Why Private?

by lewwaters

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As you all know, I made my blog private again and have not been allowing many people in to view it. That is really not important anyway as I haven’t put much on the blog in the last couple weeks. But, at the risk of being accused of “assuming the fetal position,” “sour grapes,” or “getting bent out of shape” I’ll let you know why.

As most know, even though long accused of being a “Republican lackey” and “Madoreite,” I did expose an effort by the local GOP to selectively stack PCO slots and for that effort, became subjected to a massive smear campaign that I have to believe came from within the local GOP.

In the process, even though it is still denied, I firmly believe a controversial County Commissioner knows more about that effort than admitted and at least in part funded the group now in control of the local GOP. Hence, my previous posts showing this same controversial County Commissioner’s efforts to undermine my blogging ability, perhaps to make himself more relevant since he announced creating a new media source in Clark County this year. I also withdrew accepting his apology for plagiarizing a video I put together when he ran for office.

I don’t take it very well when I see something I may have spent days or hours researching, downloading, editing and posting to magically appear elsewhere with no credit given for my work and promoted as if the person reposting it did all of the work. I see that as very dishonest.

Shortly after making the blog public again, once again I stumbled across work that I did posted elsewhere and when confronted about that, said person proclaimed it was actually their work that they spent their time creating.

That is a lie!

In this case, an audio of a radio interview posted on the blog is what I mean.

Although the person who took the audio as their own strongly denies they lifted it from me, they have a little problem there, beyond the incredible coincidence that theirs is exactly the same length as mine and begins at the exact moment mine does and even ends in the middle of the same exact word mine does.

No, there is another little point they overlooked that marks it as mine.

The audio was downloaded to iTunes for the full show. In order to pull just the segment I wanted to post, I recorded it onto my wife’s little Sony Voice recorder and then uploaded it onto my hard drive. When doing that, the recorder assigns what I believe to be a date/time number to the recording that remains with it no matter how it is edited or renamed.

Since I never set the date/time on the recorder, it sets what I take as a random number that will appear in the upper left hand corner when Windows Media Player plays the recording. And the multiple edits and trims I did prior to posting the finished product all carry over that same random file number, 131205_001.

I re-downloaded this person’s claimed work to my computer and lo and behold, when played, up pops 131205_001 in the upper left hand corner.

Deny it all you want, I know where it came from and even though not well versed in computers, I realize the odds of their work carrying the same exact random numbers as my work is extremely unlikely.

And, incidentally, no other audio I download or play exhibits that number but the audio I created and the one they claim they created on their own.

This latest incident has me at a cross roads as I sit back and ponder what to do. I can no longer trust but a couple people connected with the local GOP, since all efforts have been to protect the identity of the one or ones smearing me and even though accused of being “irrelevant” and just another “bullshit blogger,” credit for my work continues to be credited to others.

I don’t make any money off of this, although I did syndicate months ago in hopes of supplementing my meager Social Security and with payment for another year for the blog due in August, I am undecided what I will do.

Personally, if I am that poor of a blogger, as some claim, I am clueless as to why they would grab credit for my poor efforts.

I’m not asking for nor expecting sympathy or calls to hang in there, I will decide shortly what I will do regardless of what others say.

I post this only to explain where I am currently at.

5 Comments to “Why Private?”

  1. Well Lew, I say to stay and keep going with your blog here. Why? After receiving the lastest GOP newsletter this week and saw those the GOP are backing in CC and all the half truths, or should I say “hiding” the truth from the readers, the Dirty C is worthless for whats going on.

    Lew have you ever thought of “watermarking” video clips so no one can take them and use them as their own?




  2. Yes Alisi, watermarking of photos and videos is likely what I will do. I hate to because I think it detracts from the image or video, but what choice do I have?

    I never thought there was so much dishonesty from some people on our side, but chalk that up to my naivete and desire to trust people.

    Not sure what I will do with audio yet, but guess dubbing in something at a crucial moment will work.

    For me, the worst part is I want to trust people, but now see I cannot. That makes it very difficult for me to support some candidates too.

  3. I hear you loud and clear Lew. Who I can trust from friends, neighbors to family dwindles all the time. As far as politicians go.. I trust none. My distrust in politicians started back when Johnson was in office.

  4. Hang in there. An educated voter should become familiar with all sides of issues, and I’ve found your blog to be an important source of information and interpretations not found elsewhere.

  5. hang in there Lew, we need your views!

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