Can Democrats Ever Be Truthful?

by lewwaters

Donkey kissing assDemocrats have long claimed to be “for the people,” but can they really be for the common man when they lie through their teeth on a nearly daily basis?

It has been in the news that the Speaker of the House is suing Barack Obama, having won the approval of the majority of the House to proceed.

And Democrats livid over that prospect have fallen back to their usual flat out, bald faced lies in order to raise funds and smear the effort, witnessed by three emails I have received directly from the Democrat Party below.

Obama, Never in US History

Obama, Never Before in US HIstory

Even Nancy Pelosi chimed in;

Obama, Never in US History Before

Notice that all three emails proclaim that no sitting president has ever been sued by the House and as I show below, that is a flat out lie. Did Pelosi somehow fall prey to amnesia on her own lawsuit against Bush?

House Democrats sue Bush over ABM withdrawal

Pelosi threat to sue Bush over Iraq bill

11 House members to sue over budget bill

States Sue Bush Administration over New Children’s Health Insurance Requirements

House Democrats sue to force Bush aides to testify on firings

Democrats line up to ‘sue’ President Bush

As is seen, even though I cannot fault Democrats for opposing this lawsuit, that they need to resort to such blatant lies shows maybe he does indeed deserve to be sued.

And can Democrats positions be good for the country with them having to resort to such a blatant lie that no sitting president has ever been sued, when it was they suing the sitting president just a few years ago?

Don’t fall for the lies. It is time to hold these despicable Democrats responsible for their part in the mess this country is in and to not allow them to lie their ay out this time.

9 Comments to “Can Democrats Ever Be Truthful?”

  1. Come on Lew, give them a break. If the Democrats couldn’t lie, they’d have nothing to say. Would that be fair?


  2. Birds sit on wires. Dogs poop on lawns. Ducks swim in ponds. Cats only do what they feel like. It rains in the Pacific Northwest. Democrats lie. That is the nature of each of these things. It’s in their DNA.

    Once upon a time, Democrats would debate and work to seek common ground — but then the political parties also had a broad range of viewpoints, with more liberal and more conservative elements in each party.

    But then, around the time of McGovern’s candidacy, the hard left took over the Democratic party. The more conservative elements were pushed out. The need to lie became paramount, because if these hard left politicians actually told the truth, then they knew they would lose and lose big. So lying became a standard procedure. Just look at the Democrat reaction to the Hobby Lobby decision (that was actually decided on very narrow grounds) … lies, lies, and more lies.

    Why do Democrats lie? It’s just what they do.


  3. Hi Lew, You and I haven’t spoken to each other in some time. Your analysis is of course, incorrect. They are talking about The House suing the President. You are citing individual members. There is a difference.


  4. Splitting hairs and straining gnats is no difference.

    For all 8 years of the Bush administration, lawsuits and threats were heard frequently.

    It is obvious Democrats are now trying to deny their own actions by labeling this effort “unprecedented” and “Never before in history.”

    All I see is that old double standard coming from them.


  5. Lew, The House as a unit has never sued any President of any party. There is no “splitting hairs or straining gnats” about that. Individual GOP members have sued Presidents before. But what the heck, it should get tossed fairly quickly. Thanks for the reply.


  6. If there’s one thing that Leftists are good at; it’s euphemisms.

    While I personally believe that, generally, Roe v. Wade was the best decision that could be made, taking all things into account. Nonetheless; the euphemistic descriptions used by the Left are appalling. It’s not abortion it’s – womens’ health care. It’s not abortion it womens’ reproductive rights. Dissenters are conducting – a war against women.

    Socialism is economic justice, Liberal is Progressive, Conservative is Regressive, and if someone else doesn’t pay for your contraceptives, to include killing a human embryo, then they’re denying access to one’s health care – and they’re misogynists.

    IMO: much of the Left is largely the politics of feelings; over the unfairness of it all. A potent black powder for a means-justify-the-ends paradigm. Lies, half truths and omissions. And euphemisms.


  7. It is always drama and exploding issues when the Republicans take an action. So here is the question… who thinks that this is long overdue? I for one may recognize that this is precedence setting but should that stop the house from doing what is right?


  8. Carolyn – Our country is almost 240 years old. I think if this was an actually legal thing to do, the Dems or the GOP would have done it before now. The House has solutions to a President they think isn’t fulfilling his (or her, someday) duty – it’s called impeachment. If the GOP wasn’t so divided amongst itself, they would actually be able to get things done and quit wasting time on a political stunt.


  9. Why do you blame only Republicans, Steve?

    Were you as critical over all of the threats of impeachment towards Bush?

    And most importantly, why no criticism of Obama’s continued violations of the constitution and oath of office?

    No president gets to just do what they please or declare they have a pen and a phone and will use executive order to implement legislation on his whim.

    Or do you forget all of the complaints over Bush’s issuing executive orders that never reached this level of concern?

    Obama Slams Bush for Expanding Executive Power, Ignoring Congress

    Congress is not there to cave to the bidding of one sitting president, regardless of party. Nor are they there to do the bidding of one political view. And I have yet to see Democrats at any level willing to compromise, forcing Republicans to also dig in their heels.

    Democrats have long refused to offer either civility or compromise and it is time they did as well.


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