazy C has gone out of their way to demonize both County Commissioners while lionizing outgoing Democrat Steve Stuart, who when in the minority was a faithful puppet in doing their bidding.

I also find it strange how the Lazy C condemned Vancouver Vitality for their “secretness” during the 2013 election in not revealing just who all was involved, but now says little with Montague’s group claiming “it is too early to reveal individual supporters of the organization.”

I can imagine some already, among them elected officials who have blindly supported the CRC over the years and prominent members of the Democrat Party.

We can expect more demonization of Madore & Mielke and anybody with the public’s ear exposing their slick game of lies, deceit and obfuscation, same as we have seen over the years.

Montague has yet to come up with a slick name for his group, but we can expect something sounding concerned, but with only the intent of separating you from your paychecks.

Voters must remain vigilant and be on the look-out for what is coming.

Montague has now showed you all that CRC is not dead and there will be a new effort to get it up and running again.

Don’t fall for it.

Note to Montague;

In an update to the article, Montague is quoted, “Really, the long term interest is about having people who are responsive,” he said. “Basically (we want) folks who are going to listen to the community.”

Yet, he fails to recognize it was the community by a wide margin that elected the current commissioners and it was the community that has fought against and defeated every single CRC related measure put before them.

Perhaps that is why he and other CRC supporters have sought ways to bypass the community, voters, in order to fund light rail?

Clearly, Commissioners Mielke and Madore, Senators Don Benton and Ann Rivers along with Representatives Brandon Vick, Liz Pike and Paul Harris have listened to the community.

Representatives Jim Moeller and Sharon Wylie, Senator Annette Cleveland and the infamous C-Tran Gang of Five that obligated Vancouver to a $5 Million penalty if we defaulted on light rail and granted eminent domain rights to Oregon through C-Tran, Tim Leavitt, Larry Smith, Steve Stuart, Ron Onslow and Bart Hansen did not as they have voted repeatedly against the desires of the community.

17 Comments to “Downtown Mafia To Target County Commissioners (Upated)”

  1. Lew my friend…you did it now! You’ve opened a can of worms I just had to respond..8′(

    It isn’t just a downtown mafia. It’s more extensive than we’ve been led to believe. True colors have a way of showing themselves over and over again and let’s just say…there’s about to be a ginormous color blast of support for this pro MAX crowd reaching clear across our nation.

    I hate to say “I TOLD YOU SO” to the naysayers who were in support of the now defunct failure of a crossing project riddled with direct special interests of a few, but I have no doubt in my mind about it now. The pro-MAX cronies were great in labeling me some kind of conspiracy theorist, some crazy lady…even publicly suggested on numerous occasions on the Columbian’s forum that I go back into my little kitchen to bake bread or go back into my garden to pull weeds rather than involve myself, but all it took was opening eyes and ears to the project from the early stages and it was crystal clear from the beginning about the Good Ol’ Boyz Klub, starring (but not excluding others) EX Mayor Royce Pollard, Columbian Publisher Scott Campbell, Rep. Jim Moeller and Misssster Montague (love to say that as my head tips slightly from side to side), along with their drooling puppy dogs like Mayor Leavitt and Senator Cleveland. Great how they made Leavitt look like some inexperienced nobody who was there to back the voters!!! And look at what the voters received!!! Clever move by the GOBK, I must say! I won’t even get into the issues of their cheerleaders – the various union groups who often stormed the public events and made a raucous nuisance of themselves…but the list goes on and it doesn’t end just locally. It continues nationally, folks and it includes some big names.

    Ohhh you bet they’ll get their bubble dream at the expense of the local voters and taxpayers…and it will be at a price far bigger than what they originally stated…and they banked on it!!! You think it’s just a conspiracy??? It’s only a conspiracy because there are still people who don’t want to believe it. Regarding the MAX crossing…we’ve just set them back a few more years.

    BIG MONEY AND BIG BROTHER WILL SEE TO IT!!! They will get their crossing and they will have MAX into Vancouver whether we want it or not! Look how easy it was for C-Tran to openly give the State of Oregon permission to steal lifelong homes of families in our community for eminent domain!!! (They got away with something which will bite us in the arse in the future, Lew.)

    Anybody remember in recent years, the horrific articles of small cities cut off from society and turned into ghost towns due to the closure of their only route into the big cities in order to expand on the NAFTA Superhighway??? Of the viable farm tilth destroyed in order to build cluster communities along the superhighway???

    Big Brother has merely changed the name of I-5 from a NAFTA Superhighway to a “Corridor of the Future.” In the case of Misssster Montague…he will still be the same old, same old…doing the same, just with a different game! Just a player is all he is!!!

    Welcome to Uhmerikkah!

    An appropriate phrase: Forewarned is forearmed.

  2. When they say County Government is dysfunctional they really mean the money has stopped flowing from the public coffers into their greedy pockets. The future they care about is future compensation from the public treasury, its always been about money and not the people. The people figured it out and changed direction with new leadership and the good old boys don’t like it one bit.

  3. In my estimation, Montague made a mistake by letting the cat out of the bag this early. Many of us have let it be known that we are watching for just this sort of action from them.

    He overestimates his power and underestimates the people.

    This is likely to get very ugly.

  4. This is a stunning turn of events. The players are all moving around in their seats. I wonder who will take up his vacated seat. He laughed at me when I called his group a shadow government… he laughed. Guess the fact that it didn’t work out has him looking for new means to do something about that. Guess it means he wasn’t successful at his job? Guess it means he isn’t laughing now!

  5. This will also play into the recent dropping of the Lazy C for the Reflector to post legal notices.

    It is an issue they will enjoy using to show the ineptness and dysfunction to their advantage.

    While I agreed in principle with the move, the M&M’s need to get smarter in how they play things out.

    Why give them a minor issue they can turn into a major smear to use against them?

  6. Lew, moving the legal notices contract not only saves lots of money, it deprives the downtown mafia the money used by The Columbian to mislead the people. The Columbian admitted the public notices contract was ‘lucrative’.

    It has generated a lot of profit for the newspaper; revenue. The lost revenue will force The Columbian to cut more staff, and isn’t that a good thing?

  7. The money saved is small compared to the issue handed to the Democrats on a silver platter.

    They completely ignored everything said or suggested by staff when they quoted legal requirements.

    I fully expect there will be a trumped up lawsuit soon by someone claiming they did not receive proper notification of something since they do not live in the Reflector circulation area.

    As I said, I agree in the principle of the move, but also see politically, it is not so smart. It gives them support for an abuse of office claim.

  8. Misssster Montague laughed when you called his group a shadow government, only because he knew YOU knew as do many of us. Carolyn, ever notice how the news media reports on anything government are different from the given facts as written or stated at the source of origin??? Is it because of readership numbers or is it a directive???

    I noticed when I put the head of the SW Washington bureau of the CRC on the spot a while back regarding her constant repetitive statement that the LPA of the CRC with Light Rail was the only option the Feds would approve (something the county bird cage liner also reiterated on numerous occasions) which I stated for the record that the ONLY option the Feds would approve for funding was an HOV feature on the crossing which would include BRT and not necessarily LRT…I received the same belligerent, snarky laugh from her as well as Rep. Moeller.

    It’s almost as if they are all brainwashed.


  10. “Cowardice asks the question, ‘Is it safe?’ Expediency asks the question, ‘Is it politic?’ But conscience asks the question, ‘Is it right?’ And there comes a time when one must take a position that is neither safe, nor politic, nor popular but because conscience tells one it is right.”

    Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

  11. I call them as I see them, regardless of who said what when and I am not one to kiss any politicians ass.

  12. Legal notices: They are posted online at The Reflector’s web site. That should negate the argument that notices were missed as being outside the hard copy distribution area of The Reflector.

    Legal notice ads are highly lucrative to most newspapers since they’re usually quite long and are forced by law to be published. Those with an interest in legal notices often subscribe to a service that gathers relevant notices for them. (Though I don’t know if that’s done in WA… but it was common in CA, where I have more experience with legal notices.)

    I had observed the notices in The Reflector — but didn’t realize that they were gone from the Columbian (since I only get their north county throwaway — but I had noticed that the throwaway was lighter lately).

    As for the CRC — of course the pigs at the public trough are upset with its defeat — and they’ll do their best to get a toe hold in Clark County for the trolley cars. However, as time progresses, we get closer to having self-driving cars (and busses) that can very easily wipe out any justification that the street cars might have had.

  13. Boys on the right, you have been deceived by the master of allusion. PAC is simply a stepping stone to position Mr. Montague for entering the political arena and running for office. Oh! Wait for it! As a Democrat….

  14. If Montague is ignorant enough to run for public office, with any notion of winning, by all means, go for it.

    I, for one, will take particular delight in ripping his political carcass to shreds 🙂

  15. Good point, gordon (and that’s boys AND girls, btw). All the more reason that his true colors are brought up to the spotlight in order for the voters to be well informed prior to making their mark.

  16. Come on we all know he was properly asked to step down from his job. They really won’t trust him to be any more capable at being in office than he was at his last job! Course we are talking about liberals… you know they did re-elect Obama and his job record was even worse.

  17. KJ, I have heard Mr. Moeller state a similar description of his leadership style in excusing his ignoring the expressed will of the people. He calls it leadership, a la Robert Moses or an LBJ. I am unsure if he can understand the irony of that position.

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