Who in the Hell are Sean Emerson and Mark Engleman to Try to Dictate What is Posted on This Blog?

by lewwaters

Tinker Never SleepsLiberty: the state or condition of people who are able to act and speak freely; the power to do or choose what you want to; a political right.

As you all know, this blog and its author have been under anonymous assault for a few months now from operatives of the Clark County R3publican Party. The party posting the endless series of assault labeled himself “I. Tinker,” and said of the choice of anonymity,

“When we first started LWW, there was discussion of whether we should be up front with who we are or whether we should stay anonymous. It was a difficult decision, but we went the way we did because Lew’s prime weapon in his arsenal is to identify his critics, and then silence or marginalize them with heated ad hominem attacks. Basically he uses his position as The Clark County Conservative to just bury his detractors in mud. So we made a tactical decision to not give him the target on which to use his favorite – and it turns out his only – weapon.”

I. Tinker even boasted,

“Word of advice from an experienced troll to another: quit fishing, and quit flailing trying to identify who your ‘attacker’ is. You won’t do it, you can’t do it, and all you will do is alienate everyone around you in your paranoia.”

In spite of this blatantly false allegation, the shroud of anonymity has been pulled back by I. Tinker himself to reveal his identity.

Over the weeks I have been contacted by several local professionals and even a few elected officials “confirming” others involved in this effort, but all were mistaken as to just who I. Tinker actually is, although I strongly believe the other R3publican names floated to be involved.

The latest bout of hate resumed when I wrote within my post, 28.38% Voter Turnout? Shame on You Clark County , listing among the many reasons I feel voter turnout is so low in our county,

“And we see it when a strong Republican candidate is undermined behind the scenes by party operatives in favor of an inexperienced novice because someone carries a personal grudge against the stronger candidate. Waving pom poms to a High School cheer isn’t what is needed to stand up and defeat special interests.”

That prompted a comment to be left by an “Indy Thinker” of;

Scruffy Tinker B

I deleted the link included back to his hate site, that elicited a strange comment of “He deleted the link to this site, which I guess made him feel like he was sort of in control.”

Scruffy Tinker A

Does this guy actually believe that he has any control of this blog, what I write or how I conduct my business, in complete opposition to what the very Liberty this so-called R3publican Liberty Caucus claims to promote?

Note that when a comment is left on the blog, as in the first screen shot, Word Press provides the commenters IP address.

We also see in the lower screen shot that this “I Tinker” freely admits to Indy Thinker’s comment being his comment.

From there it is a relatively easy effort on my part to search through comments by the IP address I was supplied and lo and behold, I found a match from the past;

Scruffy Tinker C

I now know that I Tinker, Indy Thinker and Scruffy Sirocco are one and the same, by IP address, an open admission and as well as style of writing.

While I may be getting up in years, my memory is not entirely defunct yet and I recalled a comment concerning this Scruffy Sirocco, went looking and found;

Scruffy Tinker D

I Tinker is not half as slick as he thinks as even though a different IP, we have from two years ago an open admission of the true identity of Scruffy Sirocco that later shares the exact IP of Indy Thinker, and I Tinker.

Emerson has made it very evident that he and likely his RLC cohorts disapprove of my calling myself a conservative, even to naming this blog as conservative, years before they even entered the political scene.

That is just too damned bad!

Contrary to what they may think, they neither own rights to conservatism nor do they sit in any position of authority to define or dictate who is and is not conservative by their narrow, disillusioned views.

Since these people proclaim they are the true defenders of liberty, where do they get off establishing a smear site aimed at one person that disagrees with their “in your face” tactics and refuses to support their hand-picked candidates?

They are fond of throwing out the invective “establishment” in a pejorative manner, parroting the 1960’s long haired, dope smoking Liberal Hippies, unaware that now that they have seized control of the local party, they are “the establishment.”

Especially disturbing is that this latest flare-up seems to be on behalf of RLC candidate Lisa Ross and my not supporting her. CCGOP Operations Director (whatever in the hell that is) Christian Berrigan chimed in with a call to “defend” Ms. Ross, even though her name was not mentioned in the post. In a screed I assume he penned, “Of Bullies, Butt-Kissers and Boot-Lickers” posting along with it “Anyone following the Lew Waters / I. Tinker battle, please read.”

Also included was an image asking “have you backstabbed today?”

Tinker backstab

Asked within the screed is,

“Will you defend your friends or feed the bully more of the fawning pseudo-respect which is his sole reason for being? Will you feed a vampire more blood in the naïve hope he will be satiated?”

Asked by some what it was about, Dan Poletti, husband of the CCGOP vice-chair responded,

“Essentially, it’s about a few folks who have the exact same political views as Lisa Ross, but are somehow unable to see their way clear to support her, or even, to stop attacking her, despite the fact that their candidate is now out of the running and Lisa is the only option against Moeller.”

Obviously, some do not “have the exact same political views as Lisa Ross” if they are unwilling to support her. But, it is somehow expected, no, DEMANDED all support her, even though not members of the R3publican Party.

Lisa Ross has remained completely silent throughout the entire smear / attack campaign on her behalf which indicates to me she is even more unqualified to hold public office than previously believed.

How silly that not supporting her is considered “attacking” her.

Yet, it is reported that this same group of R3publicans, at their latest Central Committee Meeting, endorsing incumbent Republican 3rd Congressional District Representative, Jaime Herrera Beutler was “spurned,” nearly exactly how incumbent 49th legislative district Democrat Jim Moeller led the effort to not endorse fellow Democrat Jon Haugen for the 3rd C.D. in 2012.

Where is their action any different than those they have labeled “the enemy?” Yet, it is DEMANDED of Independent voters to get behind Lisa Ross? And if you have a public voice, as I do, face the wrath of Sean Emerson and his cohorts for exercising your free will?

I fully expect Emerson and the rest of his ilk will deny the above, claim no connection, accuse me of being senile, out of touch, a traitor and whatever else he can think of.

But the truth stands there for all to see.

The smears and attacks will no doubt resume and let them. Few people visit that hate site and I will not succumb to their attacks.

He does not pay me any salary nor does he pay any of my bills, not even the cost of this blog. He has no authority to make any demands of me or this blog other than what he fabricates within his own overly inflated self worth and ego.

He may even issue another call for me to be visited to be “spoken to in no uncertain terms.” That would not be very wise, but would be par. Any additional threats will also be reported to the Sheriff’s Department.

This blog will continue to exercise its freedom and liberty to support or oppose any candidate it chooses, be they Democrat, Republican or Independent as the author sees fit. It will do the same in regards to any Initiative or policy as it sees fit.

Sean Emerson and the so called R3publican Liberty Caucus will not call the shots here, no matter what smears and attacks they launch or by whom they come from.

Posts will likely not be daily, may not even be weekly as frankly, the silence of many throughout this period amounts to tacit approval of the tactics used in the futile effort to force this blog and its author to “toe the line” as demanded by this fringe group, leaving the blog with few to support.

Quite frankly Sean, I no longer give a damn what you or your fringe element does.

You’re irrelevant, the lot of you!

UPDATE: I have long suspected that Mark Engleman also posts under the I Tinker handle and he too has confirmed that he posts as I Tinker.

Engleman I Tinker Admission

UPDATE II: Tinker still attacks from the shadows whenever this blogger comments in any manner deemed improper by these dudes. In one of their later screeds it is now admitted,

“Our sole raison d’etre is to heap scorn and ridicule on an old buffoon when he starts trying to do material damage to the conservative movement in Southwest Washington…”

How Germanic of Tinker to continue to think they have any influence over this blog that is not even active any longer. How dictatorial of them to believe that they and they alone determine who may blog or what they may compose.

Then, for some unknown reason, Tinker adds,

“If he could learn to distinguish friend from foe and get over the fact that just because people sometimes disagree with him doesn’t mean that they’re the anti-Christ, he’d be a positive voice for SW Washington.”

This after multiple lies, smears, ridicule and admitting that is the sole reason for their existence.

Tinker misses that they and the tyrants occupying the CCGOP had a friend in this blog for several years, even after leaving membership in the Clark County Republican Party and resigning as PCO. But, a friend that was objective and that is what they can’t handle, OBJECTIVITY! They, like cock roaches that come out only in the dark, scurry about when light is shined in on their unethical, underhanded schemes to manipulate people for their political gain and power grabs.

Clark County Republicans, this is the type of people you have allowed to take control and lead your party. Your party is doomed if you don’t take control back. Hotheads like I Tinker and those clinging to their every smear have historically shown their goals are tyranny under their control.

Wake up!! Walk Away!! Let the Clark County Republican Party implode under these tyrannical fringe far right cretins that have taken over and infested your party. Only then may you all be able to restore the Clark County Republican Party to some degree of decency.

30 Comments to “Who in the Hell are Sean Emerson and Mark Engleman to Try to Dictate What is Posted on This Blog?”

  1. These people are the dead right, meaning if you don’t agree with them you might as well be dead as far as they are concerned. My only question is; Do you really think Jim Moeller, a man of two issues, is more qualified to represent us than Lisa Ross?

  2. In my estimation Joseph, neither one of them is qualified.

    But the reality of it is, Moeller will be reelected in the heavy Democrat 49th. Lisa doesn’t have a clue what she is up against and seeing her performance so far, would only be a puppet in Olympia if by some fluke, she were to win.

    Republicans have not won the seat Moeller holds since 1972 and with even more liberals living within the district, it is highly unlikely they will any time soon. You could run a dead road kill raccoon in the 49th with a ‘D’ behind its name and it would win over a Republican, especially such a weak one.

    Much like in the 18th, Liberal Democrats like Mike Briggs have no chance of winning in a strong conservative district.

    It isn’t so much a matter of who is better qualified, but seeing the stark reality of the district.

  3. Argh! I have to login WordPress to comment! 😦 I’ve been wondering, Lew, where you been. So the Democrats-In-Disguise aka Paulbots been threatening & bullying you eh? Par for the course. A bloody lot is the S.O.P. M.O. Them taking over the county party serves us right for having our panties all up in a wad! A tighter wad of panties I don’t believe I’ve ever before seen as the ones controlling the party before the Democrat Mafia took over. But as I’m new here in the COUV, but not to party politics & not a little inexperienced to life, my opinions are based upon “observing from a distance,” since there was no graciousness extended to me upon my arrival here. A tightly wadded group here indeed. Now we got another devil controlling the party here & they play hardball for keeps, stabbing in the back & in the front, vs. the “old guard” backstabbing & exclusionary strategy. Ah well, I’m thinking now that I’m fully retired, a little more settled in, done grieving over me dear mum’s exit here & onto better loving care which she deserves, that maybe I’m up for a little fun in the party again. Except, my doctor says I’m waiting on “the big one,” but he’s pissed off because I tell him I’m the boss over my body-well, under the Big Boss, of course. I’ve asked my 49th LD chair Jack McClary for PCO training, but first I asked Kenny Smith. Both acknowledged that tool is sorely lacking in our repertoire. Can you imagine?! Putting out candidates, taking Republicans’ monies, complaining about apathy BUT NO PCO TRAINING?! Why, that’s unconscionable! Are we not the party of the average joe? But we don’t reach out to them through their elected precinct committee officer?! Am I a blimey idiot missing something here?! Is the matter too high for my little OLD mind?! Oy gvalt! Oy va voy! I asked Kenny to update county website to reflect current LD chairs (he’ll have to look for that–isn’t he familiar with our website?) & the new PCO’s. I asked for a meetup with Jack. He mentioned Savona’s coffee house. I said I don’t do business dntn with it’s anti-auto hard to find PAID parking, let alone at avant gard, noisier than mardi gras coffee houses with supercilious patrons all trying to impress strangers. Did I mention I hate pretentious coffee houses, LOL? Well my Honey Bear just called & piped in his two cents worth. He said Honey, go to the nursing homes (I know…we’re dating ourselves) & make up a little flyer with a nice saying & say that things aren’t working well with Democrats calling the shots & it’s time to give the Republicans a chance to fix things & to vote for Linda Smith (he’s really dating himself mentioning her:) G-d love him! I’ve asked for an updated print out of the 220 precinct voters so I can get started on mailings. Did you attend the PCO meeting the other night Lew? Keep up the great job on your blog! We NEED your voice! Tzipi

  4. This has been going on since this past May when I exposed the effort by these people to stack PCO slots. They went as far as trumping up a wild conspiracy that the WSRP and a Seattle Attorney were registering mass numbers of people for PCO without their knowledge, even though the email sent out said nothing of the kind and was clearly stated as a suggestion on how to get your opponent to want to drop out, the effort meant to be kept secret too.

    This current group is more Libertarian than Republican, somehow feeling that since the country wasn’t buying their views as Libertarians, in spite of 40 years trying, if they could only take over the Republican Party their views would be accepted by dumb Republicans too ignorant to realize the change. I warned of this back in 2008 and was ignored, even scoffed at by the party, even though I supplied them with copies of a website set up to enlist more people to come in to do just that.

    What amazes me with these people is how they now cry about dissension within the party, accusing me of stirring up just that, even though I resigned from the party 4 years ago and am not part of it any longer, opting to go independent. Their brash in your face actions and efforts to destroy any not in lock-step with them is exactly what is not needed and is no different than far left Progressives doing the same.

    To me, with the fringe of both sides now controlling much of the discussion, we are asked to choose Communism or Nazism.

    I reject both.

  5. Well, I for one have missed your blog posts Lew. We The People MUST have a voice, have a responsibility to be truly informed regardless of the agendas of those who consider themselves our keepers, and we need that lone man or woman stepping up to the plate to do battle with our smug, recalcitrant keepers when they’re out of line,. I appreciate your taking the poisonous arrows shot from the bows of those who think they are smarter than the rest of us average guys & gals. We owe you!

  6. Blogging will resume, but maybe not as much as I used to. Nor will be as demanded by this R3publican Liberty Caucus group who seem to feel they own me and this blog.

    I am aware of much they think I am not aware of and found it most laughable to read I was looking for a byline in the Columbian or to be quoted by them.

    Yes, I have been quoted by them, but I’m also banned from commenting there, Brancaccio disliking me in the extreme, along with Stephanie Rice and some others.

    And yet, these same RLC cretins puff out their chest when they are quoted by the paper or get their words in the pages.

    That group also tried to credit themselves in the past for what I post when they agree with it, acting as if they had taken me to a woodshed, so to speak and forcing me to do as they demand.

    They have not and they will not and the sooner the party purges their number the better the party will be.

    My worry is how many elections will they cause to be lost this year with their actions?

  7. Good to have you back. I still don’t understand but I am getting a glimmer. 90% of Clark County residents don’t understand Clark County politics and could care less even though behind the door decisions affect them.

  8. Too many nationwide just vote the partisan designation without consideration of who the person is or what they stand for.

    And that is what some look forward to.

  9. You’re right Lew, a one eyed, one armed pedophile could get elected in the 49th if he/she had a (D) behind their name. The 49th is the land of the LIBTARDS..

  10. Lew, you may be aware of the fact that Emerson, who has never met me (thank God), had the temerity to call me a liar on one of his posts. When I blocked him, his wife actually complained to me, expecting, no doubt, that her husband has the right to abuse my character as he does yours, without suffering consequences. These are the same people who themselves lied about the Liberty Alliance, assuring me they were not Paulbots. Now they expect me to ally myself with their efforts. The measure of insanity this expectation exposes is revealing.

  11. Their tactics are right out of the Brown Shirts. They somehow think berating, smearing and lying about someone will get them to align with them.

    They aren’t too smart 😉

  12. Ha ha ha. Sean forgot to address the who does he think he is. This guy hangs on your every word. It is amazing, oh, and very very disturbing. He is a PCO, right?

  13. Has anyone else noticed that the current CCRP leadership, which is far and away devoted to St. Ron, is worshipping a man who has actually left the Republican Party?

  14. As I recall, he left the GOP back around 87 or 88, blasting Reagan as basically worthless on the way out.

    Now that so many accept Reagan as one of our best Presidents, Paulbots claim only R P is the “rightful heir” to the Reagan legacy.

    Like I said before, they aren’t too smart and integrity does not exist in their realm.

  15. LEW

    recent reader to your blog. the most intriguing thing you’ve brought up in this series of comments is how we CC little ppl know nothing about how the R party’s really run behind the scenes. can you elaborate on that a little? like i said, i’m new to your blog. fwiw, i think brancaccio actually admires your efforts.

  16. I have no idea who Sean Emerson is, but based on what I read on his blog “towerofreason”, he appears to be teetering on the brink of rationality. I guess it’s follows that he’d make such irrational attacks on Lew. I don’t know why people follow Ron Paul. The guy is clearly a nut-case. He’s as whacky as Jesse Ventura who blames the US for the Haitian earthquake.

  17. Hi Dee, welcome to my little corner.

    Much of what I see going on isn’t new, dirty politics have always been around. But they seem to have gotten even dirtier. At the national level we labeled it the politics of personal destruction where character assassination became the norm, issues taking a back seat.

    When I was in the party I saw it well and even became a target of some of it because I wasn’t supporting the favored candidate, even though she was a late comer and the Republican I did support had been in the running over 6 months, had strong conservative qualities (previous employment at the national level in the Veterans Affairs and even Department of Homeland Security under the Bush Administration.

    I could probably write a book on the dirty tactics used them, a whisper campaign (rumor spreading), a shill to draw votes away, sitting on campaign materials by the party and not sending out notices from the campaign and more. That led both my wife and I to resign from the Republican Party and even me to resign as a PCO, having previously stepped down from the Board of the CCGOP.

    In this case, by all accounts, for whatever reason, Lisa was enlisted not so much to run against Jim Moeller, but to run against Carolyn Crain when she threw her hat in the ring. Carolyn had already began her campaign against Jim and at the time, no one had announced running against Sharon Wylie. Why would the GOP enlist her to enter a race in the 49th where there was already a Republican running and not run where there was no Republican at the time?

    Since then I have been informed of PCO’s visiting homes that had Carolyn’s signs out to “inform” them that Carolyn was not really a conservative, suggest they replace her signs with Lisa’s. Some people have said they felt threatened by those PCO’s.

    These “in your face” tactics also aren’t new and seem to be favored by those of the Ron Paul group, especially the most rabid ones we refer to as “Paulbots.” For some reason, Rick Santorum supporters teamed up with these Paulbots in 2012 and seem to have adopted the same tactics.

    You won’t see or hear of this at any public meetings, but are decided in the shadows as those on the far right scheme to further their takeover, really not all that different than efforts seen in the past from those on the far left. This ends up squashing those actually in the middle from both parties.

    For some background on these efforts to takeover the party by this “Republican Liberty Caucus,” see http://www.ronpaulforums.com/showthread.php?t=111402

    The whole effort has been divide and conquer.

  18. Craig, it all began and continues in large part over this post: https://clark-county-conservative.com/2014/05/18/clark-gop-playing-dirty-again/

    They will not squash me or force me to do their bidding, even though they have issued threats against me, the latest being;

    “Lew’s mouth seems to have a habit of writing checks his ass isn’t prepared to cash. Lew Waters Watch does not endorse, condone or encourage any sort of violence. Let it be known henceforth that if anyone takes umbrage at Lew’s slander and cold-cocks him, that they did so on their own recognizance, and have association or endorsement by Lew Waters Watch. For Lew’s own safety, I would strongly advise he refrain in the future from speculating about who candidates sleep with. Especially if they have very large husbands.”

    It has also been reported to the Sheriff’s Department.

  19. Sean is talking out of his ass again. Over there talking to himself. When he says something that mirrors a death threat, then talks about how a very large man could cold cock you it is an analogy, but if you DARE say anything about anyone in wondering why so much attention is given to you about a candidate, it is slander. Ahh the old double standard. It is okay for THEM to do it, just not you. I got it now.

    I Tinker that Mr Emerson has a thing for you my dear. My fear now is that if someone doesn’t get help for him soon, who knows what will happen.

  20. Yes, poor widdle Sean Tinker, sitting there in his closet, all alone, except for his hubris, without a clue just how irrelevant and insignificant he is.


  21. I found the Lew Waters Watch finally. A different perspective for sure. One thing where I did find myself agreeing with him, is in Lew questioning the fidelity of Lisa Ross. I realize that it wasn’t meant literally (while Emerson disingenuously implies that it was meant literally), but it wasn’t cool either. I don’t believe Emerson’s assertion that she wasn’t recruited by the CCRP, but I guess only she would know that for sure.

  22. While it might not be “cool,” as you say, Craig, who is Emerson to feign such offense when he speaks like this to a woman?

    Sean Emerson: Carolyn, you better go get your damn facts straight before you start dragging my name around.

    suggesting the party was backing Lisa

    I NEVER made any such suggestion. When I was canvassing my precinct, I was ALWAYS careful to state that I was PERSONALLY endorsing Lisa Ross. I was very careful to avoid any suggestion that the party was endorsing her.

    and insinuating threats.”

    WHAT on earth are you talking about? Please tell me precisely what “threat” was insinuated?

    Ask Sean Emerson if you like, if he’ll tell you the truth that is

    _If_ I’ll tell you the truth? Screw you, Carolyn. You better dial back the vitriol. This kind of nonsense is precisely why I couldn’t endorse you. Show a little class, woman.

    This group is noted for such vitriolic outbursts, remember the “we’re going to filet you open like a carp” said to Steve Stuart?

    While Emerson’s comment above is recent, his words and those of others from that group are legend in examples they decry of others being over the top.

    They have dished it out for years.

    Emerson also said to Carolyn Crain in the same discussion,

    “If you take politics this personally, you might think about another outlet for your passion, because in this world, eventually EVERYONE is going to cross you at some point or other. Collecting grudges is going to accomplish nothing but make you lonely and bitter.”

    Seems he would benefit from his own advice.

  23. If you would like to see a little background and history of this group and me, Craig, fell free to visit some older posts and wade through the comments, where you will find Christian Berrigan, Sean Emerson (also as Scruffy Sirocco) Dan Poletti (also as calleduntoliberty) and more;



    They are not the sweet little innocents they pretend.

  24. Looks like Sean’s “friends” could not talk sense into him, plus he is over there talking under his breath ….. again.

    “Does anyone here really think Lew meant it that way? No? Me neither.”

    Hello, who is the anyone? There is no one there except himself. Pathetic that he claims to be a Republican Conservative active in the party, who by the way holds a PCO position. My guess is that you don’t need vetted or a mental evaluation these days, just have be a Ron Paul/ Rick Santorum kook.

    It is a sad situation indeed.

  25. “Now, we at Lew Waters watch do not advocate violence, but if anyone – like, say, Mr. Ross or Lisa Ross’ father – would like to pay Lew a visit and explain very clearly to him in no uncertain terms what is and is not acceptable in the realm of public political discourse, Lew’s home address is:”

    Isn’t that against the law? Despite his claims to the contrary, Mr. Emerson is clearly inciting violence against Mr. Waters. That has got to be one of the most irresponsible posts I’ve ever seen. In another post, Emerson suggests that Lew “should be ashamed”. I think you’ve got that backwards Emerson. You are the one would should be ashamed of such despicable behavior.

  26. It was reported to the Sheriff’s, Craig. That and a subsequent one.

  27. Thank you Craig. It is plain to see that Sean has some sort of grudge against Lew. I am glad you can see the obvious. The only way to deal with people like this is to not enable them with silence. What people like Sean Tinkerson they don’t understand that Conservatives come from all walks of life. ALL walks of life, and contrary to his Ron Paul book on how to take over the party, not all of us willing to back down.

  28. I’m getting the impression that Sean Tinkerson and his ilk thinks they can smear and discredit me enough to where I will abandon the blog and they would then be able to take over at least the title, similar to how they divided the GOP to take it over.

    A couple problems for them.

    1. There are no elected positions here. It is a venue for my opinions.

    2. I have no plans to abandon this blog.

    3. They’re irrelevant and insignificant, amounting to little more than a pimple on the ass of a donkey.

  29. I want to make a comment for clarification purposes. Sean Emerson was pro Gingrich at the caucus held in 2012. He seemed pretty decent at that time. I do not know why but Mark Lowenstein was elected PCO and never attended one meeting. The two of them ran against each other for the seat and Sean told me he had become friends with Mark deciding to not push his campaign and let Mark win in their precinct. Penny, Wilma and I all spoke to Mark after the caucus and he declared he was not a Republican and never considered himself one that he had one agenda which was to get Ron Paul nominated. I was very upset that a non-republican had taken over our caucus and had spewed so much hate for all the other candidates stressing out several seniors until the seriously left early before the votes were cast shaking.
    Since that time Sean became more active at our meetings. He is the current pco even though Lowenstein was the elected pco and Sean is the newly elected pco for the next two years.
    Sean was a guest of mine for dinner at one of the Veterans Court events where Judge Z was honoring veterans. I thought the best guests would be veterans so I invited the to the dinner and music event at my table and paid for them. At that event he proceeded to spend a couple of hours arguing with Ben Morrison over economic/accounting strategies. Ben Morrison graduated with honors in that field so I was rather stunned at the arrogance of Sean and Ben finally said “I am going, there is no getting through to this guy he thinks he is so smart”.
    What occurred next was equally shocking from the aspect of having a dinner guest. Sean moved around the table and sat next to me and proceeded to ask me to get out of “Lisa Pfeiffer Ross’s race”. I spoke to him and reminded him that I had declared the run at the seat the day after the 2012 November general election. I had already re-declared a full month earlier and held my first fundraising event! Really more stunning was his request for me to “throw her a bone so that she would step out” and suggested that I make her my legislative aide when I won. I do not know anyone who knows me that would think I would ever “sell” a political gain position. Since I was fully insulted I was relieved that he left after I chewed his ear on the lack of honor in his request.
    Since then he has been artificially polite even arrogant thinking he could put his arm around my shoulders at the last pco event. All of this whilst working hard to dump me and my run to unseat Moeller. While he may no be a Ron Paul fan he definitely shows the extremism that has occurred in the party. It is a mixed lot of far right leaning people with an attitude that they should control the whole world.

  30. I don’t recall ever meeting him and nothing justifies what he has done. I am more sour on the GOP and a few others than I have ever been and actually consider why I would support any of them.

    He will not coerce me into anything.

    Whatever his plan was, it failed and backfired as now, I won’t be supporting any but two and will not support the CCGOP in any way, shape or form.

    Let him and the others amass the files I have over the years and grow a following on their own.

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