Say What, Harry?

by lewwaters

Sen. Reid doesn’t seem to be alone in viewing Justice Thomas now as a “White Man.” Senate Democrats Take on Supreme Court’s ‘White Men’ Over Contraception Ruling

Why is it Democrats can’t get through the day without playing the Race Card?

4 Comments to “Say What, Harry?”

  1. They can’t stand on their policies Lew. Their agenda is a failure of Socialism. Understand that the warm fuzzy of ceding all your personal rights over to the government and everybody sharing equally doesn’t work out. We will not all live in big expansive mansions, fly in personal airplanes, golf three days a week, eat caviar and drink champagne! The Socialist premise of equal does not exist because there are always those who want more than is doled out (because there is greed) and there are always those who do not wish to pull their fair share (because there is laziness). It is just that simple… human characteristics which cause the ideology to fail.

  2. Reid spews “race card” comments so much that someone needs to suggested to good old Harry he needs to be checked for Dementia.
    The left is on a campaign to criminalize anyone or anything right of them thinking this will gain them votes.

  3. What Harry meant to say is 4 white guys and an uncle Tom!

  4. That would be accurate Liberal speak. Any Black person thinking on their own and not in support of Uncle Sam’s Plantation is considered an Uncle Tom, or worse, to them.

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