Withdrawing the Acceptance of an Apology (Updated)

by lewwaters

Anybody that has paid any attention realizes by now that I have soured quite a bit on the Clark County Republican Party under the Ron Paul Brown Shirt Republican Liberty Caucus due to the smears directed at me personally over my exposing Christian Berrigan’s sneaky, underhanded effort to stack PCO slots. Those smears were done from the shadows by people unknown, but connected to the CCGOP and refuse to come out in the open, leaving me with no one connected to the party that I can trust. Towards the top of that list of those I can no longer trust is County Commissioner David Madore, in large part for hearing of how many believe he funded these cowardly people and that he was caught undermining the efforts of this blog, explained at Prosper and Thrive? But, that wasn’t the first time Madore took something from me to put out as his. In 2012, when campaigning for the County Commission, Madore addressed the subject of tolls for the now comatose CRC project costing upwards of $8 each way and someone asked where that number came from, as if it were made up out of thin air. Madore posted the following on his facebook page in October 2012; Madore Video Stolen I was particularly struck by the last words he wrote, “Does the truth matter?” What struck me about those words was when I looked closer at the video, I realized it was the video that I had spent many hours, days even researching, editing and cutting out from Leavitt’s 2009 campaign speeches found in CVTV archives and posted on my blog at $8 Tolls On the Interstate Bridge. I cut the short segment out of a larger compilation I had spent much time on to show how Leavitt flipped on us over his no tolls claims to get elected in 2009 and posted to YouTube over a year earlier. While the use of CVTV footage is public, what bothered me was seeing that the beginning of the video where I credited myself, this blog and what the video was addressing had been completely edited out and reposted to YouTube. I left a vague comment on Madore’s page of,

“Does the truth matter is a very good question. Does that include taking what someone else dug out, compiled and put together and remove all mention of who put it together to post as if someone else did all of the work?”

Within minutes, Madore rushed in posting,

“Lew Waters, I did not realize that you had done the work on this as I came across the clip in an email and asked our team to streamline it so viewers could jump right in on Leavitt speaking. I apologize for not crediting you for your work on this. Lew’s post can be seen here: https://lewwaters.wordpress.com/2012/10/24/8-tolls-on-the-interstate-bridge/

Since I did not say it was my creation in the first place, how did he realize so quickly that it was so that he could apologize and link back to where I had posted it, after he claimed he ran across it in an email? He returned to discussing the issue as if it was a settled matter and my response then was,

“I’m sorry too, David. The clip is clearly marked as coming from my blog leaving no doubt as to who put it together. How could you not realize who did it? This has lost you both mine and my wife’s support and vote.”

Madore facebook Video Post

The following day that post was deleted, but not before I was able to get screen shots of it and the following was posted; Madore Video Apology 2Note his words,

“Yesterday, I posted a video here that stripped off the first 20 seconds of silence and jumped right into Leavitt speaking. I started with a YouTube video without even paying attention to what that first 20 seconds of text said.” “It is obvious now that I should have noticed that the video was Lew Water’s work. That was a glaring oversight on my part. Plagiarism should never happen. The bottom line is that it did due to my not paying attention.”

He also sent me a massage saying,

“Plagiarism is one of the most foolish offenses that violations of integrity. The error of noticing that the video clip was yours, is obvious now, but somehow in our crazy pace yesterday didn’t even show up on our radar. I will make it right, as I continue to consider you the most prolific and respected blogger in Clark County and deserving of great recognition.”

Additionally, after posting the apology and link back to my post, he again messaged me with,

“Lew, I just posted a link to your video clip of Leavitt on my public Facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/DavidMadorePublic that includes an apology to you.” “Thank you for all that you do. If ever I step in something stinky, please know that it is not intentionally, but because I overlooked something that in hindsight is quite obvious.” “I will pay more careful attention in the future and love nothing better than giving credit where credit is due. And you sir, deserve our greatest thanks for all that you do.” (apparently not enough though, to out the smear merchants attacking from the shadows)

EDIT UPDATE: Jan 14, 2016 saw yet another explanation in a facebook message copied to me by Madore of,

“Back when we were all fighting the CRC, our team was posting whatever video clips we could that showed what was going on. We found a clip showing Leavitt campaigning for mayor by campaigning against tolls. The online clip, through Google, had a long silent section that we didn’t pay attention to. The clip was great and exposed Leavitt for the fraud that he is. I asked one of our team to just grab the relevant part of the clip and post it. And I posted it.”
“Shortly after, Lew Waters posted how we stole from him. I did not realize it was his clip and don’t remember if it said in the video that it was his or not. I assumed it was a CVTV or other public clip. I promptly took it down and called and apologized. Right after that, my wife and I happened to be at a Magenta Theater play where we saw Lew and his wife. I immediately greeted them both and again apologized. I thought that they forgave me as they were very nice. But it is clear that they did not.”

Madore’s memory is somewhat flawed as the chance meeting at the Magenta Theater was a good year to year and a half prior to the video incident.

I accepted the apologies, the ones above as well as one spoken to me personally when I attended his victory celebration dinner after winning the election. But seeing that once again, as I outlined in my post Prosper and Thrive? he undermines my blogging efforts; I am forced to withdraw that acceptance. As stated then, I never intended this blog to make me wealthy or even ‘comfortable’ financially, but was hoping to build my reputation and interest as a means to syndicate and supplement my meager social security. Those hopes are now seen to have been for naught, given the smear campaign by those elements of the Clark County Republican party that many believe he funded to take control of the party and his own efforts at undermining my effectiveness. Like many, I placed my trust in David Madore and have defended him numerous times, both on the comments at the Lazy C, facebook, in person with people I spoke to and on the posts on this blog. Apparently, all for naught as he has no aversion to stepping on people to build his own glory and notoriety. Madore, as County Commissioner authored and pushed through what he called his “Integrity Resolution.” But from where I am sitting, it is hollow as I see little integrity in him. I know too that many will not look favorably on these posts on Madore, I will be accused of sour grapes for some reason, or bought off, maybe even labeled a traitor to some cause that I know nothing about. But in the end, I’ll remind you of David Madore’s own words once left under an article at the local paper,

“We should boldly speak the truth without apology, even when it is negative.”

15 Comments to “Withdrawing the Acceptance of an Apology (Updated)”

  1. I know the trouble you go through making these videos, scouring through hours of videos on CVTV, capturing the right moment, then putting them together. Downloading takes a lot of time, and it slows down my computer system, I can’t do a thing while you are working on those videos.

    Lew asked me to accompany him to Madore’s victory party. I did not want to attend, because, I, in no way wanted to be a part of celebrating someone that could do what he did to Lew, but I went with Lew, for Lew. I was very uncomfortable the whole time. Madore approached us, apologized to Lew and eventually apologized to me as well. Quite frankly I told him that I was appreciative, and an apology goes a long way. Afterwards, I told Lew, this will most likely happen again.

    I normally take a back seat to all this garbage as it unfolds, and for the most part I don’t say anything.

    I watched as Lew tried to find out who was behind a slanderous website, asking the same man above to out the blogger. Instead Lew got pleas from Madore to work with this masked blogger? What? Why? Madore spent about an hour talking to Lew, again, why? I have come to my own conclusion on this matter. IF I am right, he has, and will continue to support these crazed people running the CCGOP that are acting like wild hungry jackals trying to attack anyone they perceive as a roadblock to their success in taking over the GOP.

    Oh the web we weave, when first we practice to deceive.

    So yeah, I am mad as hell.

  2. Lew – Looks to me like Madore bent over backwards to kiss your butt once you called him on using your video. Is it possible the Tweet lady (I think that’s her name) did the editing, and didn’t bother to tell him the source? She was guilty of a few boneheaded gaffes back then, to include saying Madore was more qualified than Boldt because Madore is a businessman and Boldt only a truck driver. Consider that many of us always considered him a one trick pony – allow him to use his money to kill the CRC, and then he can go away. (And yes – he was a Johnny Come Lately – and appointed by everyone’s good pal Lou B as the leader of the opposition. But at least he hired Tiffany Couch, who gave us some good info to run with.) However, I think Lea’s aim is dead on with her suspicions of who Madore is supporting. If I’m not mistaken, most of that crowd lives out in the east, and are probably more likely to back his 192nd Ave bridge.

  3. Yes he did bend over backwards and yes, I did accept the apology. That would have been the end of it except for doing it again when the information I requested on the C-Tran / Trimet Contract that he claimed was “irrelevant, null & void” was denied to for 4 days when I was who asked for it in the first place.

    Just who did the editing I have no idea, but there is no way someone did not realize who put it together since the only place it was uploaded was to my YouTube page and clearly had my blog name at the very beginning. Still, the apology was received and would have been the end, except for the later action.

    Tiffany is a class act, both her and Rusty and did a lot of good, and was severely castigated and smeared by some of your buds on the forum. I know you weren’t one of them.

    And yes, many of those he funded and support will bring the CCGOP to collapse. In fact, I believe they are struggling more than they admit now.

  4. Lew – Looks to me like Madore did a fine job of kissing your butt once you called him on using your video. Have you considered the possibility that one of his people did the editing, and didn’t bother to tell him the source? Tweet comes to mind; she was guilty of a few boneheaded comments, etc, that kept bringing heat on Madore during the election.

    I think Lea’s observations are dead on, though. If I’m not mistaken, most of that crowd lives on the far east side of town, and are much more likely to support his 192nd Ave bridge plan. Also, aren’t a lot of them against the home rule charter? Many of us out here considered him a one trick pony, and that he could be retired once the CRC was dead. (And you’ve got to admit – his hiring Tiffany Couch helped a lot.) I’m thinking he likes the power of office, and is selling his soul to anyone and everyone who he believes can help him get reelected.

  5. No problem on the repeat, it happens and I don’t know why.

    As for someone not letting him on the source, in his first version of the apology he said, “I did not realize that you had done the work on this as I came across the clip in an email and asked our team to streamline it.”

  6. For whatever it’s worth, you might reassess those you support for office. We’ve got our own version of the Taliban here on the East side, and I’m thinking some of those people are part of that crowd.

  7. Take a peek at the sidebar. 😉

    As it stands right now, only two people will have my support, excluding the Sheriff’s candidates, who I will not endorse until after the primary.

    Personally, I’m sick of both parties. Both seem under the control of a fringe. And that fringe is what is the basis for all of this over the past couple weeks when I exposed the underhanded effort of Christian Berrigan.

  8. You should enable ‘Likes’ again because I really like your last comment Lew. You are exactly right. The fringe left and fringe right have hijacked the political power. Unfortunately most of the news media will only talk about the fringe right hijacking the Republican Party – they fail to mention how the fringe left has gutted the Democratic Party of any moderate voice.

  9. Note to Tom Sharples, I do not maintain a mailing list. If you receive email when I post it is because you signed up to receive those email notifications.

    Kindly remove yourself from your request if you so desire.

  10. FWIW, having spent about 20 years working with small publishers … lots of errors creep into projects — and in the heat of the moment, credits (for source material) can be overlooked — or a later rewrite or edit manages to drop out a credit when it was, perhaps, intended to be inserted elsewhere.

    Indeed, I gave a presentation to a group of small publishers, where I quoted one of the top gurus of the self publishing world — but the credit line had disappeared during various rewrites and reedits. I KNEW the source of the quote — and I have otherwise quoted the individual on other points (and he wrote a foreword for my book). My embarrassment was complete — as he was present during my presentation (he was the next speaker).

    I’m not saying that I’d “forgive” the plagiarism that occurred — but it does happen often enough without intending mendacity.

    As for the status of the Republican party in these parts… having escaped from California, all I can say is, at least there IS a Republican party here. It is unfortunate that the “paulbots” who are in the process of taking over are not showing more grace … but then, the Romney run national convention mistreated the “paulists” quite seriously. I don’t doubt that there are hard feelings. It would not have hurt to have (1.) welcomed the Paul delegates (they were legitimately “won” during the primaries/caucuses, etc.), (2.) the Paul delegates should have been allowed to enter Paul’s name into nomination — though it was a foregone conclusion that Romney would win in any event, having a majority of pledged delegates. (3.) It would not have hurt if Paul had been allowed to address the convention, even if scheduled perhaps a bit before “prime time.” While Romney might not have won the general election in any event, the hard feelings generated in the ranks of the Paul supporters was quite high — and may have resulted in a lot of votes for 3rd party candidates and/or stay at home voters — perhaps they would not have been enough to make a difference anyway — but it was just another of many serious errors made by the Romney campaign. (A full-throated defense of capitalism would have been nice — but Romney seemed to just “accept” the “evil, rich, capitalist” label that Obama pinned on him.)

  11. At one time, admittedly some time ago, I did try to “get along” with some. It was they who demanded I agree to whatever the flavor of day was from their camp and it nearly came to fisticuffs as I am not one to submit to intimidation.

    Then too is the sneakiness and backroom dealing associated with them, outlined years ago at http://www.ronpaulforums.com/showthread.php?t=111402

    I also have audio from a 2008 online radio interview of a very prominent member of the local Ron Paul groups talking of how they needed to take over the GOP and dissing the Republican party, even setting up a website for Ron Paul supporters only, no others allowed in. I just may post some excerpts from that in the days and weeks ahead.

  12. “protecting a smear merchant is more important”

    Priorities my dear, it is all about priorities. Ask any of the Ron Paul supporters. Wait weren’t you told it is a Democrat, wait, that can be either because I. Tinker says Lew won’t work with the Party and they thought about bringing him on board as a journalist. Well, which lie is it?

    This is their style, secrecy, from the top down to the little people. Always has been . Of course you can’t make amends nor work with someone when you don’t know who it is.

    The world is full of secret societies like this one. They hide right in front of our faces, and pretend to have the same causes as we do, IF it is beneficial to them.

    As I recall, I. Tinker lied and said that he has been trying to work with you, and that every attempt hand been made to bring you back into the fold. Calls, chats, etc. all lies. Now, I only recall of one person that has been talking to Lew trying to motivate him to be more involved with the GOP. One person. And to think we actually considered it.

  13. Lew, you’re being egged on by the Left now!

  14. LOL, Robert, you all really think I’m some dimwit. Sorry, but left or right, I am not “egged on” by anybody. When I say I no longer can trust anybody, it includes them too.

    And please don’t insult my intelligence like Madore tried to do when he tried to get me to believe the I Tinker smear was the act of the liberals from Clark County Citizens for Good Governance (C3G2)

    But, y’all keep on protecting I Tinker’s identity, it is obviously what is important. I’m not.

    I’ll also add, the longer this festers, the worse it is going to get.

  15. Me thinks you need to go talk to I. Tinker. He has a blog you might like better. Shooo, go away now.

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