Newspaper Bullies and Hypocrites (updated)

by lewwaters

Columbian FishwrapBy now we all are aware of Lazy C editor Lefty Lou Brancaccio’s bullying and demeaning of those he despises every week in his so called editorials.

But this sort of over the top bullying from him is not something new, he’s done it many times before.

In fact, this blog called him on it back in November 2010 when a ‘Moderate’ Republican, the very thing he also calls for from Republicans, was the target of his vitriol over announcing he had cancelled his subscription: Lou Brancaccio and Chicago Bullying Tactics?

Chicago style thuggery is not new with Lefty, as we see, but what is different now is seeing that back then, some of the Democrats now lauding ol’ Lefty for his editorial assaults against Sen. Don Benton, and County Commissioners Madore and Mielke weren’t all that impressed with him.

Boger, Pridemore dislike Brancaccio

Boger, Jollota, Betty Sue dislike Brancaccio

Discovered more from this discussion in comments back to Pat Jollota.

Boger, Jollota Brancaccio dislike

With Democrats placing all hopes in former State Senator Craig Pridemore, isn’t it strange that with Lou’s vastly increased hatefest, he no longer seems to feel Brancaccio is out of line.

Same with former County Commissioner Betty Sue Morris. She might not have ever liked him back then, but you couldn’t tell by her joining in the denigrating of two County Commissioners today.

It is little wonder Clark County is in such a mess with the so called newspaper of record being little more than a mouthpiece instead of an objective media source.

Bullying and hypocrisy abounds!

10 Comments to “Newspaper Bullies and Hypocrites (updated)”

  1. Lew, Look up state bill EHB 2122 entitled Reducing the business and occupation tax burden on the newspaper industry.

  2. Uh ohhhh…somebody let the cat out of the bag!!! Two faces, one name.

  3. I wonder how long Scott Campbell is going to buy Lou’s tired old line of “If we’re getting criticized by both sides, we must be somewhere in the middle” – or words to that effect. Brancaccio is alienating everyone and I doubt if anyone trusts him – and by extension The Columbian – to give any person or any subject a fair hearing.

  4. It’s liberals vs. conservatives.

    The thugs you show above are leftists. They perceived Brent as a fellow liberal (Rightly or wrongly) so they defended him.

    They hate all things conservative, thus their obvious and rank hypocrisy.

  5. Yes, I know they generally like Brent for his leaning more towards them often.

    But what strikes me in their comments is not so much their support of Brent as their outright condemnation of Brancaccio then versus their support of him today.

    And yes, they do show hypocrisy in blasting him then and supporting him now when his target became those they dislike as well.

  6. Are we sure they like him now or perhaps they are simply commenting in a pro arena regarding their stances against the commissioners? Maybe we need to see them say how they think he is wonderful now. Do you have any of them doing that Lew?

  7. The relevance today is not one of them will say anything about his even more bombastic assaults.

    Craig did comment “I am all in” to Lefty’s editorial allegedly to bring us together. You know, the one where he also said to isolate certain elected officials?

  8. And I thought she said she never did like Brancaccio;

    Betty Sue Morris commented on a link. October 26, 2013.

    I think you’re right here, Lou Brancaccio. In forty years of being involved in this county’s electoral politics, I don’t believe I’ve seen an election with this much spill over into multiple issues and other jurisdictions. But, I’m a little surprised and alittle offended that folks are crying foul for your using the word “old” in connection with Bill Turlay. Therey’s nothing wrong with “old” unless some of your readers think there is. I’m old and I think it’s great! I know a whole lot more now than I did when I was younger, and I expect candidate Turlay does, too.

    Press Talk: A larger issue in the mayor’s race? |

  9. Thanks for posting I knew you’d have them. 🙂 I never questioned Pridemore he is always a wolf in sheep’s clothing. A truly despicable caricature who would sell out his own mamma!

  10. It is hilarious how Pridemores “willingness to serve” is somehow nobel on his part. What did he do other than get elected by doing favors and bellying up to the public feeding trough? He tried to make it sound like he was some type of hero while serving his country while drawing a nice paycheck. Join the military if you want to serve. And Betty Sue, has always proved she can talk out of both sides of her mouth, whatever is good for BS!

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