Really? Blah, Blah, Blah is Scandalous Now? Updated with Video

by lewwaters
Nigel Jaquiss

Nigel Jaquiss

If ever there is an example of just how ridiculous Republicans make themselves appear, it is the furor over Willamette Week reporter Nigel Jaquiss seen writing “blah, blah, blah” on his note pad during a recent candidate endorsement interview.

It seems that Mark Callahan, claiming to be a Republican this time, took umbrage to Jaquiss’ writing that during an answer given by his opponent, Jo Rae Perkins over the phone.

According to KGW News, it irked Callahan enough for him to light into Jaquiss with “I see what you’re writing down there, you just wrote down ‘blah, blah, blah, blah, blah’ for everything that Joe Rae said. Joe Rae is a respectable woman. Why are you not respecting her?”

Who hasn’t either said or thought the same during some long, drawn out talking by someone else?

And, is it really Callahan’s place to be looking over a reporters shoulder during interviews to see what they write down on their personal note pad?

But beyond that, does it really rise to the level of a major national story?

So far I have seen it in the New York Daily News, the Oregonian, Slate Magazine, the, the Examiner,, World Net Daily, the Daily Caller, Fox News, Newsmax and even appeared in a United Kingdom report.

All over “blah, blah, blah?”

Of course, the inevitable cry of Nigel being a “Liberal” comes out right away, almost as fast as the cry of racist is heard for disagreeing with Barack Obama.

And while it is likely he is a Liberal, at least more Liberal than I am, so what? Are we to now monitor what any reporter writes during interviews on their personal note pad?

Aren’t many objecting to the words of Don Sterling being exposed from a private conversation with his girlfriend that has the nation ready to lynch him?

And Nigel disagrees with Callahan on Climate Change being a myth. Again, so what? It is a contentious matter that sees major disagreements ongoing, why would they be exempt?

But with the allegations trying to smear Nigel Jaquiss, may I remind our local Republicans of Nigel’s work in exposing the now comatose CRC project when the Lazy C ignores what we needed to now.

Nigel published some 38 reports on the CRC in the Willamette Week, including the report on the Oregon Supreme Court ruling that exposed the CRC was only about enticing Clark County to accept the light rail we had rejected, even if against our will.

Maybe he is a Liberal, but he was being an objective reporter in all of those reports. Something our own local Lazy C sorely lacks.

But really, what with a Governor executing an executive order to form a task force for Cap & Trade that could send gas taxes skyrocketing, Democrats once again striving to increase taxes and the minimum wage, Obamacare threatening to bankrupt us, some 94 Million people in America still not in the workforce, a growing threat from abroad, an out of touch president, stonewalling over the Benghazi Terrorist attack, the IRS targeting primarily conservative groups and so much more, “blah, blah, blah” gets the attention and the outrage of the Republican Party?

Who cares what Nigel wrote?

This whole matter is another distraction from matters of real importance.

Let it go, people. Reel in your desire to create mountains out of molehills, Republicans.

You’re not going to save anything by getting outraged over “blah, blah, blah.”

Willamette Week: BlahBlahBlahGate: Watch What Really Happened When We Kicked a U.S. Senate Candidate Out of Our Offices

I also invite you click on the links towards the top of this post addressing Mark Callahan, for a better view of just who he is as well as view the actual exchange from the interview with the Willamette Week editorial staff.

19 Comments to “Really? Blah, Blah, Blah is Scandalous Now? Updated with Video”

  1. I can so see your point. I must say that the Easter Bunny question was pretty dang rude though. I’d have gotten up and left at that point letting them know that wen they decided to return to solid editorial articles I’d be available.

  2. The Easter bunny was snide and sounds like something I might do after such an exchange.

    But even with that, it does nothing to counter the real problems we face that we get distracted from all too easily over piddly matters like this.

    All because someone got excited over “blah, blah, blah?”

    There was no such outrage when Leavitt used that same exact expression towards me in comments on the Lazy C a couple years ago.

  3. And there should have been. He was wrong and he was rude. Respect for others needs to be returned to our society.

  4. Like Dude! its been 2 years now.

  5. I know, what difference does it make, right? 😉

  6. Nigel Bliss this, Mark Callahan that….blah, blah…blah, blah, blah!!!


  7. Bliss, Jacquiss…Two different men, rhyming names. My mistake. Still…the “news” regarding the discord between the two isn’t news at all…so why feed into it???

  8. How right you are, Goldie. And for pointing out in the 1,656 comments under the article at Willamette Week, far more than you will ever see addressing Benghazi, the IRS targeting conservatives, Fast & Furious” or any real news story, I was told that I am a “Liberal” and a “True Communist.”

    I bet that would come as a shock to Leavitt, Brancaccio and just about every member of the Democrat party 😉

    And, my effort is not to feed into it, but to show how ridiculous they are being. Whether I post or not, this faction will continue to distract away from real issues. I just tried to inject a little sanity into it, apparently to no avail.

  9. Lew, in all the fine reporting and with all the goofy situations to find yourself in, I just want to say I agree with you, but would point out if as his boss, when I heard about the wise crack, I would have ah counseled the reporter about the consequences of allowing your feelings to affect the work and how appearances of seeming aloof or not engaged can be detrimental to ones career in journalism.

    But I fully understand where the snark comes from.

    and would further say Blah, Blah blah blah blah blah!

    That said, the Easter bunny question was uncalled for.

  10. Dennis, regardless of the childish nature of the exchange, come on, this is what everybody chooses to get upset over?

    Mark is as much to fault as Nigel and is now riding it to score a few political points that will not help his chances.

    But over all, putting so much focus on this is like being surrounded by a forest fire, but huffing and puffing to blow out a match.

    In the end, this will be forgotten and in the meantime, what really matters has gone ignored and increased.

    We get too wrapped up in such piddly matters, we lose the war.

  11. Wow Lew! Did you even bother watching the interview? Callahan showed a lot of restraint in my opinion. If it were I – both of them dipsticks would have been crawling on the floor looking for their teeth.

    It was pretty obvious that the Willy Week willies were there not to interview, but to harass the candidate.

  12. Uh, Craig, how do you miss the video I put up of the interview?

    You’re entitled to your opinion, as always, but while y’all blow out this match, the whole forest is burning around us.

  13. I just don’t understand why you’re dissing Callahan and defending Jaquiss. Sure, Jaquiss has done an excellent job at exposing the CRC fiasco, but he clearly had a bad day with Callahan. He got caught and was angry about being caught – which is why he threw in that silly Easter Bunny question (which you didn’t mention by the way). The question was meant to insult – which was a childish reaction to Callahan calling Jaquiss out on his ‘transcription’ of Perkins’ remarks.

  14. Maybe if you read the links I linked to in the post you would understand.

    I guess you missed Callahan’s talking over Perkins and deciding he called the shots in the interview.

    But you know what, Craig? Y’all are right, it is much more important to blow out this match instead of fighting to put out the forest fire.

    You all have shown me with this what a colossal waste of time it is to try to shed light on real problems.

    The hell with it, go to Madore’s facebook page and the Lazy C if you wish to know what is going on.

  15. Don’t blow my comments out of proportion Lew. I was just stating a disagreement – not calling for WWIII. You thought the issue was important enough to write about. I didn’t know anything about it until I read it on your blog. I suppose though, that you are right in the sense that people make too big a deal out of small matters.

    Read the Columbian? Ha! Now that would be a colossal waste of time!

  16. The importance for me was to try to inject a little sanity, to no avail.

    I’m tired of beating my head against the wall for an unappreciative group.

  17. Lew, speaking for myself…I am not unappreciative of the opinion pieces you present here on YOUR blog. I believe the point was missed in that we are witnessing a war of words between Jacquiss and Callahan. This is a great representation of a serious problem facing the people of America today…a disrespectful reporter and a politician who intends to call all the shots. It’s no wonder today’s news is riddled with “faux” reporting and focusing more on what “he said or she said” rather than the facts.

    So rather than focusing on their needlessly-publicized tête-à-tête, we need to focus more on our politicians’ actions and less on the reliability of any news company since they’re too caught up in drama rather than fact these days and WW is no exception. (Mr. Jacquiss has proven that in the video which I believe might damage his reputation as a reporter, sad to say.) You don’t believe me??? Just check out the local popular news stations and listen to their reporters. I think you’ll find there’s more opinion truncating facts these days.

  18. I have to admit that my first comment was an overreaction to the video I’d just viewed. I was focusing more on how WWeek had man-handled the situation rather than on the larger picture you were focusing on. Despite minor disagreements such as this, believe me Lew, you are greatly appreciated. Your blog gives voice to many of us who feel we have no voice.

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