Prosper and Thrive?

by lewwaters

Pushed too far

As you all know, I have been subjected to a massive smear campaign of late because of exposing some underhanded tactics by the Clark County Republican Party, here and here. It backfired on them as a surprising number of people, young and old, Democrat and Republican even an Independent or two sent me messages of support, agreeing that what I exposed needed to be exposed.

It is widely believed that this current group of what I can only describe as “hotheads” was funded in their takeover of the CCGOP by current County Commissioner, David Madore, also owner of US Digital. Whether he has any direct involvement in this smear campaign, I really do not know, but he told me he does not and added he has no idea who they are.

I find that last part a bit hard to believe.

Few people have noticed that I stopped leaving supportive comments on Commissioner Madore’s facebook page, not even “liking” them on facebook for several months now. Whether it is out of spite over this smear campaign or not, it is time I revealed why.

Behind that calm, always smiling, Christian demeanor lurks the heart of a ruthless businessman that basks in all of the glory and praise he can draw to himself. And he has no problem stepping on people to get it in order to make himself look like he is on top of things in Clark County, when he is anything but.

I posted a screen shot the other night of a brief exchange I had with him right after Oregon announced they were not going to go ahead with their “Oregon Only” plan on the CRC. Lurking in the background was that hastily agreed upon contract between C-Tran and Trimet that obligates Clark County to accept their light rail or pay a $5 Million penalty as well as grants eminent domain rights to Clark County Property to Trimet through C-Tran.

As you can see in the screen shot, I asked about that contract and was told by Commissioner Madore that it was “irrelevant, null and void.”

Madore, Contract null & void

While I am not an attorney nor do I have any actual legal background, I saw nothing in that contract that would terminate it if the CRC plan failed to be approved and I couldn’t accept that it was just “irrelevant, null and void.”

To get further information, March 8, 2014 I composed an email to our elected Representatives and copied it to Commissioner Madore (so he wouldn’t think I was doing something behind his back) asking,

“Now that Oregon has killed the CRC, at least for now, what becomes of that 40-page contract the C-Tran Gang of Five pushed us into last September?”
“If it isn’t terminated, might it be used in the future to once again lock us into another battle over light rail?”

On March 10, 2014, Commissioner Madore forwarded to me a response Representative Liz Pike received from C-Tran President Jeff Hamm addressing the contract, saying,

“I have not received the transmittal referenced below from Representative Pike, but in any case the C-Tran – TriMet agreement for the operation and maintenance of the CRC light rail extension is predicated upon the project being built. If the project is not built, the contract is not in force. There are no obligations for either party.”

Nothing there that would indicate to me that the contact was “irrelevant, null and void,” as Commissioner Madore described it. And the response is actually somewhat vague in regards to any termination of the contract or whether it could come back in full force one day, should the CRC or a similar project once again come to bear.

Bear in mind that every one of these elected officials I contacted about this fully realize I am a blogger, evidenced by the many times I have had personal conversations with each and have been reminded at the time that the conversation was “off the record,” a request I have always honored.

It is therefore a reasonable assumption that when I make such requests for information, it is for use on a blog post. I will show you the relevancy of this point shortly.

On March 14, 2014 I received an email from Matt Hunter of Senator Don Benton’s office who was the main person I requested this information from. That email read,

“Just wanted to let you know that Senator Benton and I are working with legislative staff to get answers to your questions. We will be in touch.”

Oddly enough, this particular email was addressed only to me and not to the rest I originally included, but it didn’t mean much, leaving me thinking they were dealing with me personally and working to get the information I requested.

That same evening, as I have on several evenings before, I looked at Commissioner Madore’s facebook page to see if he had posted any information on what he is doing on the County Commission, as he often posts such updates nearly every day. I was nearly floored to find the following, since deleted or missing from his front page, but still can be seen in his timeline photos;

C-Tran – High Capacity Transit – unfinished business:

Clark County citizens are still left exposed to the threat of unauthorized High Capacity Transit – Light Rail and the son of Light Rail – Bus Rapid Transit. The orphaned TriMet contract, like a cancer in remission, is hanging there with no expiration for some future attack on Clark County.

Even though the CRC is twice dead, voters should know where candidates for city council and county commissioner stand on Light Rail and Bus Rapid Transit. Clark County voters said No to ridiculously expensive High Capacity Transit in every election. We should know which candidates will continue to push High Capacity Transit against the will of the people.

As a commissioner, responsible for choosing the next Clark County Commissioner for position 3, I will consider this as I seek to appoint a faithful representative of the people.

The following excerpts from emails forwarded to me by Senator Don Benton explain the problem: (emphasis added)

The post went on to list all of the information that I had requested after Commissioner Madore confidently said the contract was “irrelevant, null and void.”

Bear in mind too, this went up on Commissioner Madore’s page the same evening that I was told Senator Benton was “still looking into it,” me being who initially asked for the information and Commissioner Madore plainly stating that he had received the information from Senator Benton.

Also remember, I had included Commissioner Madore in all of the emails I sent, not wanting to cause him to think I was going behind his back, so there is no way he could not have known this was information that I was requesting.

Four days later, March 18, 2014 I received another email from Matt Hunter of Senator Benton’s office containing the very information received by Commissioner Madore on the 14th, when I was told they were still looking into it.

This may not sound like much to complain about, but remember that David Madore ran for office on a platform advocating citizens being able to “Prosper and Thrive.” He is quite wealthy while I am living near the poverty level.

Yet, when it comes to my effort to “Prosper and Thrive” by building up this blog in hopes of one day supplementing my meager retirement, by putting out information that the newspaper of record apparently wasn’t seeking and Commissioner Madore was convinced was “irrelevant, null and void,” the information was somehow diverted to him to be made public, days before being sent to me, directly undermining my blog efforts in my opinion.

See email chain here

Remember too, on January 17, 2014 Commissioner Madore stated on his facebook page,

“2014 should mark the year when a new Clark County Media rises to fill the void. The vacuum will be filed with a credible relevant objective reliable professional news and information source that truly serves the citizens of our community. Stay tuned.”

The creation of such a media was repeated in a February 3, 2014 Columbian video interview.

I am left wondering if his plan was to divert relevant information away from me and take it, presenting it as if he were the one initially on top of things and build up his proposed venture or feed his ego?

I ponder such a thought as in 2012, when he was running for County Commissioner, there was another instance of his taking my work and receiving credit, up until I called him on it publicly. I will cover that act in a future post.

I have no delusion nor do I make any call that this is an offense that should cause him to step down, he can still do good for the community. But for me personally, these acts of his have caused me to look at him much differently than before, especially after spending nearly two hours in private messaging yesterday concerning the current smearing of me, the gist of which was that I should back-off and try to get along with the anonymous smearers.

I deserve better, we all deserve better and undermining me as he has done does not leave me very impressed with the man. It cost him mine and my wifes support  and vote in 2012 and will no doubt be the same in any future public endeavors he may undertake.

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16 Comments to “Prosper and Thrive?”

  1. I’d say it’s a good thing to be concerned about the lack of a termination clause in the contract, especially if the latest push to build a bridge moves forward. I’m a little fuzzy on details (it’s 0500 and I’ve got to leave for work soon so I can’t take the time to check) but I remember thinking that the way written, any I5 bridge project would require us to allow TriMet to determine light rail location and manage the system – if not, then the penalties. So – for the sake of argument – would TriMet automatically claim that their LRT is required as part of the project? Or, what if we here in Clark decided a commuter LRT run up I5 is a good thing? Are we required to allow TriMet in, vs. building our own C-Tran line? I’m thinking that contract needs to be canceled before we do anything.

  2. Excellent questions, neils, and one’s that should be discussed publicly.

    That is part of the why I was asking. The Columbian doesn’t seem interested in such a discussion and not all that many citizens really follow facebook like others do, so I thought maybe this blog might be the second best place to get it out and hold such a discussion, back then the blog being completely open to all.

    Seeing the info I requested diverted sort of soured me on that.

  3. Lew–Mr. Hamm’s statement, “If the project [the CRC light rail extension] is not built, the contract is not in force,” is not necessarily a fact because the contract is not self-lapsing. Since there is no observable expiration date, the contract might yet require the state of Washington to obligate itself in the future whenever the archangels of mass transport once again decide to force light rail upon the people.

  4. Yes, that is why I set out to get better information, the very information that was diverted from me to Madore. I couldn’t accept that it was “irrelevant, null & void” as he first told me.

    And from the information that was diverted to him 4 days before me;

    Senator Benton and I asked Senate staff about what happens to the C-TRAN TriMet contact now that the CRC is dead. The following was their answer:

    Invalidation of a contract between two local governments that are located in different states is more a legal interpretation/strategy question best answered by appropriate non-legislative counsel.

    However, [we] were happy to take a look at the agreement and provide some basic information for Senator Benton related to his questions. From our quick review of the agreement Article 1.2 states that the agreement is binding and will remain in full force and effect until it is terminated. The agreement became effective on September 27, 2013.

    · Article 3.4 provides how the agreement may be terminated. It appears that the agreement terminates under mutual signed agreement of both parties or if one of the parties terminates as a result of a material breach. There was no language providing for termination should the CRC project not move forward.

    · However, it should be noted that there are a number of “conditions precedent” set out in Article 1.3 of the agreement which provide the parties are not obligated to perform certain duties until specific events have occurred. To our knowledge, the conditions have not yet been met. Specifically to your question regarding eminent domain authority, C-TRAN is not obligated to perform right-of-way acquisition services until the Oregon legislature has approved a bill authorizing ODOT’s contribution to the CRC Project capital funding plan.

    Until such time as the parities mutually terminate or one of the parties alleges a material breach that terminates the agreement, the agreement will remain in effect. It is also worth noting that the agreement does contain a provision allowing amendment to the agreement by a writing signed by both parties. Attached below is the link to the agreement:

    My gripe remains, they knew it was information that I had requested and it was kept from me for four days until Madore put it out.

    I don’t take kindly to having my efforts undermined.

  5. Well, this is not the first time this has happened to you. Don’t expect it to be last. God warns us that you will know a tree by it’s fruit. Besides all that, if this happens again, I think I will kick your ass myself. The thing with Christian Berrigan is one thing, but this sort of crap? Come on Lewis Waters, you are way smarter than this.

  6. Stealing my video was one thing and after the apology when I exposed it, even though the excuses for it being just an “accident” didn’t add up, I trusted him. But after this, undermining my effort to hopefully “prosper and thrive” one day, or at least supplement my social security a little, it’s the end.

    Trust shattered is trust lost.

  7. In the end, it don’t mean nothing.

    I’m sure Berrigan and I Tinker got a handle on it

  8. I sTinker, Christian Berrigan, same, same. Who cares, I just like messing with him. LOL Makes for great entertainment. I think he has a real man crush on you. 😉

    Anyways, I have explained to you how you can remain distant and yet be a part of the political arena and make money while you do it too. If I say here, there is no telling how fast it will get back to Madore and he will set up an office just for it. Then you would be pissed to high heaven… again.

    Stop selling yourself yourself short. Stop saying you are just a retired mechanic. We all know and love you for who you are. You and Kelly are political activists, you put heat on elected officials, you call them to the carpet. You will rise above all this because that is your character and who you are. Sometimes my love, you just need to listen to me, and trying to feign deafness ain’t always gonna fly.

    There should be a way you can have an open blog without a sitting politician usurping your material or ideas for their own gain. Maybe posting a question on your blog first and letting readers know just who the question was asked of, and what that question was. I know it shouldn’t have to be this way, but look what happens if you don’t That way you have started a timeline and your thunder won’t be stolen. You get credit for what you do. Sad, but you have to look out for yourself, for your own sanity in all this dirty politics.

  9. I am sorry for what you are going through, Lew, but perhaps you will recall that I warned anyone and everyone that Madore was a wolf in sheep’s clothing before his election. Perhaps now people will take a closer look at candidates when they are consistently warned about tbeir actual character. I sincerely hope things go better for you.

  10. By the same token, Greg, we’ve warned about some Democrats that remain unheeded as well. So yes, I agree, we all need to look much closer at all of them, incumbents included.

    And the two races I feel must be closely scrutinized this election will be Moeller / Crain in the 49th and Pridemore / Stewart for County Commissioner.

  11. Having followed Ms. Crain the past couple of months, I have seen less crazy and more substance. I like Jeanne Stewart, but have also been impressed by Pridemore. I, too, will be watching these two closely and doing more research.

  12. Lew, I am frankly disappointed in you for turning on David. Yes, it’s true that David has benefitted from your contributions to his political success and he owes you way more than a mere apology. Still, your angst does not justify such a vicious response as this. My sense is that David appreciates your contributions and has told you so privately, but not publicly enough. You say he did not acknowledge the sources of much of his information – I know, he has done similar with me. Even though he said he would acknowledge me he has oftentimes pursued a course based on what I’ve showed him but without mentioning my name. How could he really? It would cheapen the impact of what he is trying to achieve. I give him information because he can do something with it that I’m powerless to do. Does any politician ever let on that his policy drive is not his own original idea? As for him conspiring to make you “irrelevant.” That is hogwash – at least as regards to David’s intentions I’m sure.

  13. Oh, you’re disappointed in me, Robert? And not his efforts to undermine my blog? Madore is only a man, not a god. And all were given ample warning that the smear campaign was going to have collateral damage and there may be more coming as everybody tries to protect the smear merchants, while asking me to forgive a faceless entity and work alongside whoever it might be, without allowing me the privilege to at least determine if I wish to associate with that person.

    Do yourself a favor, if you need to know something, please turn to the RLC, CCGOP, Poletti, Berrigan, I. Tinker or

    After all, I am just an “armchair quarterback” and “bullshit blogger” that had to audacity to “filet open like a carp” something fishy coming out of the CCGOP. Who among you have condemned or complained about any of the questionable conduct coming from them?

  14. Lew, I slammed their anonymous tactics every chance I got. I called it cowardly, remember? That was a mistake on their part precisely because you had no way to know who your enemies were or who your friends were. If that was their aim – it worked from their standpoint but , as you say, caused terrible collateral damage.

  15. Since you say “you had no way to know who your enemies were or who your friends were,” please tell me what has changed?

    I still have no way to know, so I no longer trust but a couple of people.

    And, apparently, it doesn’t matter.

  16. ‘I know, he has done similar with me. Even though he said he would acknowledge me he has oftentimes pursued a course based on what I’ve showed him but without mentioning my name. How could he really? It would cheapen the impact of what he is trying to achieve.’

    That is exactly what has happened here. You understand, yet you say you are disappointed? What happened here is that LEW was trying to achieve something. Do you understand? LEW was trying to achieve something. HE was trying ask these numbskulls about something that is very relevant. Madore saw this, (LEW asked it of him on facebook, out in the open) and Madore gave Lew a line, who knows maybe he did think it null and void. But it gets better. Lew emailed Benton and made sure that Madore was sent the same email about the same information he asked Madore on facebook (if you are following, the issue is null and void). because………. has anyone considered that there is still a way that CRC can be brought in. Anyway, Lew gets an email from Benton’s office saying that they are still looking into the matter, and didn’t want Lew to think he had been forgotten. THAT SAME DAY Madore posts about Vancouver’s contract with Tri Met, and says that it was sent to him from Benton’s office. Remember Lew was asking for the informatin from Benton, and Madore was copied on those interactions. Sigh, in other words, Lew was trying to keep Madore in the loop about something he had asked of him on facebook. Duh. So Lew sees the post after Mr. Madore told him it was null and void. Okay, now fast forward 4 days after Madore has suddenly and miraculously shown how transparent and perceptive he really is, old Lew gets an email from Benton that is almost word for word of what Madore posted to his facebook page.

    He took knowledge from not just anyone, do you understand that? Not just anyone, but a well known blogger, withheld that knowledge from the blogger. That insignificant blogger was looking for answers,

    You see, Lew is a well known blogger here in Clark County. He wanted to do what he does best, because he loves to blog. He wanted to bring vital information to the attention of the Commisioner, and Senator Benten, as well as who ever else was copied on that email.

    So yeah, Madore stopped Lew in his tracks from being the person that had enough snap to figure out that CRC is not dead. Madore stepped on Lew’s ability to bring that information to the fore.

    So if you Mr Dean have any information on who I. Tinker is, let us know. If not, you can take your disappointment and go away. Don’t come over here with a self righteous attitude.

    I would have never approved you to speak here.

    Just a side note on the original video that Lew created from CVTV, there is no way that anyone can miss Lew’s logo from Clark County Conservative. and the ending has a horrid bright yellow background that I suggested he change, but he kept it. I was the person that told him to start putting his logo somehow on his videos and on his pictures, so other people won’t try to steal his work. CVTV is public information, correct, but the logos used to set up this tiny clip were stripped from it, and it was done intentionally.

    This is the video:

    If this blog is not your cup of tea, there are many out there that can tickle your fancy. Lew is way too nice.

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