Mike Briggs, Ready To Sell You Out

by lewwaters

For all of you voters still marking your ballots and something to retain should by some miracle, Briggs make it through the top two primary, an excerpt of an interview Briggs had with KPSU’s “the Raging Moderate, not afraid to tact to the left” on June 26, 2014. Full interview can be heard on Briggs’ campaign page.

Photo by Clark County Politics blog

Such dependence on Portland has contributed to our economic problems in Clark County as they seek more ways to suck our revenues out and entice our citizens to spend their money over there instead of in our own community. Portland needs to become a friendly neighbor to us, not the out of state special interest interested only in what they can take from us.

2 Comments to “Mike Briggs, Ready To Sell You Out”

  1. He blames the failures of the CRC project on “very right-wing conservatives’, rather than recognizing that the CRC imploded due to corruption, mismanagement, and malfeasance. He appears to be infatuated with Portland and advocates increasing the tax burden of “every Washingtonian” to fully fund K-12 and “to lower the burden” of those seeking higher education. I think he’d be better off to return to Oregon (he brags about being a Washington County resident for “more than 50 years”. Perhaps he could run for an Oregon Legislative seat.

  2. Craig you are correct, it appears that Mr. Briggs, who i endearingly refer to as the cheerleader, not just for his unquestioning acceptance of anything but the regulatity with which he excepts everything with a “D” implied. He make PT Barnum real.

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