CCGOP Doubles Down on Stupid

by lewwaters

I came to my attention earlier that the extremist faction of the Clark County Republican Party, very upset at having light shined on their back room dealings to stack PCO slots, have set up a blog site with the express reason of countering this one.

Received in comments on facebook today,

“Indy Thinker commented on xxxxx xxxxxx’s post.
Indy wrote: “Lew Waters Watch isn’t about candidates, Lew. It’s about calling bullshit on your bullshit. Keep feeding us bullshit, and you only make it grow. You want it to go away? Stop promoting bullshit. You have become the most divisive element of the Clark County GOP with your indiscriminate attacks that never seem to address issues.”

Translation: “Don’t shine light on our nefarious actions. Do not filet us open like a carp.”

Far be it from me to cause any harm, so I have removed my “bullshit” posts that were supporting candidates known to me to be aligned with this Republican Liberty Caucus along with related videos I had up on YouTube. Any other candidates, incumbent or otherwise that are aligned with this radical faction will also not see any “bullshit” support they may have counted on from this blog but will see this blog actively oppose their candidacy.

I do not even belong to the Republican Party and have not had any membership in it for over four years, but somehow I am such a divisive factor in the party?


9 Comments to “CCGOP Doubles Down on Stupid”

  1. It is as I said from the last meeting I attended. This group is underhanded and dishonorable. My continued involvement with this party is solely based on the intent and desire to unseat this faction and return the party to representative of the citizens.
    I’ve fought against juntas and plutocracies my whole life and I’m not stopping now just because they’ve stolen the name of my somewhat favored party.

  2. Lew….this whole escapade has become a battlefield as evidenced by this: Divide & conquer comes to my mind!

  3. Susu, yes it is divide and conquer, has been from when they first decided to seize the GOP.

    Regardless of what they trump up alleging this Apollo guy or conspiracy against them from the WSRP (notice how they are the eternal victim?) it is no relation to what was written in the original email sent out to a selective few to encourage them to get their opponents to withdraw.

    They demand transparency, but want to hide their actions and it is not right or proper and given the lengths they have gone at “pay backs,” it proves to me they know how wrong they were and like others, ramp up the dishonest vitriol towards any who dare stand up to them.

    I don’t do bullies well.

  4. What should be disturbing, susu, to you and every person on the right, while we face major issues, taxes, a Progressive/Liberal Governor signing an executive order for carbon control, a Supreme Court overstepping their authority, a new county charter designed to undermine the 2012 election and restructure county government, a ridiculous contract granting eminent domain to an out of state agency and a $5 Million penalty within that current elected officials do not wish to terminate and others turn a blind eye to, the selection of a new county commissioner and the hopeful election of a really good person to the county commission in November, our second amendment rights under assault and so many more real issues addressed by this blog and others over the years, this erroneously labeled Republican Liberty Coalition is more interested in consolidating their hold on PCO slots in the county and assaulting and smearing a private citizen.

    Is it any wonder people are turning away from the GOP and they are unable to win elections?

  5. Lew, is this the same group you lionized for insulting Congresswoman Jaime Herrera-Beutler? If so, what changed? They were fractious and extreme then – are they even more extreme now?

  6. Not quite the same group, Craig. The two who occupied the chair and vice-chair position then are no longer there and others have stepped in.

    What changed is the effort to hide their effort to further stack PCO slots, trump up a wild conspiracy claim against the WSRP and engage in personal attacks.

    In the end, these malcontents, if not gotten in check, will end up hurting a lot of people in the county and likely will cause current county commissioners to be ousted and Democrats to regain a strangle hold on the county.

  7. I’ll also add, Craig, that letter was done in the open, not in secret.

    You asked if they are more extreme now.

    Think back to one sitting before Steve Stuart saying “we’re going to filet you open like a carp” for your answer.

  8. The Reagan Wing link seems to have been removed.


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