by lewwaters

Anger 3Yes, I am angry. Angry to see another journalist killed by beheading.

But I am also reminded that those journalists traveled to that region of their own accord, unlike our Troops who have been sent there for many years now to fight terrorists.

We lost thousands of them and the very media those journalists represent barely raised an eyebrow, other than to use those deaths to weaken our resolve in fighting terror and undermine the fight we all saw as so necessary after over 20 years and some 15 terrorist attacks against our way of life, culminating in the devastating September 11, 2001 attacks.

We rallied around President Bush then as he announced to the nation and world on September 20, 2001,

“Our response involves far more than instant retaliation and isolated strikes. Americans should not expect one battle, but a lengthy campaign unlike any other we have ever seen. It may include dramatic strikes visible on TV and covert operations secret even in success.”
“We will starve terrorists of funding, turn them one against another, drive them from place to place until there is no refuge or no rest.”
“And we will pursue nations that provide aid or safe haven to terrorism. Every nation in every region now has a decision to make: Either you are with us or you are with the terrorists.”

How soon we saw that resolve being chipped away at with “the wrong war, in the wrong place at the wrong time.”

How soon we saw the media urging withdrawal and appeasement, joining the growing chorus of Democrats and followers of fringe nutcase Republican, Ron Paul as the fight became politicized and twisted into a campaign strategy call for impeachment, resignation and even ridicule of President Bush.

With Troops in harm’s way, leaders called for “Rules of Engagement” on our warriors that often left them as sitting ducks and called for more deployments than might have been necessary.

We’ll never know.

In 2008, Democrat Party control was completed with the election of Barack Obama as we saw more draw downs, more terrorists released to return to the fight from Guantanamo and more demonizing of Bush.

We saw the premature exit of our Troops from Iraq and shortly after, the Middle East began to boil.

Libya, Egypt, Syria and even Iraq saw terrorism return with a vengeance as our new leader seemed to side with the terrorists, now called “rebels” while he golfed his way through major engagements.

We saw brutality once again appear were before people were striving to get along.

We now see perhaps the most brutal of all terrorist groups running rampant and with little opposition as they establish the very “Caliphate” anti-war leftists claimed was a lie a few years ago.

We have seen reports of thousands of innocent men, women and children of the Christian and even Muslim Faith slaughtered, answered with the claim of “we have no strategy” from Obama.

We hear cries of “America, we’re coming from you next” from this group, ISIS and once again the left and the media marginalizing it.

Sadly, we see more outrage expressed over the death of one youth in Ferguson, Missouri, even though all of the facts are yet unknown, than we hear or see in regards to all of those innocent people slaughtered in the Middle East.

So yes, I am angry. I’m angry at those who felt marginalizing and minimizing decades of terror would score them political points.

I am angry that our media provided cover for those politicians that minimized and gave terrorists a stage to sound off from.

I am angry that the deaths and sacrifices of our Brave Troops receives token mention, if at all, deaths not worthy of national media while two journalists that decided to ignore all warnings from the region traveled there and are now headline news.

Are these two journalists more deserving than our Troops that stood between us and our enemies? Is their pursuit of a story more important than those that voluntarily defended our nation?

I am angry at those who refuse to recognize the true enemy to our way of life and who think they can “reason” with completely unreasonable terrorists, hell-bent on imposing their radical views on all.

I am angry at all of those that chipped away at our resolve as a nation to stand against such backwards and oppressive Neanderthals, falsely thinking leaving them alone will see them leave others alone.

As Sir Winston Churchill famously once said, “An appeaser is one who feeds a crocodile – hoping it will eat him last.”

We all should be angry again. Not just over the tragic beheadings of two journalists, but at those that decided to politicize terrorism and use it to propel themselves into office, without a clue on defeating such barbaric enemies.

Shortly after the September 11, 2001 attacks, President Bush said,

“Tonight, we are a country awakened to danger and called to defend freedom. Our grief has turned to anger and anger to resolution. Whether we bring our enemies to justice or bring justice to our enemies, justice will be done.”

It is time we got angry and turned our anger once again to resolve.

As was said before, terrorists are not just going to go away.

We have to defeat them, however we must.

16 Comments to “Angry!”

  1. Once again, I find myself regretting that Hillary Clinton did not win the Democratic Party primary.

  2. Thank you – you are right on target!

  3. Angry, The barbaric killing of anyone should anger all of us. The kidnapping and murder of a unarmed journalist is the act of cowards. There was a lesson to be learned by George HW Bush when he took back Kuwait in Desert Storm go the task and bring the troops home. The events of Sept 11, 2001 when the Taliban would not turn over the terrorist that planned and financed the killing of over 3,000 innocent Americans warranted the invasion of Afghanistan. George W Bush made a major mistake invading Iraq and over throwing Saddam Hussein. Saddam Hussein was a ruthless dictator that killed his own people, President Assad of Syria is the same and Muammar Gaddafi of Libya. These murders were far better then the terrorist that now rule this area of the world. Americans think we can create the world in our image that every place can be come a enlightened democracy The Middle East is a place with different values mores and morals. It was a major mistake to over throw these governments. The void of governmental leadership was taken over by terrorist. Now for our own protection we need to destroy ISIS and confront Islamic extremist world wide. We need to stop the teaching of Islam ways in our school we are raising a group of pro Islamic students. Thhis is a centuries old problem remember the first 911 when the Muslims were at the gates of Vienna and were defeated in the battle of Vienna by the Winged Polish Hussars and the forces of Europe.

  4. What too many miss in their haste to call Iraq all wrong was that everybody, Democrats, Republicans and foreign nations believed there were dangerous weapons there to be turned over to terrorists he supported. No, he did not take part in 9/11, but terror far exceeds just that one attack.

    Blaming Bush today does nothing but reenforce the marginalization years of terror actions and bolsters what we see happening again.

    Crying “it’s Bush’s fault” does nothing to defeat terrorists.

  5. On claims once again that Iraq had no ties to Al Qaeda or terrorism before we invaded in 2003;

    Jim Thompson former governor of Illinois and member of the 9-11 Commission: When asked by Soledad O’Brien on CNNs Good Morning America on 18 June 2004: “So we hear from both President Bush and Dick Cheney clearly there was a relationship. Does your report contradict what the White House is saying?”

    Thompson answered: Not at all. In fact, the report says that President Bush and Vice President Cheney are correct. It’s a little mystifying to me why some elements of the press have tried to stir this up as a big controversy and a big point of contradiction because there is none. We said there’s no evidence to support the notion that Al-Qaeda and Saddam Hussein collaborated together to produce 9/11. President Bush said that weeks ago. He said it again yesterday. The vice president said it again yesterday. I said it again yesterday in television interviews. What we did I say was there were contacts between Al-Qaeda and the Iraqi administration of Saddam Hussein, and the president has said there were contacts. The vice president has said there were contacts. They may be in possession of information about contacts beyond those that we found, I don’t know. That wasn’t any of our business. Our business was 9/11. So there is no controversy; there’s no contradiction, and this is not an issue.

    Chairman of the 9-11 Commission Kean: “Were there contacts between al-Qaeda and Iraq? Yes. Some of them are shadowy, but there’s no question they were there.”

    Former Navy Secretary John Lehman, on CNN’s June 17 “Inside Politics” “The President’s correct. And the commission yesterday said exactly that. What the commission also said was there was no evidence of collaboration on any of the attacks against the United States. But we had previously pointed out that, particularly in Sudan, there is very hard evidence of collaboration on the X gas and other evidence, and additional contacts between Saddam’s intelligence service and al Qaeda in the assistance in training in weapons, chemical and biological weapons, anthrax manufacture, and that’s what we had in our report yesterday, but unfortunately, the New York Times sort of highlighted only one half of that.”

    Vice Chairman of the 9/11 Commission Lee Hamilton said, “There are all kinds of connections. And it may very well have been that Osama bin Laden or some of his lieutenants met at some time with Saddam Hussein’s lieutenants.”

    Additionally, we have;

    In the spring of 1998, the Justice Department prepared an indictment of Osama bin Laden which contained the following paragraph;

    “Al-Qaeda reached an understanding with the government of Iraq that al-Qaeda would not work against that government and that on particular projects, specifically including weapons development, al-Qaeda would work cooperatively with the government of Iraq.”

    On January 14, 1999, ABC News correspondent Sheila MacVicar reported, “ABC News has learned that in December, an Iraqi intelligence chief, named Farouk Hijazi, now Iraq’s ambassador to Turkey, made a secret trip to Afghanistan to meet with bin Laden. Three intelligence agencies tell ABC News they cannot be certain what was discussed, but almost certainly, they say, bin Laden has been told he would be welcome in Baghdad.”

    The January 11, 1999 issue of Newsweek Magazine ran an article titled “Saddam & Bin Laden?” “Here’s what is known so far,” which stated, “Saddam Hussein, who has a long record of supporting terrorism, is trying to rebuild his intelligence network overseas — assets that would allow him to establish a terrorism network. U.S. sources say he is reaching out to Islamic terrorists, including some who may be linked to Osama bin Laden, the wealthy Saudi exile accused of masterminding the bombing of two U.S. embassies in Africa last summer.”

    In mid-February 1999, an Associated Press dispatch in the Washington Post said, “The Iraqi President Saddam Hussein has offered asylum to bin Laden, who openly supports Iraq against Western powers.”

    February 23, 1999, Los Angeles Times: “Where is Osama bin Laden (Feb. 14)? That should be the U.S.’s main priority. If as rumored he and Saddam Hussein are joining forces, it could pose a threat making Hitler and Mussolini seem like a sideshow….”

    February 18, 1999, NPRs Mike Shuster interviewing Vincent Cannistraro, former head of the CIA’s counterterrorism center reported, “Iraq’s contacts with bin Laden go back some years, to at least 1994, when, according to one U.S. government source, Hijazi met him when bin Laden lived in Sudan. Iraq invited bin Laden to live in Baghdad to be nearer to potential targets of terrorist attack in Saudi Arabia and Kuwait. There is a wide gap between bin Laden’s fundamentalism and Saddam Hussein’s secular dictatorship. But some experts believe bin Laden might be tempted to live in Iraq because of his reported desire to obtain chemical or biological weapons.”

  6. The WMD’s have been mysteriously popping up again in the hands of the terrorist coming out of Syria and Libya. Just because the UN inspectors couldn’t find them does not mean they did not exist. Problem is they are being used on our troops and will be headed for our shores soon. Minnesota is home to a ton of “refugees” of the Islamic faith as is San Diego. Many recruits through the brotherhood’s network of mosques are on our homeland and in our cities. This President is such an ass and a traitor. Providing aide to the enemy is treason. We are screwed and had better be prepared for the worst war of all times right here at home.
    With the liberals and the left leaning political correctness police patrolling our words and thoughts we are in deep trouble!

  7. Lefties “won’t admit” that there were WMD’S until they are used against them…

  8. There are no valid arguments for the invasion of Iraq. There are a number of countries with weapons of mass destruction, Pakistan has nuclear bombs and housed Osama Bin Laden yet we did not invade Pakistan. Connections, George Bush was friends with the Bin Laden family and allowed them to leave the United States without question. Yes people of power make connections with other people of power. That does not mean they are colluding on evil acts. Who has the right to say how a sovereign nation may arm itself? Yes there were weapons of mass destruction. We could not afford the cost of the Iraq War America lost 4,487 Patriots, Men and Women that followed every command, another 32,223 have been injured. we spent another $1.7 trillion with an additional $490 billion in benefits owed to war veterans. Explain to me once again what did we gain? The answer is nothing. Some say we should have kept force in Iraq. We still have forces in Japan and Germany from WW2, We have forces in Korea from the Korean War. America needs to help protect and serve Americans and stop trying to be the police force of the world. We needed to invade Afghanistan because of 911. Now we need to bomb every know ISIS target, anytime we see a ISIS flag there need to be a bomb.

  9. There were plenty of valid reason to resume hostilities with Saddam. When a cease fire is signed and the losing party refuses to live up to the conditions they agreed to, hostilities may resume at any time.

    Yes, Iraq got very expensive, but what do you expect with ridiculous ROE’s and a media opposed to the effort as well as a political party causing a war to be drug out instead of fight to win? Any argument that we shouldn’t have it academic. The fact is, we did and once again, did not finish it, pulled out too soon and look at it now. Wishing on the past changes nothing, I am afraid.

    As far as us being the world’s police force, when they stop demanding we be the world’s EMT and baby-sitter, maybe I’ll be inclined to entertain such a thought. It isn’t the Military budget costing so much, it is entitlements that are out of control.

    For your reading pleasure, if you wish;

    A Fact Based Argument for the War in Iraq.

    Iraq War: Right Time, Right Place, Right War

    Bush is not who first linked bin Laden and Saddam, the Clinton Administration and ABC beat him to that

    As for the WMD’s, since nearly every Democrat, Republican and foreign intelligence agencies claimed they were there, what happened to them in the 6 months long “rush to war?” Where did they go?

    Clear Evidence of Iraqi WMD Program

    As for what did we gain? Absolutely nothing by walking away and letting the extremists take it over again, exactly like was done in Vietnam after 58,000 Americans paid the ultimate sacrifice, 13 from my unit alone while there as we turned our backs on them and gave the Communists a free ride to oppress the free people of South Vietnam under Communism.

    Sorry, while I agree bombing known ISIS targets is correct, bombing alone will not drive them back into their cave to rot. Sooner or later, foot soldiers will need to go back in, whether fro our country or as a coalition of several.

    ISIS has no intention of just accepting what they have already gained, they have made that clear.

  10. “It isn’t the Military budget costing so much, it is entitlements that are out of control.” That’s exactly right Lew. The Defense Department’s portion of the federal budget has been falling for decades. It is now at about 16%, while in the 1950’s it was almost 50% of the budget.

    What that means is that while the defense department has been cutting the rate of it’s growth and capabilities, entitlement spending has risen exponentially. However, democrats continue to demonize the military as if the entire budget problem is due to military spending alone.

    The democrats continue to cut the military budget, and plan on cutting it dramatically over the next several years. They are projecting defense department spending to be 12% of the federal budget by 2019, falling not only in percentage points but in real dollars as well. Not taking inflation into account, real spending is projected to fall from $575.6B in 2014 to $494.2B in 2019. Factoring in inflation makes it even worse. I guess we may as well get used to being surrender monkeys like the French. Be prepared to watch Taiwan be snapped up by China, Japan lose sovereignty over the Senkaku Islands, onshore terrorism in the US, and an Islamic Caliphate established in Great Britain. But at least we’ll have a single-payer healthcare system…until it absorbs the entire federal budget.

  11. Lew Waters – I’m wondering why you are quoting and referencing a draft dodger for his military analysis. The easiest part of his thesis to debunk is; our military assets are shrinking to their lowest levels since…. then he names 3 different areas. Well, let’s just take one – would you rather have 10 old tin can White Way Battleships or 1 modern one. Would you rather have 100 B-17’s or one of our modern bombers capable of carrying nukes? C’mon, you know more about the military than this preppy POS.

  12. Draft dodger? And here I thought Jimmy Carter made heroes out of the draft dodgers.

    I do find such allegations laughable as those that labeled Cheney and Bush as “draft dodgers” seem totally unaware that their favored John Fin Kerry (who served in Vietnam, I hear) only joined after being denied his fifth draft deferment.

    As for Mitt, legal deferments is not draft dodging and he did register in 1970 for the draft, drew a high number under the lottery (I received mine before that went into effect) and was not called. Hardly a “draft dodger.”

    Yes, our Military assets are shrinking at a time our enemies are building theirs. But who is it that is causing that? I’ll give you a hint, it rhymes with Obama and Democrats.

    And as far as knowing more about the Military, as I am sure you too realize, bombing aloe will never defeat ISIS or any of the others. It always comes down to the foot soldier to finish it up after that bombing hopefully softens their load.

    We will hav to wait until later this week to see what Obama has up his sleeve in fighting ISIS, but I have to be honest, I am not the least bit impressed with this video campaign, in English on American Social media currently underway by the State Department.

    Think Again, Turn Away

  13. As you well know, John “Fin” Kerry did serve in Vietnam. You may not like what he did after he served, but he was there. Bush wasn’t, Cheney wasn’t and neither was Mr. Romney. You however repeated the mantra that Romney picked-up on again citing “numbers” of ships and planes and how they’ve shrunk below pre-existing levels. But you fail to respond to the realistic statement as to why – modernization. How are our soldiers going to stop them from fighting – thousands of years of hate built up against their own neighbors and we are going to stop them? I wish we could.

    Thanks for the response Lew.

  14. Steve, if you didn’t know, I was as deeply involved in opposing Kerry as I could be in 2004. That he spent 4 months in Vietnam carried no weight with me. I spent a full tour and extended.

    As for Bush, few ever looked in their haste to smear the man, but he did volunteer for Vietnam duty under the Palace Alert program, but was turned down due to insufficient hours. There is so much disinformation concerning Bush out there it is difficult to find the truth, but if you look, it can be found.

    You ask, “How are our soldiers going to stop them from fighting – thousands of years of hate built up against their own neighbors and we are going to stop them?”

    Good question and it does look insurmountable. But, before our premature exit from Iraq, it was slowly being done. Libya was calming down and Gaddafi had even brokered with the U.S. and Britain to surrender WMD’s shortly after we entered Iraq. I might add what he revealed was greatly in excess of what was thought he possessed. On a side note, I have often wondered since he had so many more than everyone thought and what everyone believed was in Iraq wasn’t found, might that have been were they went. Just a thought as I have no evidence to support it.

    Also, Egypt and Israel were bitter enemies, Egypt participating in every war against Israel since its inception. But, a peace was brokered between them that was working and even though of different religious beliefs, also thousands of years of bitterness between them, the peace was holding, until efforts of the current leadership helped depose Mubarak and give power to more radical Muslims.

    The Middle East has been a simmering powder keg, but since Obama came in, it has exploded worse than I ever recall in my lifetime.

    As for us and ISIS, since they have announced they will soon be coming for us and it is believed they already have sleeper cells in the country, what choice are we left with but to fight them? Our society may not be perfect, but I feel it is preferential to what Al Qaeda or ISIS has shown they would want it to be like.

    We have been being attacked since 1979, twice now on our home land by radical Jihadists. Prior to that radical Islam reared its ugly head elsewhere (I was stationed in Nurnberg, Germany during the 1972 Olympics massacre and even though miles away from Munich, we were all on alert).

    No, I don’t like fighting and sure don’t like war, having seen it firsthand, but what choice are we being left with, if we wish to pass on a free society to our children and grandchildren?

    Our parents felt the country was worth defending against Nazism. I hope the next generation feels it is worth defending against the radical extremism

  15. “I hope the next generation feels it is worth defending against the radical extremism.” It may come down to fight or die, which to me begs the question “is this life worth fighting for?” It seems that query has been replaced with a different question “is this fight worth living for”. The value of a certain future having been undermined for a moments peace.

    Defenders of John Kerry’s service in VN tend to obscure and obfuscate the issues. While known complaints about his service are left unanswered and the conditions of his release from active duty are clouded over and made to disappear, he deigned himself capable without diplomatic letters, to directly negotiate with the NVG in Paris. How did the former Presidential nominee of the Democrat Party manage to escape summary execution? What does that say about his ability to conduct US Foreign Policy? Dear John, sorry, we could not find your medals where you claimed you (Cough) tossed them, oh pardon me, I see you said lost them not tossed them. Okay, that was a misunderstanding, sorry, okay? fine!

    I am mindful of my favorite fancied movie Quote, “Scheming bastards couldnae agree on the colour of shite.”

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