Hey Lefty, Your Facade Is Slipping

by lewwaters

donkey-eyesReminiscent of an editorial after Barack Obama won his chance to dismantle American freedoms in 2008, now comes Lazy C editor, ‘Lefty’ Lou Brancaccio with yet another smokescreen call of “come together.”

Now, as then, it is nothing more than a partisan call to isolate those he dislikes, conservative Republicans and fall into step with his preferred socialistic and beloved Democrats as we see the call is always “come together” under Democrats with him.

The editorial, Press Talk: It’s time to move forward is nothing more than another thinly veiled attack against conservative Republicans, focusing on the same three, Benton, Mielke & Madore that we have seen every week for months now.

But Lefty wants you to buy into it is another call to “come together.”


Let’s review his screed.

“And coming together, I should say, in no way means we all should be in lockstep with one another. That we all should agree on everything. That we should be cautious of bringing passion and desire to a conversation. It also doesn’t mean being frightened of pointing out when ideas stray off course.”

Unless, of course, you mean all of the years citizens have tried to point out the fallacy of and destruction to our local economy by the failed Columbia River Crossing light rail project he held so dearly.

Also not mention is, should you be a conservative and “bring passion and desire to a conversation” on their website, you’re very likely to end up banned from commenting there.

He goes on to list four options he dreamed up to “get us there,” meaning where he has decided everybody must be. They are, “Look for moderates to lead us,” “Find common ground to concentrate on,” “Isolate those politicians who want to divide us” and “All of the above.”

He then goes on to “explain” just what is meant in each.

Look for moderates: “If we keep electing folks who are on the edges of the spectrum, we are doomed.”

Yet, have they ever engaged in a series of vitriolic against hard leftist 49th legislative district representative, Jim Moeller, as they have Sen. Don Benton or either of the current two county commissioners elected by wide margins in the 2008 election?

Do they ever give any more than tepid support when they endorse a Republican, while softballing their far left opponent?

They have yet to condemn the State Democrat Party for the calls to oust “moderate” Democrats who have reached across the aisle to work with Republicans in Olympia. They do not even say how wrong it is for the Democrats to be mounting a major campaign against one of their own, Rodney Tom due to his being a “moderate” and working in agreement with Republicans.

No, the call for “moderates” applies only to Republicans in an effort to get them to cave to the hard left Democrats.

Find common ground to concentrate on: “The Interstate 5 Bridge, for example, has been anything but common ground. It has shown this community at its worst.”

And yet, all through the several years of the CRC, it was ol’ Lefty and the newspaper he edits that promoted the “no light rail, no bridge” position fronted by Oregon and supported silencing or marginalizing any call for anything other than the light rail project.

Isolate those politicians who want to divide us: “This is not particular to any single party, but it is obvious that County Commissioners David Madore and Tom Mielke, as well as state Sen. Don Benton, are creating an unhealthy dynamic in this community. They all happen to be Republicans, but that’s not what is important. What is important is they are sucking the life out of this community.”

And there is the crux of the editorial, another thinly veiled attack against the same three Republicans that has been ongoing for months now.

Nowhere will you see any call of Jim Moeller “sucking the life out of this community,” even though he has sued constituents to invalidate their votes and supports taxing the pants off of everybody in the community and ignoring the will of the people who continue voting against light rail, if they get a chance to vote.

Likewise, there was and remains no call to isolate those city council members and C-Tran Board members who hastily rushed through approval of a contract with Oregon’s Trimet that obligates our community to a $5 Million penalty should we back out of accepting the light rail extension the voters have rejected time and again as well as granted Oregon eminent domain rights through our C-Tran to build their light rail extension.

No, that was applauded by the likes of Lefty Lou.

And an “unhealthy dynamic?” Who but the Lazy C is actually creating that by opposing, misrepresenting and denigrating everything the new County Commission majority does while encouraging an aging retired union thug to speak out and make an ass out of himself every week before the commission?

Whenever citizens tried to speak calmly against the CRC before the city council, it was the Lazy C leading the charge to denigrate them, post their photos in the paper along with how many times they have spoke and support silencing them in some manner.

And now, ol’ Lefty Lou Brancaccio wants to give the appearance of wanting the community to “come together?”

Bull hockey!!

What really is sucking the life out of this community is the Lazy C and ol’ Lefty.

When he editorializes against a Democrat like Jim Moeller or any of the rest, Frank Chopp or even former State Senator, now Mayor of Seattle Ed Murray, even the hard left Governor Jay Inslee, maybe, just maybe he will be a little bit more believable.

But pardon me if I don’t hold my breath waiting for any semblance of objectivity from the Lazy C.

Stop calling only on Republicans to step up and be “moderate,” Lefty. Your many editorials expose you for the hard left Liberal you really are.

Tepid opposition to leftists with major denigration of anything approaching conservative exposes you for the hypocrite you are.

An email exchange initiated by Lefty;

Brancaccio, Fox News Email

7 Comments to “Hey Lefty, Your Facade Is Slipping”

  1. When a lefty says “lets come together” and “moderation,” what they really mean is “surrender” and “let us take over so we can lie about our motives while we take your individual liberties away.”

    Thanks, Lew, for letting them know, we’re on to them.

  2. Sounds about right, Friend.

  3. What is really pathetic on Lefty’s part, he is so blinded by hatred that he fails to see what is right before his very eyes.

    If he were able to see it, he would pass out.

  4. same ol’ same ol’. lou seems to have a really bad o/c-fixation kinda thing going on the current county commissioners with whom his politics do not align.

    how else to explain their inclusion in what started out to be a really thoughtful op-ed piece.

  5. I liked the ““They all happen to be Republicans, but that’s not what’s important.”


    Then why did he mention it?

  6. Amazing that Lefty thinks he is pulling the wool over anybodies eyes.

  7. When I see editorials slamming Dwight Pelz for his treatment towards Rodney Tom,Tim Sheldon,Jim Katsama and Brian Sontagg, I may change my mind or editorials slamming the handling of Edward Snowden, I may consider it. I’m glad Laird is gone.

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