Oh, the Irony

by lewwaters

I watched the recent elongated Vancouver City Council meeting where the main subject was the resolutions against the Tesoro/Savage Oil Terminal at our Port. Around 10:30 or so, the following public service announcement floored me, considering that hundreds of people that literally hate fossil fuel, or so they claim, showed up to express their opposition.

Ironic? Or just every day, common hypocrites?

They have jobs so they can buy gasoline to drive down to a meeting to protest and oppose you having a job as part of the chain providing that gasoline they buy.

“CVTV footage, obtained pursuant to the Public Disclosure Act, in no way is intended by CVTV, the City of Vancouver, or Clark County to either promote or oppose any candidate for public office or any ballot proposition.”

10 Comments to “Oh, the Irony”

  1. Do as I say, not as I do!

  2. I know. It cracked me up too. I have what I want but I’ll be damned if the future generations are going to get any of it. Self centered is the general attitude of the people who argue for a resolution which block the ability of parents to provide for their children at a level of stability to which the child can be expected to excel and become thriving adults. I even heard them grumbling about the foreign countries that might get this oil. What happened to one world order and equalization? It doesn’t matter really or they wouldn’t be grumbling that a foreign country could get fuel for commerce and heat for homes and and and!

  3. What has me smiling about the entire argument is the lack of BELIEF, e.g., if climate change will cause droughts, why are we not spending money to irrigate? If world wars are going to be fought over food and water and U.S. military assistance will be necessary, why are we downsizing our armed forces and bringing our troops home, when they are already providing assistance in the very areas that will be impacted by climate change? And whether it is an oil train or a coal train, why is the anti-crowd opposed to using this income to prepare for life after the lack of snow and the rise in our oceans? But consider this: if the planet is going to heat up, from where will we obtain the water to put out wild fires, or even fires caused by humans who have been reduced to cave person status and are cooking on open camp fires? [I’m trying to make a point.]

  4. What choice did they have but to drive there? Coming from Portland the Max ends at 8:00pm. C-Tran ends at 10:00pm.

  5. Maybe they should have rode their bicycles? After all, if they want an end to using fossil fuels, why do they continue using fossil fuels? Lead by example.

  6. they could have just blown a few stop signs and got there on their bikes in record time

  7. Hypocrites the lot of them! They seriously need to take a step back and understand ALL the things that use oil for items they use daily (like cellphones, plastics (including credit cards), clothing, furniture, to cars etc. Do they not understand that even food processing requires oil in some way from the fields to their dinner table? Guess they best go back to the 1800’s and and use hand tools forged by fire to build homes, wood stoves/fire pit to cook their food they grow themselves, oh best not forget a spinning wheel to spin yarn to weave to make clothing.

    Lew, even bicycles use oil in manufacturing so they can’t even use them, best hitch up that buggy and horse or use their feet!

  8. They can’t use a horse and buggy either. Buggies require grease on the axles for the wheels.

    Hope they’re not animal activists because what will they have on their feet to walk? Leather comes from animals and synthetic comes form *gasp* oil.

    Next thing we know, they’ll be fighting to stop using Dihydrogen Monoxide

  9. So why ship out the oil to other nations? Why not keep it here in the US and North America for our own consumption needs, especially in the manufacturing industry!!! You know how much fuel oil these tanker ships use in a 24 hour period??? OVER 50 TONS PER 24-HOUR Period! Top that with the repercussions of a shipping disaster and the costs of cleanup…

    The opposition hasn’t a clue as to what it is they are fighting. If they would stop this “Save the Earth” schpiel for their own limited special interests and get on board to keep and restore manufacturing industries stateside rather than buying internationally and exporting such a valuable asset, we wouldn’t have an issue.

    But we all know money talks.

  10. Lew…the pioneers used animal fat (tallow) to grease their axles. Manufactured grease was a luxury.

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