So, Ed Barnes Thinks He Is A “Team Player?”

by lewwaters

Ed Barnes continues his campaign of grouchiness and blasting any and everything the County Commission does, then ended his weekly tirade with;

As a retired union thug, does he not realize a “team player” works with the team and not against them? It also does not mean that he gets to call all of the shots.

But, as he says, he is intent on tying up the prosecutors office and overloading them over nothing, all driven by hate and fueled by the Lazy C on a near daily basis.

10 Comments to “So, Ed Barnes Thinks He Is A “Team Player?””

  1. Just be grateful all that hot gas is coming out of his mouth.

  2. Being a team player is not the same as being a bully which is Mr. Barnes is predicting he would be if selected. We don’t need more people like Mr. Barnes.

  3. Leftist definition of Team Play when in the minority: If you don’t do what we want, then you’re not a team player.

    Leftist definition of Good Governance when in the majority: we won, we’re going to do what we want.

    Biggest GD hypocrites in the world.

  4. There is no “I” in team Mr. Barnes. And no way would a slate include the name Barnes on it if the Dems wish to be seen as wanting government to actually work. Which is a serious question these recent days.

  5. Craig Pridemore, ugh, I guess he just can’t keep a regular job!

  6. Comedy isn’t pretty, and the Commissioner’s post is not a place to perfect one liners, that would be the US senate as a rep from Minnesota. Like that unfunny one. good ole whats his name. Al, Fraking.

    Sorry Temple.

  7. So who was the third one to get selected, there may yet be a serious democrat candidate in this pool? Oh? Who’s that you say Love? Say again, Kelly who? Oh KLP? You know I still have a lot of respect for Brian Baird.

  8. Craig Pridemore, Kelly Love Parker and Ed Barnes where chosen.

    Once again, Democrats push Temple Lentz to the curb and yet, she keeps right on supporting them.

  9. “Craig Pridemore, Kelly Love Parker and Ed Barnes where chosen.”
    If all three register to run, that means Barns is the logical choice! If two register, the the non-registered on is the choice.

    “Once again, Democrats push Temple Lentz to the curb and yet, she keeps right on supporting them.”
    Are you hinting she should become a Republican?

  10. I separated myself from the Democrats in 1977 and the Republicans in 2010, so no, I would not suggest she become either.

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