Jim Moeller’s “Garbage” Pt. 3

by lewwaters

Part three revealing Jim Moeller’s own “garbage” spewed from his own mouth, as he whines about “garbage” from others.

Jim, you should stop your own vitriol hurled towards others before you complain about anybody else. You may believe it cute that I labeled you “da Taxman,” but we that struggle to get by do not appreciate your every effort to increases whatever taxes you can, claiming you wish to help us. We are perfectly capable of caring for ourselves, we do not need you confiscating our paychecks so you may decide how much we should be allowed to have given back at your whims.

Moeller 'da taxman'Incidentally, you have not yet succeeded in imposing an income tax on us in this state. But we know you will continue trying to do so. And, that is all the more reason we must replace you with Carolyn Crain.

Part One

Part Two

3 Comments to “Jim Moeller’s “Garbage” Pt. 3”

  1. He is always so busy spewing hatred. It is hard to fathom the weight of walking around in life all angry like that.

  2. Funnier yet, now that Madore has banned C3G2 member from commenting on his personal facebook page last evening;

    “Lora Caine Just curious–is there a legal remedy for overcoming Mr. Madore’s ban of individual posters and full groups on his page? It seems to me that telling him he is wrong, whether on his page, County meetings or even on this group’s page won’t get him to change anything.”

    They really think the courts will force someone to allow them to spew their hatred on a personal facebook page?

  3. i would vote for moeller right after i’d been declared brain dead. WE THE PEOPLE are looking for candidates that hold the Constitution in the same hallowed place as we do. as for the ‘living document’ garbage…that is the open door to declaring the Constitution of the United States no stronger than some list of suggestions. once they succeed in breaching the force of the original document, there’s no longer ANY protection of law for the citizens. open season on freedom.

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