Crier in Chief

by lewwaters

If he isn’t bashing Republicans, he’s whining and crying about how they mistreat him and don’t do what he wants.

Will we ever see another adult in the White House?

Do nothing congress? Republicans won’t work with BHO?

CNN Hose Vote the Hill

Who’s the real do nothings?

Who is it that really is unwilling to work with others or compromise?

3 Comments to “Crier in Chief”

  1. I wish I’d have supported Hillary Clinton in the Democratic primary rather than voting on the Republican ticket (I voted for McCain in the primary). I wouldn’t want her to be President either, but at least she’s an adult. If she were president rather than Obama, the international scene wouldn’t be in the mess it is today.


  2. Hmm… never mind – by the time the primaries got to us, it was too late wasn’t it? I think Obama had already sewn it up. Washington should have their primaries before Iowa – that way we would be as irrelevant as we are.


  3. This guy is a total Muslim puke and it’s funny to hear the Libtards that voted for him whine about him now.


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