Will the Hate from the Left Ever End?

by lewwaters

Crying BabyIn spite of their cries of being for every man, being caring and loving and other such bilge, We have seen the Democrats acting more like those Brown Shirts Brian Baird spoke of back in 2009 than anything else.

We see it daily in a small facebook group, “Clark County Citizens for Good Governance, (C3G2) that actually translates out to “Put Democrats back in control.”

Yes, they do not like how the 2012 County elections turned out and two conservatives became the majority on the County Commission and began changing the direction of the county, as asked by the wide majority that elected them.

And, regardless of what you think of the man, when they selected Sen. Don Benton (R 17) to head the county dept of the environment, it sent them into a frenzy they are unable to recover from.

Nearly every week we see one of more of their number speaks in the most hateful manner during public comment, unable to express anything but their anger and hatred towards the county commissioners.

Nothing can satisfy them, not even selecting an outspoken member of their number to replace Steve Stuart, who abandoned his seat on the county commission to pursue a slightly better paying job as City Manager of Ridgefield.

It makes no difference to them that Ed Barnes ultimately was selected and that he is one of the very three they recommended seeking the position. No, it is obvious they chose Barnes and Kelly Love Parker as shills in effort to force the commissioners to select former county commissioner, former state senator, former candidate for state auditor, former candidate for congress and, I must assume too that now he is also a former finance director of the state Department of Licensing in Olympia, since he has announced cleaning his apartment there and moving back to Vancouver just this week.

No, nobody was good enough and for some reason, these leftwing haters seem to think that everybody in the county, including elected officials, must bow before them and do whatever it I they deem is worth doing or whoever they demand must be selected for whatever.

Evidence of this is from the latest public forum before the commissioners and words spoken by Karen Hengerer at the June 24, 2014 meeting. Note her tone and wagging her finger at the commissioners.

“CVTV footage, obtained pursuant to the Public Disclosure Act, in no way is intended by CVTV, the City of Vancouver, or Clark County to either promote or oppose any candidate for public office or any ballot proposition.”

Bear in mind, Karen is one of the “nicer” speakers we have seen in this past year.

This conduct has led a good friend of mine, one a bit more liberal than I am but a very sane liberal, to comment,

“I was stunned to see what has become of our open public forum! It’s been hijacked! A group whose members are tied to a political party think the taxpayers’ forum to address our representatives is a show! They sit there, laughing, handing out popcorn and making offensive comments and gestures.”

“Clark County Board of Commissioners meetings have been hijacked by a bunch of bullies and the taxpayers need to do something about this before someone gets hurt.”

Efforts at whipping up this lynch mob mentality come frequently from the so called newspaper of record, with in excess now of over 60 inflammatory editorials and articles against the current county commission.

This same paper heartedly condemned and ridiculed conservative speakers for appearing before the Vancouver City Council, to the point of posting photos of the most frequent speakers that dared exercise their free speech rights to calmly and rightfully speak in opposition to the now comatose CRC light rail project.

This paper even had the audacity to editorialize about “Polarization” in the community without one word of they are likely the single most polarizing factor in the community.

And yet, these same malcontents continue to call for more civility from conservatives while ramping up their own hostility.

Sorry liberal/progressives, you do not get to have everything you way all of the time. I get that you don’t like how the election turned out. But, that is tough noogies.

Have a better candidate next time and should another opening occur for you to propose three people to replace one, live with the selection.

After all, it was you who placed him in the running in the first place.

Get over yourselves.

6 Comments to “Will the Hate from the Left Ever End?”

  1. Hypocrisy is a huge problem for political parties generally and the local left in particular.

    Perhaps I ought to go to these meetings and say a few words on behalf of the silent majority… even though you and I are hardly silent.


  2. A while back I commented that the Left cuts the political spectrum in half, throws away the Right side, and is then convinced that the middle is somewhere along the Left half. This C3G2 is a good example of that. They laughingly fancy themselves as broad based, apparently over some Republicans who are nominally on their membership roster, but are in fact a HIGHLY partisan-hack Leftist group. That they could delude themselves into thinking otherwise says it all. In my opinion, it was questionable that the Chair of the Freeholders chose to address them at one of their group functions.

    LouLou touted the “we are Ed Barnes” thing and encouraged a big attendance at that CCB of C meeting, over the Benton lawsuit threat, but has ignored Leavitt’s own threat to sue a citizen over that citizen having repeatedly questioned Leavitt’s conflict of interest between his daytime employer and voting on lite rail issues as a C-Tran board member. The Columbian became an OBVIOUSLY partisan-hack outfit themselves long ago and are also deluding themselves into thinking otherwise.

  3. My goodness Lew! I need to revisit the county commissioners board meeting I guess. I wonder how Ed feels having the selection of him questioned so rudely.

  4. Perhaps there will be a recall effort envolved because certain of the citizens did not like the hiring of Ed Barns, who I understand has turned out to actually be thoughtful respectful and okay with hearing the truth about matters opposed to the misdirection printed in the Columbian Newpaper and revisited on that site that claims to be about governance.

    I suppose they don’t believe Ed, now that he is privy to the other’s thoughts on matters, to be an able commissioner, given his is less likely to act the puppet as previous commissioners have.

    Okay I can hardly wait to read it in the blogs, :Recall Ed Barns. ROTFLMAO.

  5. They thought they could manipulate the outcome and it backfired on them.

    Now they whine like little titty babies.

    They really do have a difficult time seeing they are not the ruling party.

  6. Lefties will never stop hating because they’re really sick in the head.

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