It’s Not “Madore’s Bridge”

by lewwaters

This blog no longer supports David Madore and calls upon him to resign immediately!

I-5 Bridge 09As expected, CRC fanatics, still stinging from the defeat of their light rail extension being forced into Clark County against citizen will, are lining up to oppose the recently unveiled East County Bridge proposal given by Linda Figg of Figg Engineering.

One way they are forming their opposition is by linking the concept directly to County Commissioner David Madore, who seems only too happy to see his name and photo appearing in the pages of the papers again.

The Lazy C told us in their article on the presentation, “Firm pitches option for Madore’s idea of east county bridge over Columbia,” and that the idea is “Championed by Clark County Commissioner David Madore.”

They label it “Madore’s plan to ease interstate congestion” and claim “David Madore has spearheaded the idea…”

They ignore that many citizens, yours truly included, have advocated additional bridges, both east and west of the existing I-5 spans for several years, long before David Madore entered the fray.

But trying to link the bridge to us doesn’t taint the idea as much as it does tying it to Madore and their years of denigrating him.

The haters at C3G2 (Clark County Citizens for Good Governance on facebook) take it even further with their rants against it.

Chuck Green, a Project Manager for C-Tran’s Bus Rapid Transit system voters also have indicated they oppose, wrote his own “analysis” that is accepted as authoritative, even though Mr. Green is not a Bridge Engineer, as now County Commissioner Ed Barnes often called upon others should be if they speak against the comatose CRC light rail project.

As expected, many comments slurred Madore or tied the proposal to him.

Vancouver Mayor, Tim ‘the Liar’ Leavitt, a staunch advocate for the CRC light rail boondoggle once elected, is credited with saying “he would oppose talks between Madore and the city on the bridge project.”

The Oregonian, in a more favorable editorial on the proposal still claims, Madore’s drive for a new Columbia River bridge

Just about everywhere we turn we read of Madore’s involvement in this, even to some speculating that he contracted Figg Engineering out of Florida, a reputable bridge Building firm known for replacing the I-35W bridge in Minneapolis, Minnesota after the 2007 collapse. They received much praise for finishing months ahead of schedule and within budget.

In spite of efforts to link the project to David Madore, it wasn’t he who got this ball rolling.

The Lazy C, pining away as the CRC light rail project was withering away in a death roll earlier this year, included in an article,

“Meanwhile, a group of leaders in Southwest Washington appear to be looking beyond the CRC. Last week, [Sen. Ann] Rivers spearheaded a meeting of both Republicans and Democrats, CRC supporters and opponents, to talk about what options are out there, she said. Among those in attendance was the president of Figg Engineering, a Florida-based firm that specializes in bridges.”

Rivers said she met Linda Figg at a convention in the area late last year, and invited her to come back to meet with local officials. Those who attended last week’s gathering said the presentation included various bridge concepts and information about the industry, but no specific proposal.”

No, it wasn’t Commissioner Madore that got this going, it was Sen. Ann Rivers, (R 18) listening to citizens and seeking a viable alternative to the bloated CRC light rail project rejected time and again by voters.

The usual suspects spoke in opposition then as they continue to do today, clinging to their special interest support to “get it done, never mind the people” attitudes.

In fact, if you view the tape of the presentation on CVTV, it is Ann Rivers running the meeting, not David Madore.

Even though Madore seems to have taken the lead in promoting the project on his facebook page, it is not what CRC fanatics want you to believe, “his baby.”

No, it is merely an initial proposal, one many of us have long been calling for. It’s the beginning steps to bring some sensible alternatives in that just may actually solve some of the congestion between the two states and provide relief for the increased congestion along the I-5 corridor once we do begin replacing the aging spans alongside the existing spans, given there is only one other crossing for several miles upriver and downriver.

CRC fanatics like Democrat Jim Moeller have vowed no support for any other crossing until after the I-5 spans are replaced, ignoring the years of increased congestion with no relief in sight.

And they are now lining up to ridicule, denigrate and oppose any project besides their bloated boondoggle of the CRC light rail.

And, as they did in the 2013 city council/mayoral elections, linking it to Madore seems to be their hoped for strategy to kill it before it even gets started.

It isn’t “Madore’s Bridge,” it will be Our Bridge should it win approval. It would be injecting some common sense in traveling between the two states in what even they claim to be a “major metropolitan” area that maintains 9 bridges across the Willamette River in Downtown Portland, but restricts crossings to only 2 between the states.

Let’s push the smoke & mirrors aside this time and look objectively at what is really best for all and not just to bail out Portland’s folly of over extending themselves with a bloated light rail system they are struggling to fund.

Let’s ignore efforts to falsely link the project to Madore as if it he and he alone is pushing for it.

And above all, let’s realize this is just the initial steps and not a final proposal.

9 Comments to “It’s Not “Madore’s Bridge””

  1. Misdirection is a common tactic of the liberals. It works well for Obama – tying every one of his failures to George W. Bush.


  2. Well said. Thank you.


  3. We need transportation infrastructure that best meets the needs of the region. Freight, cars and trucks, commercial vehicles, and emergency vehicles utilize roads and bridges with lanes for vehicles, not light rail that serves a tiny fraction of commuters and zero freight, commercial, and service vehicles. Roads and bridges for all where needed most makes sense. I-5 already has a working bridge with decades of life left, and less costly means to reduce bridge lifts that full replacement. Unnecessary light rail was rejected by Clark County voters in 2012 and 2013 because we don’t have the population and density to justify it, or $$$ to waste on it. Leavitt has always said he preferred there was NO vote at all on light rail, (no doubt fearing the negative response that the voters gave who rejected light rail in both 2012 and 2013) It’s refreshing to hear of a bridge plan without light rail that will make the most of the limited transportation $$ available.


  4. Lets get the East Side Bridge built, our Citizens have spoken and we need it!!!


  5. Let’s get it done! I want to start working on the westside bypass bridge option!


  6. If we could build the Western Arterial Route —which has two major and one minor crossing—-couldn’t we produce enough extra material to build a short Camas-to-Troutdale bridge? Standardize the components of steel, and mass produce enough for both projects. You would do your home remodeling that way, wouldn’t you? I mean you wouldn’t pick a different door design for each doorway? Use a metal arch design, flexible to either tied arch or under arch, and produce away. Then we would be set for many decades to come. Probably permanently.


  7. There have been some good ideas ignored for too long. East side, west side, reroute I-5, but all were ignored for light rail.


  8. a bridge without light rail sure makes Lefties and fat-cats foam at the mouth.


  9. New Ideas Time:
    1) England is starting a “driveless car” test. Vancouver should too.
    2) Smartphone-based ride-sharing is here (Uber).
    3) Electric cars AND fuel-cells are real now, and will only get better in the future. Adopt the technology in conjunction with driverless cars.
    4) Small-steps that are convenient & easily changed are the answer now.


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