Who Is Anson Service?

by lewwaters

That was the question on my mind once I heard that he had announced running against Sharon Wylie for the 49th Legislative District position 1 seat in Olympia. Quite honestly, I had never heard of him in any of my political dealings before. But having attended his campaign kick-off last evening, I do believe we have a candidate to keep an eye on and support.

Young, by my standards, he impressed me as someone that can appeal across the board with some decent ideas that should be easy to implement.

We have heard several reasons before on not spending our money in Oregon, being the border city we are, but he lays it out in a sense I had not heard before, reminding us that when we do, we not only are not really saving money, but are actually supporting the very things we oppose (light rail) and depriving our own community of much needed support and job growth.

Can he win the heavy Democrat 49th?

I believe that depends a lot on us.

I invite you all to look at this young man at Elect Anson Service

I look forward to hearing more from him in the weeks ahead.

3 Comments to “Who Is Anson Service?”

  1. He ran in the primary for a city council seat last year.


  2. I was wrong in the above comment. I confused him for another candidate.


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