Laying It Out On The Table

by leaortiz

“Put it this way, folks. Lew puts stuff out on the table for all to see WITHOUT the financial backing or elbow rubbing of certain individuals not only in our county, but from across the country. His only intention is to inform the people as he sees it on a blog”

I don’t know who this person is but I love him/her.  The key here is that there is no financial backing, therefore there is not an indebtedness towards any candidate.

When we took my computer in to be serviced recently, (PC Wizard) we made slight mention of Lew being a political blogger.  After we went to pick up and pay for the cleaned up computer, our computer geek had looked Lew up and was astonished.  He says… WOW, you really are a blogger, and not just any blogger.  He expected a fluff site, nope, not here.

That is what I keep trying to tell Lew.  He is not just any blogger, he stands out from the paid for hires, the so called “go to guys”.  Laying things out on the table is not always an easy thing to stomach, or to handle, or believe, but the people of Clark County deserve and want to know.

If your aim is to become elected, have Lew’s support through his efforts, videos, and his blog, it would be a good idea to consider him a relevant voice in Clark County.  This may seem small to those of you running, but it is not.  Lew does not approach candidates to support.  What does happen is that they come to him, for many, many reasons, some of which don’t even have a clue about what is going on in this county.  Lew helps them.  He has no problem talking to Republicans, Democrats, doesn’t matter.  He even met with someone that I asked him not to meet with, so you see Lew will do what HE thinks is best for this county.  I once read something Lew said about me,  he said I am the most non prejudiced person he has ever known… well…I think he is one of the most open, honest, determined, men I have ever known in my lifetime.

Back when I first met Lew, I had to ask him.  Aren’t you scared of me? (I heard that too many times to count)  Quick to answer, he said, NO.  I knew instantaneously he was my kind of man.

4 Comments to “Laying It Out On The Table”

  1. Unfortunately, due to the effort to protect the identity at all costs of this I Tinker and anybody else behind the recent smear effort, I no longer can trust hardly anybody associated with the CCGOP, candidate or otherwise. I have been asked to forgive and work together with them, but how do you forgive a faceless entity and work alongside someone that may have been the one behind the smears, without your knowledge?

    At this point, I don’t know where I go from here. I am not closing the blog, but you can bet I will be far more careful on just who I support. Claiming to be a Republican does not grant you any support. I told Sen. Rodney Tom last year, when I Spoke with him at the Senate Transportation Hearing held in town, that he would have my support because I really liked his willingness to work in a bipartisan fashion. Unfortunately, he is not running for reelection.

    As for the CCGOP, they need to stop being so secretive. From the email effort to stack PCO’s to not listing party officers, they need to be as open and transparent as they demand of others.

    If they can’t, they need to go away.

  2. Well put Lea. Lew isn’t afraid to challenge those people who need to be challenged. I didn’t necessarily like to read the things he said about David Madore, but if Madore is out of line he needs to be held accountable. I wish that we had the honesty and transparency Lew brings to this blog in our local newspaper – but I suppose if we did, Lew wouldn’t have felt the need to create “Clark County Conservative”.

  3. Precisely.


  4. Open, honest opinions is all anyone can ask for. Thank you Lew and Lea too because I know it is tough to live with someone who always puts ethics first.

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