Democrats Vow to Transform American Politics “FOREVER!”

by lewwaters

Obama, Forever


The email this was attached in, minus the image of Obama and the Soviet hammer & Sickle, read;

I need your attention for a moment. Read this email. You won’t regret it.

• Polls show Democrats leading in five deep-red Southern Republican strongholds. FIVE.

• If you help us win these five races, McConnell’s chance at a Republican Senate will be ZERO. NOT an exaggeration — ZERO.

• You’d deliver an EXCRUCIATING hit to the GOP if we win the South. They might not recover for DECADES.

Our just-launched Paint the South Blue Program targets Republican strongholds with aggressive voter mobilization. We WILL win with your help.

At one time, the South was known as the “Solid Democrat South,” back in the Jim Crow era. Democrats owned the South in large part due to their strong opposition to the Black population. They were also strong conservatives that loved and supported America, filling the ranks of our Military whenever needed.

Civil Rights for Blacks opened a lot of eyes to the wrongness of holding back the Blacks down South and most walls of separation came down over time.

But conservatism remained and many turned their backs on the Democrat Party seeing that the effort remained to hold Blacks back by enslaving them to Government hand-outs and not encouraging them to gain an education and be successful.

Liberals feel that they are so all knowing that no one can possibly succeed on their own and must accept what liberals allow them to have.

I can’t begin to imagine how the far left Democrats will now try to convince the South that their Socialistic, Progressive ways are really what is needed, unless the South has changed a lot since I left it.

But, it is more and more obvious to me that Democrats are quickly slamming the gate shut to enslave Americans under their one-party dictatorial rule in the fashion of the failed Soviet Union, Cuba, Venezuela, North Korea and other Communist County’s.

Our freedoms and liberty’s hang in the balance with this slick tricks and massive effort launched by unscrupulous Democrats who want noting more than to be in control, while you pick up whatever crumbs they allow to fall from the table.

Don’t allow this to happen, America. Fight for and keep our freedoms and liberties.

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