Note to Voters

by lewwaters

Clark County Preliminary Election Results HERE

Vote 1As you know, today is the day to have your ballots in the mail or deposited at an approved drop off location, in order for them to be counted. Tomorrow is too late, so they must be turned in today.

Turnout is expected to be low, unfortunately.

For those not voting because you feel your voice isn’t heard or views fairly represented, throwing your ballot in the trash only ensures you will not be heard or represented. Dig it out of the recycling and cast your vote according to your view. It is the only way your voice will be heard.

It is a privilege few others in the world enjoy. Don’t waste it.


One Comment to “Note to Voters”

  1. Okay so I keep hearing people say “if you don’t vote don’t complain”. I am begging you to vote. Please vote for me and I mean that in two ways. I will work to represent your voice but also if you don’t vote I get hurt by your apathy when I have to live with the results of an election that puts the same lame leaders back in office. I have to put up with the bad choices they make and so I think it really isn’t fair if you don’t vote. Please just vote!

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