Lazy C Diverts BRT Opposition Focus

by lewwaters

As usual, the Lazy C deliberately focuses in on one angry opponent to a much wanted boondoggle, while ignoring nearly two hours of reasoned, calmly spoken testimony from citizens on both sides of the issue. C-Tran board meeting takes uncomfortable turn

I don’t know Mr. Thomas, but can relate to his anger at years of being ignored by elected officials that squander our tax dollars, although I would have chosen a different manner to express it. Still, he reflects his own anger as six members of the C-Tran Board of Fools once again ignored all public testimony and chose to keep pushing forward on a project citizens have clearly indicated they do not want.

Leave it to the Lazy C, who apparently support this latest boondoggle as they did the comatose CRC light rail project to paint opponents as angry and out of control, completely skipping over rational speakers like these below.

Personally, I would have rather Mr. Thomas not have chosen that manner in which to speak out, but he did as is his choice.

At the same time, I can’t help but notice how the Lazy C has overlooked similar angry expressions for over a year now towards the County Commissioners from Liberal/Progressives whipped into a frenzy by the paper over the Don Benton hire. In fact, they have somewhat glorified some angry expressions towards them in their pages.

I never claimed the Lazy C had an ounce of objectivity or integrity.

4 Comments to “Lazy C Diverts BRT Opposition Focus”

  1. Thank you.

  2. Thank you very much! I do appreciate it!

  3. Many of the downtown businesses expressed concerns about the safety of 60′ busses running in downtown and pulling out of the proposed transit center as well as the impact of the transit center. The truth is, the new 40′ Hybrid busses already on the route are working well, and the positive changes proposed by BRT can be implemented with the existing fleet and resources.
    Reasonable changes that could improve service that can be done with the existing fleet,
    *Change the route to go by Clark College and the VA (Should still offer bus service along 4th Plain to uptown Vancouver)
    *Combine the Routes #4 and #44 limited, like they used to be. Now the duplicate service wastes fuel & space for riders.
    * Stop sending ALL the #4 and #44 busses across the river to Portland, and
    (• 4 Fourth Plain provides service from the Vancouver Mall Transit Center to downtown Vancouver, Jantzen Beach and Delta Park MAX, approximately every 15 minutes, 7 days a week, 5 AM to midnight.
    • 44 Fourth Plain Limited provides Limited Express service from Ward Road to the Vancouver Mall Transit Center, downtown Vancouver, and Delta Park MAX.
    Service is provided Monday-Friday during peak commute times, 5:20 AM to 9:30 AM. Then again starting 2:35 PM-7:20 PM about every 30 minutes. no other route in the entire county has such a high level of service.)

    Proposed changes that are not cost effective, not needed, adversely impact service by diverting funds from other areas
    * Add 20′ to the length of the bus, and store bikes inside the bus. Proposed BRT busses are 60′ long. The longer busses are more hazardous to pedestrians and bikers, can’t always clear an intersection (in Seattle), and are harder to see and drive around for other vehicles. These are not suitable for neighborhoods. The outside the bus bike racks work well, and can be expanded to handle 3 bikes if demand rises.
    * Build up sidewalks for all the new BRT busstops estimated to cost $300,000 per bus stop! The kneeling busses now in use can snuggle up to any height curb to accomodate mobility devices and aid a rider.
    * Ticket dispensers at each bus stop!!! only about 20% of riders purchase tickets at the bus. What a waste of $$. In Portland, the ticket dispensers for the Max are known for their unreliability and subject to vandalism.

  4. The local paper won’t mention any positive notes where we are concerned, so I do.

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