Something to contemplate on

by lewwaters

I’ll leave you all with this screen shot to ponder on and will see if you can see the relevancy. Either way, I’ll explain in detail later on.

Madore, Contract null & void

6 Comments to “Something to contemplate on”

  1. You know, I am totally confused now.

    “Instead, Madore advocates letting TriMet take over the proposed BRT service area between Portland and downtown Vancouver. The move would save money for C-Tran and allow the board to lower bus fares, he said.”

    I am totally confused.

    “C-Tran plans to buy 10 buses at about $1 million apiece for the Fourth Plain corridor routes, which could be operating as soon as 2016. The agency says the buses would be larger with raised boarding platforms and other features to move riders along faster, and they would be cheaper to operate.

    Most of the project’s funding — $39 million — would come from a grant from the Federal Transit Administration’s Small Starts program, according to C-Tran.”

    Even though we get a grant of $39 mil, wasn’t the point all along that, that money is coming from us? What if C-Tran, reneges on using those funds, then what? So already $10 mil is planned to be spent, that leaves $29 mil. Which may seem like more than we know what to do with, but I am sure the deal, or bid will cost more than $29 mil. Who pays the balance???? You and me my friends. You and me.

    I am so glad he is saving us money and making sure more people can ride. I think we have a bus going by every 30 minutes to an hour, usually empty. Once in a great while there is one or two heads in there.

    Another question. Did he take it upon himself to go to Battleground alone? Were the other Commissioners in the loop? I will have to check the replacement for the Columbian, ( and see if I can learn more about this situation.

  2. Nothing over there about this huge move toward Oregon, or thinking about making a deal. I am sure others understand this. Please help me to do the same.

  3. Yes, we end our dependence on Portland by looking to Portland to take over our bus routes across the bridge, after we spent over 10 years fighting to keep Trimet out of Clark County.

    We fought Trimet’s light rail because we knew it would be a means for them to get a foothold here and such revenues out of the community, but giving them a foothold with buses somehow means they won’t try to take more revenues that they wanted in the first place.

    And just the other day Madore says on his facebook page that we are growing up and will no longer be a bedroom community.

    Oh well, nobody believed me when I warned them about the Ron Paulies. They can do what they wish, they don’t need me mucking up their sell out.

  4. Some things are just really hard to type out, but I will give it a go. I hope all of the Madore supporters are right about Madore not really considering what the article plainly states that he is. Opening up our C Tran bus system for Oregon’s Tri Met to run, did I get that right? Get ready to be bashed, and bashed ruthlessly, but remember you didn’t create this problem either.
    If you ever want to hang up your blogger shoes, I am always fine with that. Just don’t be blindsided by more of the same reaction that will be aimed at only you. I do believe it means you are doing it right my dear.

  5. I’m just catching up with some of this. I don’t understand. Did Madore actually suggest that Trimet take over C-Tran operations between Clark and Multnomah Counties? Did someone threaten him? I doubt if it was a bribe in that he already has money.

    The only reason Trimet wants a foot in Clark County is so they can qualify for Federal dollars under some kind of bistate transportation scam run by the Feds.

    Lea identified something that really bugs me. People keep referring to Federal grants like it’s free money. As Lea points out, it is NOT FREE! Someone (meaning the taxpayer) pays for those grants.

  6. All I know on that is what the Lazy C reported, Craig.

    From what I heard by people in Battle Ground, he did not speak during citizen comment and instead, made a presentation to the city council, without any material and without being on their agenda. So, someone invited him and from what some observing it said, there are a few city councilors not too happy about it.

    Battle Ground’s involvement with C-Tran is to provide service to and from Battle Ground and I am not sure there is sufficient ridership to justify more involvement by Battle Ground.

    Where I am confused is how is it that Madore opposes and wants to stop BRT on Fourth Plain, as I do too, but then proposes Trimet be given the BRT service area to run across the bridge.

    I have no doubt that should Trimet get their foot on the door, light rail will not be far behind at our expense. And, I am also afraid the effort currently by Ann Rivers and Liz Pike with their Bi-state Bridge Committee will likely end up with Portland and their cronies on our side of the river once again try to force light rail on us. I do not believe that is what Rivers of Pike wants, but have no doubt it is what Portland and likes of Moeller, Cleveland, Wylie and some others will still push for.

    Should that happen, I’m afraid that contract may very well bite us in the butts, unless Trimet agrees to terminate it.

    I’m not holding my breath on that.

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