Might Brancaccio be the Biggest Fool in the County?

by lewwaters

Brancaccio FoolJust a thought, nothing I have spoken to Sen. Benton about, but the thought crossed my mind of what if he included the newspaper litter tax in the list of options solely to get under Lefty Lou’s skin and see him ranting and raving endlessly, leaving him looking the fool?

Benton is no dummy, in spite of what people think of him and he has shown in the past his ability to rankle nerves while he sits back and laughs.

And let’s face it, everybody knows any such litter tax is DOA and even if passed in the legislature, would be quickly overturned in the courts.

But we also know Brancaccio and his hate fueled tirades against conservatives, poorly hidden in his infrequent calls for the community to “come together.” It wouldn’t take much to set him off, as thin skinned as he is.

Whether Don pulled this just to piss off Lou or was even if he had a serious thought on it, there is no doubt that Brancaccio fell for it hook, line and sinker and even has liberals telling him to move on, to stop doing stupid.

I’ll think on this some more, maybe adding to this later on this evening.

But for now, I am just relishing the thought that Lou might have been set-up by Benton and being the dim wit he is, fell for it and now continues his Grammar School Childish antics, further marginalizing the rag he edits.

12 Comments to “Might Brancaccio be the Biggest Fool in the County?”

  1. Come together to LIBTARDS means see it my way or the highway.

  2. Brilliant. And Lefty can’t even see it.

  3. It sort or reminds me of when Tom Mielke offered a Lazy C writer candy, M&Ms and Milky Way 😉

    I still think Stephanie misses that one.

  4. You need to speak with Per Diem Benton immediately.

  5. Already have, Nathan, you need to keep up.

    Care to actually address the subject? Or just try to divert attention, as usual?

  6. Ever notice in the picture Lew has provided, how much Lou looks like Al Pacino these days??? Lefty Lou and Scarface…hopefully Lou won’t let it go to his head. It might burst from being so swelled over the coffee mug as of lately.


    (Now I have the theme song to “Godfather” running through my mind)

  7. While I think that Benton, Mielke, and Madore have deserved the criticism they have received in the past, it is beyond me why Brancaccio has taken this to the level of a grade-school, playground pissing match. Then, while urging the community to stop being divisive, instead of being a contributing community member, he does nothing about the actual litter and calls for “personal responsibility”. When I called him on it on his personal page, he deleted my comment (which was not rude) and unfriended me immediately. I truly think Lou has lost his marbles and somehow the “Don’t” portion of his cup has been deleted.

  8. I can’t disagree with what you say, Greg. I’ve never been on Lefty’s friends and he still blocked me, LOL (he thinks)

    His call for togetherness now is just as phony as it was back in 2008. He has made the paper one of the most divisive objects in the region.

  9. Greg, great job critiquing Lou Brancaccio. I actually agreed with what you said and your comments are still on the Columbian, just switch to chronological. I actually am one of the likes of your comments.While I do disagree with the criticism of the three republicans ,which I believe has been excessive, I have yet to read anything from the Columbian editorial board about what they think of NSA spying,Patriot act,Freedom act ,China rejected GMO corn,Rodney Tom being primaried by a Democrat,Edward Snowden being charged with espionage and fleeing to Russia,IRS scandal,Lois Lerner pleading the 5th,James Clapper lying to Ron Wyden,Nancy Pelosi encouraging democrats to kill the Amash-Conyers amendment (which Pelosi sits on the intelligence committee as I pointed out back in November), ,Crimera,etc. despite all of these events happening in the past year. I feel like the Columbian should diversify the topics rather than fixing in on the commissioners and Mr. Benton. This is why I integrated Jefferson’s quotation: “He who reads nothing is better educated than the man who reads nothing but newspapers”. How are we to be aware what is going on around us if the Columbian is zeroing in on Madore,Mielke and Benton?

  10. Jacob, I have to agree with you about the ‘fish wrap’ called the Columbian. It is very slanted, and very hateful. The paper kicked people off the comments section for no real reasons. And the list of those people is very long. I may not agree with the hiring of Benton, but overall, Madore and Mielke have done an excellent job in helping the citizens (taxpayers) of Clark County. Hope they keep up the good work.

  11. Another April fools day gag, scooped and taken to ridiculously low levels by the ace reporting staff of the local rag. Re the M&M’s: Stephanie was hungry, but she did see the irony, she just didn’t believe Mielke was capable of humor. Her loss, but a very good insight into the reporters mind.

    How else could they make such leaps of logic as they often do?

  12. Lew,

    I understand your frustration. It does appear that Brancaccio has become a little to obsessive of local politics and he needs to stop. He has offered no solutions and is simply “stirring the coals” in an attempt to start a forest fire. It isn’t working. Unfortunately, as the face of The Columbian, Brancaccio is giving the newspaper a bad name, and likely losing subscribers. No one likes to have propaganda continuously shoved down their thoughts, on both sides.

    I am sick of hearing about the County Commissioners and Don Benton. As a PR professional, yes, they could be more tactful. But this over-barring attack by The Columbian may persuade the RIGHT people NOT to run for County Commissioner because they know that Brancaccio is hiding in the bushes waiting to ambush.

    It isn’t journalism that Brancaccio is doing. Frankly, it is character assassination and just trash. He is only trying to push his own agenda by saying controversial things to INCREASE HIS READERSHIP. That’s right. He only cares about having more readers read his column, and buy his “Stupid” mugs. He is probably a nice guy, but he is using his power as a newspaper editor to push the wrong agenda.

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