Ed Barnes Wants to be a County Commissioner?

by lewwaters

The Lazy C has reported that local loudmouth and old grouch, Ed Barnes, has thrown his hat in the ring for the nomination to replace Steve Stuart on the County Commission.

Do we really want someone with such a grouchy attitude representing us on the County Commission?

Isn’t it strange how he can saw we should be working together, yet he has not made one single effort to work together, just push for the old status quo voters elected to shed ourselves of in the last election?

You first, Ed.

Actions speak louder than words.

Who knows, you might find out just out of touch you are with the rest of the county if you actually listened instead of running off at the mouth and fighting the change that the majority of voters said we wanted last election.

9 Comments to “Ed Barnes Wants to be a County Commissioner?”

  1. Gosh, I apologize. I’ve been saying “Washington” all this time instead of “Warshington”. Thanks for steering me correctly Mr. Barnes.


  2. That’s the thing, you see: Barnes and the rest of the CRC Scammers will do all they can to kill progress in any transportation issue until they get their loot rail opened up in here.


  3. Moeller, so far, is the only one with the guts to say it publicly.

    Yes, out of pure spite, they will oppose anything now other than their pet CRC light rail.


  4. Go for it Ed.
    It’ll be a lot of fun.


  5. Just imagine him sitting up there, receiving every week what he has dished out 😉


  6. Well at least we’ll definitely see just what type of grip the union backers have on our county, should he be elected (cringing at the thought). They failed to convince the people that light rail is what they claim we needed. Will they be able to convince the people that Mr. Barnes is the right choice??? I have a feeling things are going to get pretty ugly before all is said and done.

    I’ve got to give the guy credit for having the bawls to throw his hat into the ring, though. I just wonder though…does he not realize the people who were oblivious to the knowledge of his union history who showed him support when he stood his ground and made his voice be heard, and possibly that “support” won’t be nearly as strong as it was before he decided to make a go of it as a commissioner??? And who was it that showed the most support for him at these meetings??? Betcha several of them were his immediate family and fellow union members.

    Sigh…I remember when it really meant something positive to be part of a union where they once fought for the workers. Nowadays…too much elbow rubbing and it is muddying the waters. Are they helping the people or their own pocketbooks these days???


  7. “Just imagine him sitting up there, receiving every week what he has dished out ”

    Alas, you are wrong Lew. The left always finds a way to silence debate they don’t want to hear. They always find a way to silence dissent, they always find a way to silence those opposed to their views. They will do it through a change in rules or regulations, by gaining a majority on the Commission in 2016, or by some other nefarious tactic. You’ll recall the method Leavitt and his minions used to silence those opposed to the CRC project. Liberals cannot tolerate dissent and will find a way to shut people up.


  8. Interesting little discussion I stumbled upon on Royce Pollard’s facebook page. Note one name;

    Stacey Graham Royce, it’s a great endorcement, but I have to say that I do believe the county team needs a little female energy!
    March 19 at 2:23pm · 2

    Kelly Love-Parker Royce I think Craig is the number one choice too. But remember The commissioners pick and we must present a strong united team right now – no room for on house squabbles – must be united regardless of who the commissioners pick. Stakes are high.
    March 19 at 2:37pm · 1

    Douglas Canoose Kelly, That’s why you give them the ‘Hobsons Choice’.
    March 19 at 3:16pm

    Kelly Love-Parker What is Hobson’s choice?
    March 19 at 3:17pm

    Douglas Canoose Kelly, as per my earlier post; A ‘Hobsons Choice’ is no choice at all ie. “Do you want a McDonalds Burger or be shot with a 22 pistol. So let M & M choose between Craig, Royce, and Lou Brancaccio.
    March 19 at 3:22pm

    Kelly Love-Parker The democrats can choose the slate – all good discussion
    March 19 at 3:52pm

    To me, this means that Parker threw her hat in the ring solely to funnel Craig Pridemore into the seat. Likely the same with Barnes.


  9. I’d choose Lou. He would be easy to squash.


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