Think Before You Vote

by lewwaters

Although mentioning only the presidency, Politicians at all levels and from both major parties make monkey’s out of us when we don’t do our homework and elect better ones than we have had.

This song was released by singer, songwriter Tom T. Hall, a Democrat in June 1972, an election year where incumbent Republican Richard Nixon defeated Democrat challenger George McGovern in a landslide election, carrying 49 of the 50 states.

Within two years, Nixon became the only U.S. President ever forced to resign in disgrace.

4 Comments to “Think Before You Vote”

  1. Brilliant.

    — Hinton

  2. So what’s the answer? Getting “edumacated” doesn’t seem to be helping much. Educated voters seem to be about 1% of those who even bother to vote. I guess people won’t care until some tyrant takes over and does away with the electoral process completely.

  3. People have a tendency to vote the first “r” or “d” thy see on their ballot. If they voted for a second person they are the educated voters guaranteed. There really is no answer for this problem due to the sheer laziness of the people. Really their are 14% of the people who vote (based on their own beliefs) educated. Those are the statistics. 1% of the people in the 14% bracket actually work to effect political change the rest of the 14% sit it out on the sidelines. As for the 86% well… those are the people I mentioned in the first line above.

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