Jim Moeller’s “Garbage” Pt. 1

by lewwaters

Very recently, Rep Jim Moeller (D. 49) wrote a comment under a Lazy C post,

“I can hardly believe some of the garbage that comes out of (so-called) Republican mouths. It’s time the moderates jettison the religious-right and Tea-Party factions within the Republican party and have them form their own.”

With that thought in mind, I looked back at some of Jim Moeller’s own speeches and will be periodically posting video excerpts of the “garbage” we have seen coming from him over the years. First part above.

A note to Democrats: You have for some time now called on and demanded for “moderation” from Republicans and Conservatives, but when a moderate Democrat steps up to work in a bipartisan fashion, as we voters have long demanded, you oust them from the party and cry that they “are not Democrat enough.”

All we need do is compare how Jim Kastama, Tim Sheldon, Rodney Tom, Brian Sonntag and Jon Haugen have been treated by Rep. Moeller and others leading the Washington State Democrat Party.

It is time that Democrats practiced what they preach.

It is time voters sent a clear message to Olympia that the days of the hyper-partisanship of Jim Moeller are over by electing Carolyn Crain as the next Representative of Washington State 49th Legislative District.

2 Comments to “Jim Moeller’s “Garbage” Pt. 1”

  1. The only people that need to be jettisoned are godless heathens like the person listed above. He went to Olympia after telling people he would not spend his time on gay issues, just another one of his many deviations from the normal.


  2. How… democrat of him.



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