Integrate or Take-Over?

by lewwaters

Katja Delavar April 10, 2008

Audio Michael Delavar on Lars Larson June 5, 2014, full interview

Lars Larson can be heard on FM News 101 KXL Monday – Friday 3p -4p Podcasts of past shows may be heard at The Lars Larson Podcast


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6 Comments to “Integrate or Take-Over?”

  1. Just a hunch that this video won’t be lifted.


  2. Wow Re “the National Grassroots Delegates and Alternates meetup group…, You have to interviewed to get into that group, Because we don’t want infiltrators, we only want Ron Paul People in that group.”

    They didn’t want republicans in that group? Do you know if that meet up group included the people whose efforts for Ron Paul were taking place on the Democrat side of the Aisle?

    I once considered Al Gore to be a modern version of Aaron Burr, but I think Ron Paul is running a close second, the difference from where I sit is that Al Gore had a plan he could articulate, Ron Paul Like Burr has only a plan to assume power and does not promote what will happen next.

    I guess that would be decided by armed felons and lunatics.


  3. What I find hilarious, that I. sTinker jerk smearing me so much recently mentioned these very people in a couple of them.

    “Will Lew publicly endorse Michael Delavar’s candidacy to challenge Jaime Beutler in the primary for the Republican position on November’s ballot? What is a troll to do?”
    “In further Facebook discussions, Lew insinuates that this is the work of those dirty, low down Paulists (Paulians? Would Katja Delavar be considered a Paulista? I dunno, take your pick) who keep screwing things up for the God-fearing Conservatives.”

    “Oops. Missed again. We might have had a Ron Paul supporter at one time, but I think he lost interest.”

    Those were in two separate posts. Leaves me wondering just how informed are those people?

    Strange too that this time around, I do not see Michael making much mention of his devotion to Ron Paul on his campaign page.

    I wonder why? 😉


  4. One thing changes and nothing has changed. His Lars interview yesterday was really bad.


  5. His interview was one of the worst I’ve ever heard, very ill-prepared when Lars got him off script.


  6. I knew he wouldn’t handle it after seeing him talk off script a few weeks ago.


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