Carolyn Crain For 49th Representative

by lewwaters

We need to elect Carolyn Crain to the 49th Legislative District. She has been involved deeply for years  and has spoken up on behalf of citizens, Veterans, the elderly and more numerous times, far more than any opponent has.

If anybody can defeat Jim ‘da Taxman’ Moeller, it is Carolyn Crain

2 Comments to “Carolyn Crain For 49th Representative”

  1. If I lived in the 49th I’d vote for her. It would be great to see Moeller get kicked out, but even better to have a good conservative representative in the 49th.


  2. Is “Get Smart” a response to “Don’t do Stupid Stuff?”, I like it!!!

    I’m Ordering my mug now, Get Smart, Vote Carolyn Crain.


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