Stewart to Run For Clark County Commissioner

by lewwaters

Jeanne E. Stewart

Jeanne E. Stewart

It is with a great deal of pleasure that I report former Vancouver City Council Member, Jeanne E. Stewart has announced her intent to make a bid for the seat abandoned by Steve Stuart on the Clark County Board of Commissioners. She will be filing as a Republican.

Ms. Stewart, who was elected three times to the Vancouver City Council as a non-partisan candidate and who was the most centrist of all City Council members during her twelve years has contacted Clark County Republican Party Chair Kenny Smith informing him, “My past runs for political office have always been for nonpartisan positions. This County Commissioners race is a partisan race and candidates must select a party designation. This is a new step for me, as I have not been strongly aligned with any particular party, in the past. After careful soul searching, I have come to the conclusion that my most important principles and philosophies are more closely aligned with those of the Republican Party.”

Stewart has always shunned partisan labels, opting instead to be a true representative of the people, carefully weighing matters that come before her to ascertain potential benefits and the public’s views, at times ruffling feathers of other council members catering to special interests.

Placing the public ahead of special interests saw Ms. Stewart removed from important committees where she had faithfully represented the citizens of Vancouver for several years and sucked her into a muckraking smear campaign by the local so called newspaper of record that aligned itself with downtown special interests over citizens.

Where the editors of the paper smeared her with an erroneous linkage to County Commissioner David Madore, after many months of unfair smears against him, falsely claiming she does his bidding, they also claimed “her contributions to the council and enthusiasm for the job are on the wane.”

Far from the truth as Ms. Stewart’s concern for the citizens of Vancouver has never wavered.

Indicative of why I label the paper the Lazy C, they never sought out why she might have appeared stressed, just began the smears.

Any stress seen at the time was due to her caring for her husband, who was very ill at the time. He has recovered now, but isn’t that like the left to unfairly condemn someone without any knowledge or legitimate reason?

I fully expect to see another mudslinging effort from both Democrats and the paper, likely a false claim that she will be in lock-step with the other two commissioners. Any who think that haven’t watched Jeanne E. Stewart very much.

I have full faith that once seated on the County Commission; she will act just as she did on the City Council, carefully weighing matters, seeking the best balance for the public.

She once admonished a fellow City Council Member, “I will never subjugate what I believe after very careful consideration is my best judgment to anyone else’s judgment as a representative of the citizens.”

Expected claims of a partisan Commission are unfounded with Ms. Stewart. As earlier stated, her 12 years on the Vancouver City Council consistently showed her to be a true centrist, placing the needs of the public above any party or special interests.

I wholeheartedly express my support and endorsement of Jeanne E. Stewart for Clark County Commissioner in this year’s General Election.

23 Comments to “Stewart to Run For Clark County Commissioner”

  1. She is the best hope for this county in this election.


  2. Great news…


  3. She will make a good commissioner. She has integrity and listens to people. She also has vast knowledge of city and county issues.


  4. Yes!!!


  5. When I learned of this last evening, I was so delighted I wanted to let it be known right away, but had to wait.

    It is the best news I have heard in some time. Hands down, she is the best choice for County Commissioner and we better be ready to counter Brancaccio’s smear campaign


  6. “better be ready to counter Brancaccio’s smear campaign” is right.

    They’re bound to make the case that there has to be a balance between D’s and R’s on the board, and they’ll probably pull out the thing about needing younger blood, the same nonsense they pulled over the city council vote. Wonder just how low the rabid Leftists will stoop over this one. But Clark County ain’t no Vancouver. Jeanne Stewart will be a welcomed addition to the BOCC next year.


  7. I think she will get wide support. She’s smart, fair and independent minded.


  8. She will receive strong support in the general, when the other districts vote.

    She is probably best suited of everyone I have heard wanting to run and will not be anybodies tool.

    They were very unfair to her last election in order to get the rubber stamp council they wanted.


  9. Jeanne E. Stewart has the vision to see what needs doing, the insight to know how to get things done, and the grace to do so without stepping on toes unnecessarily. She is fair minded compassionate, honest, chews on stuff thoroughly, speaks deliberately and only when her brain is thoughtfully engaged.

    She will add a touch of moderation and understanding to an already great BOC. Thank you for stepping up, Jeanne.


  10. This is the best news I’ve heard for quite awhile around Clark County.


  11. I am soooooooo excited! Let her control the campaign and do as she asks. She is the clearest choice of solid centrist control we have. She is loved by the people. Let 2014 ring loud and clear with the winning of the women from Clark County!


  12. SWEET!!!! The best news of the morning!!!

    In my opinion, regardless of her political affiliation…she has proven herself time and time again that she will stand up for issues she regards as pertinent to the people’s needs and she has no qualms about standing up against any opposition!!! I’m sure what’s left of the GOBK will do what they can to stop her, but the people of Clark County will be the ones to make the decision.

    There’s hope for our county, yet!

    Go Get Em, Ms. Stewart!!! You will most definitely have my vote!!!


  13. Jeanne aligned herself with Republicans after careful consideration of positions. She is in fact the most centrist person I have ever met. If I recall properly, she has been identified in the Lazy C as a Libertarian, although she never aligned herself with that party either.

    And, seeing her record of putting citizens above special interests, had she aligned herself with Democrats, I would still support her, knowing that the party designation is merely to fulfill the requirement of filing as one or the other.


  14. Her record appears to reflect a center position and her being a reliable advocate for the mainstream voters. If she truly approaches each issue from the standpoint of what is best for the county and best for the constituents, then she’ll have my vote. I’m sure the election campaign process will bring out these facts.

    PS. Don’t worry that the Lazy C will influence me. I don’t subscribe and I don’t read it.


  15. And Pridemore starts by swimming in the sewer.


  16. Cheap shots are all he has. But, he forgets the smear through Madore only worked within the city of Vancouver. Madore isn’t so unpopular in North County and linking her is liable to help her there. They must forget, district vote is only for the primary. The entire county gets to vote in the general

    Jeanne also hasn’t resigned from th Commission before to seek higher office, nor has she moved away from Clark County to take a job in Olympia.

    Pridemore did both.

    It all shows me how much she is feared already by Democrats. Even Camas City Council Member Melissa Smith displayed that same fear on the C3G2 hate site.


  17. It would be great if Jeanne could win. She’d be a Liberal compared to Madore & Milke, and she’d be able to balance the Commission because they wouldn’t ignore her.


  18. Totally agree with you, Martin. Her votes and input would be for the betterment of the people, all of them, across the aisle and she has a way of shedding much needed light into a discussion needed on both points of view.

    On the other hand, Pridemore has shown he is a quitter and highly partisan.

    I don’t understand why the fringe left places so much stock in him, he couldn’t even carry Clark County in the primary when he ran for auditor in 2012.


  19. Clark County sends its newbie Democratic candidates to Wellstone Action. This is unabashedly Progressive/Marxist brainwashing. Liberals aren’t even treated courteously. Jeanne Stewart would be a Democrat in the Red States.


  20. You forget, Martin, most of us fail to see the fine distinction you hold between Progressives and Liberals. To us, it’s one and the same.

    I also doubt Jeanne would be considered a Democrat anywhere. Maybe a few decades ago, but today. Democrats have shifted far too left and in many ways, remind me more of Bolsheviks today.

    While Jeanne is very much in the center, she does come down on the right, but not as far right as someone like Sarah Palin. I haven’t always agreed with her, but that is okay, lock-step is neither needed nor wanted. At least, not by us, maybe the haters at C3G2, but not me.

    I feel that is why they mounted their campaign against her last year, she would not fall in lock-step with the downtown mafia and couldn’t be bought off.

    Unless things change, Vancouver’s citizens will eventually rue the day they listened to the Lazy C.


  21. “Democrats have shifted far too left”. They’ve shifted so far to the left, even JFK couldn’t win the Democratic primary. In fact, he’d be what is known as a conservative Republican today.

    I agree that not only would Stewart be a good addition to the CCC Board, she would also bring a healthy balance to the Board.


  22. Martin, are you sure that every CC Democrat goes to Wellstone Action? I don’t see Monica Stonier in their list of successful Washington alumni.

    Click to access 2012%20alumni%20candidates_2.pdf


  23. Craig, Dems were much more Left before the Cold War. Since there’s only two parties, the Conservatives try to own the Republican Party (calling regular Republican’s “RINOs”), and the Progressive/Marxists have been trying to get the Democratic Party. Even though the number of Conservatives and Progressives are small in relation to the Parties, they are loud & active, and game the system. Frankly, I don’t know how to fight back?

    Monica’s campaign manager advocates Wellstone but Monica is her own person and perhaps she declined. She certainly bucked against the CRC. I suspect she went though.


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