The CCGOP Executive Board

by lewwaters

It is unknown just why, but the Clark County Republican Party chooses to not list who their executive officers sitting in control on the Executive Board are, completely unlike before and unlike the Clark County Democrats, but we do know who a couple are, in large part to their outspoken acts. We know Kenny Smith is Chair, Brenda Poletti is Vice-Chair and Christian Berrigan is what they have labeled Operations Director, whatever that is.

But I am also hearing from numerous sources of the recent appointment to the board of Katja Delavar, supposedly in a non-voting capacity to some seat.

With this nomination it would seem a dream from years ago is fulfilled of Katja successfully taking over the local party for Ron Paul as back in 2008, Katja, wife of ex-Washougal city council member and candidate again for the 3rd Congressional District Michael Delavar, was heard promoting strong pro Ron Paul stances in an April 10, 2008 interview with the 911 Truther group “American Underground Network,”

You can listen to the audio of that interview at Katja Delavar AUN 04-10-2008

5 Comments to “The CCGOP Executive Board”

  1. Kenny Smith filled the midterm vacated seat of Lynda Wilson when she left to run her campaign, as chair
    Brenda Poletti filled the midterm vacated seat of Steven Nelson when he left to run Lynda Wilson’s campaign, as vice chair.
    Dan Coursey has been the second or third Treasurer so far in two years and he is leaving to work more diligently on Lynda Wilson’s campaign. No replacement has been brought forward yet.
    Vicki Caldwell Kraft is the secretary and has been since December of 2012.
    Laney Maxwell has been the state committee woman although her pregnancy has created the need for proxy use by others to fulfill her duties a couple of times since elected in December 2012.
    James Randall is the State committeeman since December 2012.
    There are three Legislative district chairs in the 17th Eric Heredia, in the 49th Jack McClary, in the 18th I do not recall for sure who whether Peter Silliman or Dan Poletti or….
    There is the Operations director Christian Berrigan who also has a voting position.
    There is a video tech position recently re-filled when Dick Sohn stepped down to help run Lisa Ross’s campaign I believe this is now a nonvoting position since the pco’s have not voted for the person.
    Katja Delavar is the newly assigned events coordinator a nonvoting position.
    Clark County Republican Women are represented by Micheline Doan in a nonvoting position.

    To the best of my knowledge all of the above listed names with the exception of Christian, Dick, Jack, Vicki and Lynda were on the campaign for liberty /Ron Paul volunteer website.

  2. I agree, Lew. I have communicated wit and joined, but I am concerned about not knowing who is who and what their political philosophy is.

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  3. That whole thing is weird… and unnecessary.

  4. I believe Micheline Doan was not on a part of the Ron Paul/ Liberty alliance person.

  5. I am so sorry. Dennis is right. Micheline just became the CCRW chair this January and has attended the May and June meetings. She is not a preferred/allied pco and in fact has had two candidates running against her this time! She beat their preferred pco last time.

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