Talking With A Paulbot

by lewwaters

4 Comments to “Talking With A Paulbot”

  1. Oh my… I think if I spent anymore time watching that debate I would not be able to think anymore. I believe I just wasted another 5 minutes and 55 seconds of my time listening to another Ron Paul morphite. Can I please have a reasonably intelligent conversation about real issues with the offer of a cardboard idol now?

  2. I have had this debate, with the person who said “that” word like he was Steve Martin. I did not like it a’tall. I, in fact, did not think the the person who said “that” word like they were Steve Martin, was especially intelligent. There is a part of intelligence which requires common sense. I do not think that people who say “that” word possess much common sense. Otherwise they would not be fascinated by the way they say “that” word like they were Steve Martin.

    Oh yeah spelling “that other” word 1D10T is not very intelligent either.

    But I have feelings, and my feelings are telling me this is supposed to be funny. So you should be laughing. Why are you not laughing? Laugh! Look i am laughing, this is funny right. Oh no, I sound like a skit from Saturday lite life.

    Ah, never mind!

  3. There are four parts to the conversations. with a ron paul supporter. i do not have enough monotone to watch them all.

  4. I win the debate.

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