NWCAVE Sheriff Candidates Forum

by lewwaters

Sheriff’s Candidate forum for Clark County Washington Sheriff, May 22, 2014. This event was hosted by the National Women’s Coalition Against Violence & Exploitation and UniteWomen.org at the YWCA Clark County Community Room in Vancouver, Washington.

Candidates: Ed Owens, John Graser, Shane Gardner and Chuck Atkins. The event was moderated by KGW TV anchor Wayne Havrelly.

Candidate written interviews; PART ONE; PART TWO, PART THREE

3 Comments to “NWCAVE Sheriff Candidates Forum”

  1. Thanks, Lew Waters, for filling the void left by CVTV not covering this.

    My own sense is that Atkins and Gardner are both up to the job, and that Atkins in particular has the best resume of the four, but I’m still leaning towards Graser. His demeanor suggests good organizational leadership skills and seems to have well thought out positions. Stressing the need to thoroughly look at asset allocations, is spot on. In my opinion.

    Also imo, the best answers of the night which set the candidates a little apart: Graser on not wanting public endorsements from current CCSO personnel, and his SPECIFIC plan for dealing with mental health issue inmates, such as substance abusers. He effectively relayed a big picture idea…and how to implement it. Considering how long Graser has been out of the force and the considerable support given to Atkins, his answer over endorsements may well be self serving, but is nonetheless a reasonable point to make, which he did well. And equally noteworthy: Gardner’s responses over working with neighborhood associations, dealing with speeding problems and working with minority communities. He shows a certain passion, and citing personal experiences helps gets his points across. Atkins point of “redemption” ( I think was the word he use) coming only after doing the time for the crime, was also well stated, and seemed to strike a chord.

  2. All four made some good points I think. I haven’t made up my mind which one I will vote for, still a little early. Others have locked in who they will vote for and are campaigning on their behalf, which is no problem.

    I was very surprised when I contacted NWCAVE about taping it, initially thinking that CVTV or Couv.com would tape it, that neither were going to since there is a lot of interest in this election, evidenced by a standing room only attendance.

    I believe it was the first time I have set up my little Sony and someone didn’t come and stand right in front of the camera too 😉

  3. Thanks for taping this Lew. Even though I had planned on attending, things just didn’t work out. John Graser was kind enough to answer the questions I had left on the on “The Candidates for Clark County Sheriff, Part Three”. To my surprise, he did directly answer those questions – and to my satisfaction.

    With Mr. Graser’s permission to post this, here are his answers:

    Mr. Sayre,
    I apologize for not responding sooner. I have a very crazy schedule these days. You posted three questions on Lew Water’s blog. Let me answer them.
    1. My medical status is excellent. I was injured in a on-duty vehicle accident that caused injury to my lower back. Advancement in technology allowed the doctors to finally fix the problems that I was suffering from. I am completely fit for duty. If I should get injured on the job again, yes, I would have insurance coverage for that.

    2. I am getting a pension check at present. No, I would not “double dip” if elected. The pension check would stop and I would receive only the salary of Sheriff.

    3. I am probably the most well informed of all the candidates about current technology in law enforcement. I am very aware of current management practices and trends in law enforcement. Do I need to be updated on some things? Certainly. The profession is constantly changing, with new legal rulings and laws all the time. I’m a pretty smart guy, and don’t see that as any kind of obstacle at all.

    I hope I answered your questions to your satisfaction. If not, please get back with me. My personal phone is list below, or simply respond back from this email.

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