Mike Briggs Wants Your Paycheck

by lewwaters

Mike Briggs, Democrat candidate in the 18th Legislative District speaking to KPSU’s “Raging Moderate” on how he would like to slap more taxes on every middle class taxpayer in some mistaken belief that further burdening struggling families makes education “more affordable.”

Do we really need another tax happy Democrat in Olympia, Washington?

2 Comments to “Mike Briggs Wants Your Paycheck”

  1. Sounds just like all the other Libtard Tax and Spend Demos.


  2. Okay, Cheerleader Mike Briggs first wanted those toll backed bond measures that would and still could mean the price of a “freeway” trip to Oregon could be as much as $16.00 round trip, and he favors Gas tax increases, to help Jaybird get his green on, and he wants to raise Property taxes so more kids can get a free ride through college.

    Hey Mike, why not get a Walmart Education, roll back the bloated price of post secondary classes, and then we’ll talk.
    Why not do the same with the WA Department of Transportation, put cost controlling measures in place to eliminate waste and fraud first. Then maybe we’ll talk.

    As it is I cannot afford these Democrats who spend and spend and won’t ever make good on a promise. Why should we afford you the opportunity to spend without end?


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