Lefty Lou’s ‘Lamentarsi’

by lewwaters

Brancaccio FiatThe latest volley between the County Commission and the Lazy C sees a continuation in editor ‘Lefty’ Lou Brancaccio’s rather boring “lamentarsi” in promoting his dumbass coffee cup campaign.

For benefit of readers, lamentarsi is Italian for “complain, moan, howl, grieve, lament or whine.”

And that is all Lefty’s weekly Press Talk columns have been reduced to for some time now as he seems to be unaware of anything happening during the week except for whatever he can cherry pick from the County Commissioner Meeting to use in hopes of promoting that really dumb cup.

Quoting from a decades old movie, Lefty channels the fictitious Don Corleone from the Godfather in a pathetic effort to slap back at the County Commission for their slapping back at him when they recently awarded the North Clark County newspaper, the Reflector as the County’s Official newspaper over the Lazy C as county staff repeatedly called for.

While I agree with the move in principle, I also believe it will turn out to be a political blunder, but that is neither here nor there, what’s done is done and my words carry no weight on the matter.

Therefore, I will not entertain any efforts to engage in debate over it in comments.

Regardless, I guess predictable, Lefty Lou uses the action to whine like a little titty baby in his column today with inane comments such as, “It appears these three caballeros have never learned ‘The Godfather’s’ lesson. Don’t make decisions for personal reasons. It gets you in trouble.”

Odd that Lefty fails to follow his own advice in making decisions for personal reasons, considering for several weeks now, his columns have amounted to little more than personal attacks on the “three caballeros,” County Commissioners Mielke and Madore and Sen. Don Benton.

The Lazy C itself, under his editorial leadership now faces the trouble of losing at least $45,000 a year in revenues in large part due to Lefty Lou’s making editorial decisions for personal reasons, be they his or publisher Scott Campbell’s.

Lefty even goes so far as to claim “we hold them accountable,” then goes on to once again whine about a list of proposals from the Dept of the Environment, laying all blame squarely on Benton that includes a “litter tax” on newspapers with a circulation roughly equal to theirs.

Maybe Lefty forgot the twenty years of personal attacks against Benton and some 50 or so hit piece articles against him since he was named by the County Commission to head the Dept. of the Environment by this pitiful excuse for a newspaper?

You know, that “Don’t make decisions for personal reasons. It gets you in trouble” thing?

Also left out was holding any of the previous County Commissioners “accountable” for causing the very fine that Benton now seeks a way to be paid off or that it was going to be in the neighborhood of $30 Million before Benton negotiated it down to $3 Million that would actually remain in the county.

Although 14 managers within environmental services compiled the list of “options,” the Lazy C only points a finger at Benton, no one else and again, no mention of who caused the violation resulting in the fine long before these current Commissioners or Benton were seated.

But, it gives Lefty something more to whine about in his weekly grammar school tit for tat, even though Benton clearly stated when presenting the list that “None of the options are considered ‘recommendations’.”
Lefty goes on to say, “If this were grade school, someone would take Benton out back and give him a good spanking!”

I would say granting the Reflector official county newspaper status over the Lazy C, regardless of how I personally view it, was taking the Lazy C out back and giving them a good spanking.

Also very telling of Lefty’s own ‘doppia standard’ and his own personal vendetta is a comment he left under the column in comments, “One idea the Freeholders should consider at their Battle Ground meeting today is to shorten the terms of county commissioners from 4 years to 2. That way, if voters make a choice that turns out to be bad, they don’t have to wait 4 years to make a course correction.”

Too bad we are unable to vote out pathetic, whiny newspaper editors.

Lefty posted on his facebook wall, “My favorite line in my upcoming Saturday Press Talk column: ‘These guys aren’t even good at being bad politicians’.”

It totally escapes him that he also indicates his own worthlessness as a newspaper editor.

I’m ready for some adults.

17 Comments to “Lefty Lou’s ‘Lamentarsi’”

  1. “It appears these three caballeros have never learned ‘The Godfather’s’ lesson. Don’t make decisions for personal reasons. It gets you in trouble.”

    Of the many hypocritical things Lefty has written over the years… and there are volumes… this likely appears to be the worst.

    Every word he’s ever written about Republicans generally; Benton, Madore, Mielke, Van Nortwick, Boger and me particularly, has been done ENTIRELY for “personal reasons.” Just like every word he’s failed to write about the democrat Jim Jacks of the world was skipped for “personal reasons.”

    That he can’t find a mirror and take a look at the biggest example of that which he despises is part and parcel of why he is so cordially despised among the population to the right of Lenin… and just an other reason why his guidance of that paper has led to bankruptcy, hatred and intolerance.


  2. I hope that lefty lou realizes he is at least partially personally responsible for them losing the “paper of record” status. The Commissioners and Don are surely tired of sitting back getting punched in the face every day. And I think it was played very well; kick them in the who who financially then follow it up with a “litter tax”. I am still laughing about that.

    As usual Lew you are probably right about the long term effects, but for now I think this was just what was needed.

    By the way, I sent the Reflector $42 for the year just because they are not the lazy c.


  3. Michael Jackson’s best song was The Man In The Mirror. Maybe the only one of his I can truly say I love. Today would be a good day for Lou to listen to it and consider changing his ways!


  4. Well, I’ve already selected the “worst” local paper … I don’t and won’t subscribe to the Columbian. Wonder how many subscriptions Lefty misses due to his apparently highly partisan viewpoint.


  5. I have seen several liberals also getting sick of his ongoing tirades against Benton and the M&M’s while ignoring everything else.

    He’s not doing the paper any favors in trying to remain profitable.


  6. Yeah, but those sunglasses are really cool. Put LouLou in a black leather jacket and he’d look just like the Fonz. Those Italians all look alike.


  7. I thought either the columbian or the oregonian bought the reflector. Is this incorrect?


  8. I believe the Columbian owns the Reflector. At least the monthly postings I send to the Reflector for publishing the Republican club events were done so because the Columbian told me to send them to their other branch. At that time they said they owned both and published notices in the Reflector for clubs..


  9. Hey thanks Lew for posting his song… that was fun and a little sad remembering what a tortured life his soul led.


  10. I’ve sent an email to them asking just who owns the paper.

    I’ll share their reply when I receive it


  11. Yes, still owned by the publisher in Centralia, it looks like.


  12. Never forget that Louie was raised in Chicago…..nothing good has come from Chicago in 100 years! Louie & obammy!!!


  13. Brancaccio’s column is getting more boring, repetitious, and tiresome by the week. The Campbells must be out of their minds to keep him around. He’s going to be the death of that newspaper. I find it odd that he would employ a voice that stereotypes Italians.


  14. The reply received from Laura at the Reflector, “You are correct, Lafromboise Communications is the owner of The Reflector. The Columbian has never owned our business.”


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