Best Comment

by lewwaters

The Lazy C has long harbored a grudge against County Commissioner Tom Mielke and were quite upset when he said he did not want to see copies of the Columbian laying around at county offices. The feud, even though a somewhat soft one is well known and listening in on today’s Commissioner meeting, hearing the following exchange just cracked me up.

Of course, Gary Schaeffer’s comment left me wondering too where he heard such a thing and I did find it, I believe.

Col, Tom Won't Run

Apparently, Gary confused State Senator Rodney Tom not running again for Commissioner Tom Mielke.

Mistakes happen, but how can we not find the humor in Tom Mielke’s reply, given their years of vendettas against conservatives like Commissioner Mielke and Madore and Sen. Don Benton?


3 Comments to “Best Comment”

  1. Oh Lew that was funny!! LMAO


  2. Nice, Commissioner Mielke


  3. what a good guy! You are okay Tom, even if you dont reply to my emails regarding jacked up things at the county


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